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    Project Bikini

    Buy our 12 Week Fitness and Nutrition Guide for your ultimate healthy living plan >>>

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    Win a full money-can't-buy hair and body makeover for you and a friend - enter our giveaway now >>>

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    Style It Out

    Hair expert Johnnie Sapong on how to style afro hair, whether you're opting for a curly or straight finish >>>

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gtg-spf-s-s-listing-1.jpg Sense and Sensitivity

Sense and Sensitivity: The best sun creams for sensitive skin

9 hours ago / Judy Johnson

SPF needn't be a hassle for sensitive skin - you just need to know which sun creams play safe with their ingredients. Here's Judy Johnson's top picks >>>

sassoon-boho.jpg Hair

How to do summer boho hair with Bruce Masefield

9 hours ago / India Block

Bruce Masefield, Creative Director at Sassoon, shows us how to style gorgeous bohemian summer hair two ways... >>>

gtg-rosemary-ferguson-fight-fatigue-main.jpg Eat, Play, Heal

Eat, Play, Heal: 8 ways to beat fatigue and exhaustion

1 day ago / Rosemary Ferguson

Model turned nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson explains how everything from lack of leafy greens to the wrong drinks could be the cause of your fatigue >>>

gtg-ezcema-diary-gym-main.jpg Skin

The Eczema Files: Do workouts make your eczema worse?

1 day ago / Ali Hunter

Do you find that getting sweaty exacerbates your skin condition? You're not the only one. Here are some ways to cope... >>>

gtg-first-impressions-main.jpg Careers

15 hacks for making a good first impression

1 day ago / Katie Robertson

Ensure you start every meeting off on the right foot with these top 15 tips >>>

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    Electric Beach

    Makeup artist Mary Greenwell on how to brighten up your beach look with a splash of colour >>>

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    Freer's Fridge

    Nutrition expert Amelia Freer opens up her fridge for GTG and talks through her diet >>>

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    Rachel de Thame

    The horticulturalist, model and writer talks through her typical day and the skincare she needs to get through it >>>

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