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    Get The Box

    Buy our new limited edition wellness box while stocks last for an instant health boost - don't miss out! >>>

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    Protein Fix

    Watch Susannah Taylor as she reveals how to make delicious almond protein balls >>>

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    Mani, Pedi & Spray Tan

    For a limited time only, make a huge saving with London's best-loved mobile spa when you buy Project Bikini >>>

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inside-job-tangle-teazer.jpg Careers

Inside Job: Jacqui Ripley, Tangle Teezer Chief Creative Officer

12 hours ago / India Block

Chief Creative Officer of Tangle Teezer, former Beauty Editor, freelance writer, author and mother Jacqui Ripley shares her secrets to staying organised and one step ahead at all times >>>

summer-drinking.jpg Going South

Going South: Beware the summer stone

1 day ago / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Forget Christmas, Imogen Edwards-Jones finds out why a summer holiday poses the most risk for falling off the wagon >>>

protein.jpg Nutrition

Could eating more protein make you slimmer?

1 day ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Confused about protein? We clear up the misconceptions about this lean body essential >>>

supplements-for-a-flat-tumy.jpg Nutrition

The best supplements for a flat tummy

1 day ago / Shabir Daya

Lose weight, banish bloating and give your body the fuel it needs to stay in tip top shape with the help of these super supplements. Shabir Daya gives us a lesson >>>

get-the-gloss-smoothie-recipes-1.jpg Nutrition

Super boost smoothie recipes from GTG's health and beauty experts

May 28th 2015 / Kiran Branch

For a true health and beauty boost put down your make-up and pick up your fruit and veg as we ask the experts for their favourite smoothie recipes >>>

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    Get The Goodness

    Susannah Taylor talks through the products in our new box and why they'll make all the difference to your health >>>

  • gtg-amelia-basics-of-eating-well.jpg

    Back to Basics

    Nutrition expert Amelia Freer explains the basic steps of eating well >>>

  • gtg-sus-vlog-green-smoothie.jpg

    Smoothie Operator

    Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor vlogs how to make a delicious green smoothie >>>

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