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  • low-intensity-living-2.jpg

    Low Intensity Living

    Is slowing down everything from your workout to your diet the key to a healthier life? >>>

  • organic-moisturiser.jpg

    The Gloss Report

    Find out which organic moisturisers we really rate as the team put them to the test >>>

  • joe-wicks-6.jpg

    Joe Wicks

    Invite The Body Coach into your home and get fit for 2017 with his new HIIT workout DVD >>>

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double-cleansing.jpg Skin

Double cleansing - should you be doing it?

11 hours ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Find out with our guide on how to do it and what to look for in your double acts of choice >>>

expert.jpg Nutrition

How ‘expert’ is your expert? Nutritionists

1 day ago / Anna Hunter

We quiz a top nutritional therapist on what we should be looking out for when booking in with a nutritionist… >>>

courgette-fritters.jpg Recipe

5:2 fast day recipe: Courgette fritters

1 day ago / Laura Herring

Laura Herring shares a tasty low-calorie recipe from her new book, The Fast Days Cookbook, to keep hunger pangs at bay when you're on a fast day during the 5:2 diet >>>

iris-1-2.jpg Nutrition

My Week In Food: Iris Louwerens, career coach and founder of The Wellscene pop-up fitness

1 day ago / Victoria Woodhall

Staying energised with unprocessed foods and avoiding eczema triggers are key to this wellness entrepreneur's eating regime >>>

mood-booster.jpg Mind

Our top mood boosters for banishing the January blues

January 16th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

How does the GTG team chase the winter blues away? From yoga to ‘mindfoldness’, here’s how we give our mental health a helping hand >>>

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    Editor's Vlog

    Editor Susannah Taylor reveals her favourite time-saving beauty hacks and products >>>

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    Freer Food

    Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer talks us through her fridge food essentials >>>

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    Mary's Masterclass

    Makeup artist Mary Greenwell's top tips on how to master makeup if you have hooded eyes >>>

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