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    Win with Made.com

    Enter now for your chance to win £300 to spend with the online designer furniture store >>>

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    Download Yours Now

    Get ready for the astrological event of the decade with Jessica Adams' guide to your relationships >>>

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    Elle Macpherson

    The GTG columnist and wellness expert shares her travel and jet lag tips for holding onto your holiday glow >>>

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healthy-baking.jpg Recipe

6 healthy baking recipes you’ll return to again and again

11 hours ago / Anna Hunter

In celebration of the return of The Great British Bake Off, and also just cake, two queens of sweet treats bring you their ultimate ‘makeover’ bakes >>>

gtg-flour-power-main.jpg Nutrition

Flour Power: The pros and cons of 8 white flour alternatives

13 hours ago / Anna Hunter

With many of us weaning ourselves off of the white stuff, what are the good grains to go for, and which faux flours come up short? >>>

ingredients-2.jpg Beauty

What’s inside your beauty products? The 10 ingredients to watch out for

1 day ago / Judy Johnson

As US senators call for more regulation in the cosmetics industry over the pond, one formulator reveals the ingredients you need to know about >>>

fake-tan.jpg Beauty

When fake tan goes wrong, and how to fix it

1 day ago / Anna Hunter

From streaks to patchiness to dodgy colour, self tanning can be a minefield. We quizzed tan expert James Read on how to come back from even the most disastrous of tanning mishaps… >>>

hiit-4.jpg Interview

Joe Wicks: how to fit fitness into your life

1 day ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

No time for exercise? No worries - get fit using The Body Coach’s ultimate HIIT list… >>>

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    Mary's Masterclass

    Mary Greenwell's step-by-step tutorial for evening makeup on 50+ skin >>>

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    Freer Thinking

    Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer shares her tips for foods that make you glow from within >>>

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    Lisa's Stardust

    Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recreates the late David Bowie's iconic and colourful 70s makeup >>>

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