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We test out the latest smartphone products to see if they can really help you to lose weight/hail a cab/predict the future

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5 of the best travel apps

The top 5 must-have apps for any intrepid travellers looking to maximise their globetrotting goals
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The 5 best apps to get you a bikini body

From fitness and nutrition to yoga and music, we've collated the 5 best apps to help you slim down and tone up for your perfect beach body
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An App a Day: Lift

The daily to-do list in your pocket that helps you keep track of your good habits
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An App a Day: Sunblock

Banish the burn and protect your skin with this new UV ray measuring app
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An App a Day: Wedding Flowers

Take the stress and strife out of your big day with this fun floral wedding app
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An App a Day: Strava Cycling and Running

The fitness app from Strava that will transform even the biggest couch potato into an exercise junkie
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An App a Day: Veleza

Want to save time and money on your skincare shopping? We have just the app for you
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An App a Day: 6 Pack Abs Workout

Want to make a real difference to your body in just eight weeks? This is the app for you
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An App a Day: The Train Trip

An alternative route to weight loss and enlightenment
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An App a Day: Tabata Timer

Take just 4 minutes of your day and turn them into a workout
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An App a Day: Tempo Run

Match your music to your running pace with this clever workout buddy
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An App a Day: Think Dirty

Think dirty, shop clean with this new app that lifts the lid on the harmful ingredients in your beauty stash
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An App a Day: Amazing Face

Got a beauty issue? This new app has an answer for everything
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An App a Day: Mr and Mrs Smith

A bespoke, boutique holiday planner with real class
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An App a Day: Wahanda

Get all your pampering needs at the touch of a button with the new app from Wahanda
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An App a Day: A Beautiful Mess

  • April 6th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

Inject a bit of fun into your photographs with an app that promises to brighten your day, says Katie Robertson
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An App a Day: Interflora

  • March 28th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

Forgotten to buy a Mother's Day present? Fear not, Katie Robertson has found an app that will help you pick the perfect bouquet and get it delivered in a matter of hours
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An App a Day: Green Kitchen

  • March 20th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

Clean, nutritious vegetarian cooking has never been so easy, discovers Katie Robertson
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An App a Day: Headspace

  • March 13th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson discovers an app that promises to bring meditation to the masses
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An App a Day: Spoiler Shield

  • March 6th 2014
  • /

Katie Robertson has discovered an app that allows her to watch her favourite shows at her own pace. If only she'd found it sooner...
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An App a Day: Deliciously Ella

  • February 28th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

One of GTG's Blogger of the Week picks, Deliciously Ella, has now launched her own app filled with healthy recipes. We're in food heaven, writes Katie Robertson
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An App a Day: BeautySpotter

A new app has finally put selfies to good use and found a way to make beauty salon bookings far less daunting, writes Judy Johnson
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An App a Day: The seven minute workout

  • February 20th 2014
  • / Katie Robinson

Hate the gym? Want to boost your fitness and get in shape by working out for just seven minutes a day? Then this is the app for you
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An App a Day: Fashion Speak

  • February 13th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

Do fashion's more exotic brands leave your tongue in a twist? Learn to pronounce over 100 designers names with this new app - your ultimate fashion week companion
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