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The Gloss Report: Lash extender fibre mascaras

October 7th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Want to give fibre mascaras a go but don't know where to start? We tried and tested five of them to see which ones gave us the best looking lash extensions >>>


Introducing The Cult Collection…

October 6th 2015 / Anna Hunter

Some products just stand out from the crowd. These 7 do just that, and we’ve teamed up with Latest in Beauty to deliver them straight to your door... >>>

imperfect-makeup.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

The Makeup Maniac: A case for messy makeup

October 4th 2015 / Anna Hunter

If you’re a perfectionist, look away now; things are about to get messy in the makeup stakes from autumn onwards. Here’s why that’s a very good thing... >>>


Is coconut oil the best value beauty product on earth?

October 2nd 2015 / Anna Hunter

Its uses supposedly span from shaving cream to cleanser, but is coconut oil all it’s cracked up to be? >>>


Mini facials, studying and SPF: The secrets of a successful makeup artist

October 2nd 2015 / Anna Hunter

Kelly Cornwell on why reading both books and people can get you far in the beauty industry… >>>


The 8 cream eyeshadows set to leave your powders in the dust

September 30th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Ready to take your eye makeup games to the next level? Look no further than our essential edit of the best cream eyeshadows around >>>


My Beauty Stash: Arabella Preston

September 29th 2015 / Anna Hunter

Just what does an expert makeup artist and skincare enthusiast hold dear? We visited Arabella Preston at her very stylish North West London home to have a rummage… >>>


The Makeup Maniac: The best makeup brushes on the planet

September 28th 2015 / Anna Hunter

Brush up on the very best tools of the trade; I’ve splodged, blended and buffed to find the makeup brushes that deserve a place in your kit >>>

calamine-cream.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense & Sensitivity: The £2 cream that makes reactions go away

September 24th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Take Care, everywhere. Literally. Their Aqueous and Calamine cream is nothing short of miraculous >>>


The art of good skincare: a glimpse inside Peony Lim’s beauty regime

September 23rd 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

The influential blogger, creative and social media consultant and digital powerhouse shares her favourite beauty products with us and how she adapts her skincare routine to suit her busy lifestyle and a demanding Fashion Week schedule >>>


Rescue remedies: 8 ways to beat the post-summer blues

September 22nd 2015 / Anna Hunter

In need of a mood boost now that it’s nearly October?(!) These ideas should lift you up... >>>


Ready to Recharge and Reset? Right this way…

September 21st 2015 / Anna Hunter

Introducing our latest, greatest health box. The Recharge & Reset collection features 8 energising additions to your autumn routine, and it can be yours in mere moments. Just get it before it’s gone... >>>


Inside Job: Sian Sutherland, founder of Mio and Mama Mio Skincare

September 19th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

The woman behind ‘fit skin’ and mummy-to-be bodycare shares her top career advice, gives us a glimpse into her work day and reveals the secrets behind building a successful brand >>>

organic-2.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense and Sensitivity: Organic Beauty Week - it’s time for brands to be upfront

September 18th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Organic beauty is bigger than ever, so why is it not fully regulated? Honesty needs to be the policy, and the Organic Beauty Week Campaign for Clarity could be the answer >>>


Model makeover: how to create 5 Brit models’ best makeup looks

September 18th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which Brit model are you channelling? In honour of London Fashion Week, we got a makeup lesson in model behaviour from some of the country’s best makeup artists >>>


5 health and beauty habits to adjust for autumn

September 17th 2015 / Anna Hunter

If you always do what you’ve always know the rest. Get set for a new season health and beauty reviver >>>


The Gloss Report: eyebrow gels and tints reviewed

September 16th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Sculpt, brush and shape your way to perfect eyebrows with our eyebrow gel and tint reviews to hand >>>

neelam-gill-interview-2.jpgNot Fair

Not Fair: Neelam Gill on modelling and breaking beauty's barriers

September 15th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

I caught up with the British model of the moment and the first Indian ‘face’ of Burberry to talk diversity in the modelling industry, her beauty essentials and those amazing eyebrows >>>


Roaccutane: A skin specialist’s view

September 14th 2015 / Anna Hunter

Considering extreme measures to tackle your acne? Give this a read first... >>>


10 must-have products for anyone suffering from eczema

September 14th 2015 / Ali Hunter

Our Eczema Files columnist prescribes her most soothing skin staples to mark National Eczema Week >>>


How to get glowing skin: the 10 best radiance-boosting beauty tips

September 14th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Want to know how to get glowing skin? Here are the makeup and skincare products you need from a red carpet expert... >>>


New season style: what to wear to work this autumn

September 11th 2015

From the optimistic trench to the second-skin boot, style journalist Alice Olins reveals the pieces that should make it into your work wardrobe this season >>>


The Gloss Report: Under-eye concealers reviewed

September 10th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Wakey wakey, rise and shine: the GTG team test out the concealers that promise to give you brighter eyes and get rid of dark circles >>>


Queen Elizabeth II: setting trends, not wearing them

September 9th 2015 / Anna Hunter

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is an exceptional, record-breaking ruler. She also doesn’t give two hoots about doing her makeup in public… >>>


Anti-ageing: the time-defying ingredients of the future

September 8th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We met with the man behind some of beauty’s biggest skincare innovations to find out what happens behind closed lab doors and discuss why the ingredients you pick are so much more important than the products you use >>>

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