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How I stay fit: Camila Fernandez

GTG caught up with makeup artist Camila Fernandez to hear all about how she leads a balanced but brilliantly healthy lifestyle
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You’re hired! 10 top tips for nailing the perfect CV

Make your application stand out from the crowd with these career coach-approved CV tips in tow
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Blogger of the week: The Model Foodie

We spoke to the London-based model and food blogger about creating dishes that are equally nutritious and delicious...
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The sprouted revolution is here

  • November 26th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

We’ve heard rumblings from the food world about sprouting but what is this mysterious grain and why should we be eating it?
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The best at-home beauty services

No more rushing to get your nails done. We've listed our top at-home beauty services that bring the salon directly to your door...
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10 Ways to Start Better

If you were going to start every day on a better foot, how would you do it? In a feature brought to you by Clinique, our top experts give you a few ideas...
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5:2 diet recipe: Endive, Frisée, Rocket and Grated Kohlrabi Salad with Toasted Cashew Nuts

  • November 25th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

A spiced-up salad from expert nutritionist Vicki Edgson
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Doing It All: Why sleep deprivation is as debilitating as being drunk

Whether it's insomnia or a baby keeping you awake at night, sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows has given Emma Bartley some tips on coping
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15 things that should be banned in the gym

In no particular order here are the 15 most annoying occurrences and workout weirdos who constantly plague our trips to the gym...sigh
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Home workouts: James Duigan’s gym-free exercise plan

Lose weight and get fit from the comfort of your own living room with the first in our series of high intensity resistance training home workouts
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5 best reed diffusers

  • November 24th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

The five reed diffusers your home is calling out for...
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Beauty tips: How to choose the right makeup colours for your skin tone

Are you more of a Cate, J.Lo, Jourdan or Lupita? We asked four top makeup artists for their tips when it comes to choosing the right colours for your skin tone
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Weekly Horoscope: 24th November - 30th November 2014

Your week ahead courtesy of expert astrologer Jessica Adams
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The rise of supercool casuals: why less is absolutely more

If you find yourself reaching for the lashes, the liner, the sparkle and the hairspray this party season, remember the mantra: less is definitely more
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Inside the Mind of a Go-Getter

Being one of life’s go-getters can be a sure-fire pass to career success, but how do you become one?
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Hair Trend: The Hunger Games Braid

Plaits, pleats, braids...whatever you call them, Katniss’ crowning glory has never been hotter. We show you how to have some fun with the humble plait.
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Monthly Horoscope: December 2014

Wondering what's in store for December? Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams has the answers
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Who's your star sign love match?

  • November 20th 2014
  • / Shelley Von Strunckel

Could the secret to a successful relationship be written in the stars? Expert astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel tells us more
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5 of the best multi-tasking lip and cheek stains

  • November 20th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

Brighten up your winter complexion with our five favourite multi-tasking lip and cheek stains...
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Sense and Sensitivity: Is 3 the magic number for patch testing?

An innocent patch test meant Judy Johnson avoided one of her worst ever skin reactions being on her face - but is it all a numbers game?
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Blogger of the week: Dolly and Oatmeal

NY-based food blogger Lindsey shares her favourite ingredients for tasty gluten-free and dairy-free meals…
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Secret Santa picks for beauty junkies

You clock up a lot of time with your colleagues and friendship group - it pays to plan ahead. Make like a diligent elf and check out our list for beauty lovers
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Boost your skill set: How to be more confident at work

Is your lack of confidence holding you back? We ask a life coach how to boost self-esteem
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What should you really eat (and not eat) when you’re pregnant?

We asked a duo of fertility experts about the best foods, supplements and healthy diet recommendations to benefit both mother and baby during pregnancy
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