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Queen of Creams: Two anti-ageing miracles you have to try

Father Time catches up with us all in the end - but here are the must-have beauty products that promise to hold him off for that little bit longer
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Five things I learnt from my makeunder

In her latest column, the Makeup Maniac is going cold turkey in a bid to find out whether less really is more
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12 Weekend Wonders:18th to 21st April

Welcome to a special chocolate-themed edition of Weekend Wonders, to help your long weekend go off with a bang
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Fashion High Five: Long weekend essentials

  • April 17th 2014

Heading off for the Easter break? Here's our guide to compiling a minimal, chic holiday look
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Not Fair: The best makeup for darker skin tones under £10

Finding shades to suit your tone doesn't always mean going for the premium brands
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Nano-tech: The new super-smart fitness fabrics

The new fitness fabrics get your arse in gear even when you don’t, while silver is about to protect you in a big way in this digital age
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Glossip Girl: Hollywood's favourite skin doctor

From Jennifer Lawrence to Angelina Jolie, meet the doctor who's always on call to bring the stars' skin back to life
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Going South: The facial that's worth the paper pants

After a few questionable experiences, Imogen Edwards-Jones had decided that facials were definitely not for her. Can a trip to Sisley at Claridge's change her mind?
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Sense and Sensitivity: STEAMCREAM - more than a moisturiser

This humble tin of whipped cream is one of the few versatile products for sensitive skin
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Just An Everyday Athlete: Yes, you DO have time to exercise

If Grace Dent can find time to get fit, so can you...
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Postcard from LA: Not just another juice bar

Marissa Montgomery discovers the A-list secret to healthy living at Earthbar
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Is the full bush back?

Cameron Diaz is leading a bikini wax backlash. Glossip Girl observes the rise and fall of the wax job
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The Exfoliator: Yoga for the uninhibited

Laughter, tears and floating in the air: Ahmed Zambarakji experiences an intimate, boundary-breaking body treatment
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Sense and Sensitivity: The beauty camouflage that makes you less vain

Reactions often leave behind permanent reminders, but one range makes camouflaging imperfections a piece of cake
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The Makeup Maniac: Does your makeup earn its keep?

Women spend thousands in their lifetime on their makeup. Anna Hunter finds the products that work the hardest
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Fashion High Five: The must-have makeup accessories for spring

  • April 3rd 2014

Fashion blogger and stylist Laura Fantacci shares her top spring fashion picks and the beauty buys that will set them off
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Horoscope: Your April 2014 forecast

  • April 1st 2014

Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what April has in store for you
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Not Fair: Do you really need foundation?

The best BB creams, CC creams and tinted moisturisers for darker skin tones
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Glossip Girl: The rise of the supermodel role models

If you’re going to get taken under someone’s wing, it might as well be a super star…
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Going South: Arse or face?

Imogen Edwards-Jones faces up to the ultimate anti-ageing decision and wonders if women really can have it all
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Glossip Girl: Mum's the word

Even the A-listers aren't afraid to tell the world they love their mums, says Emma Gunavardhana
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BMI: There's no such thing as 'normal'

It's time to stop using an antiquated system to determine a person's ideal weight, says Sarah Vine
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Elle Macpherson's beauty secret: The Super Elixir

As a landmark birthday approaches, the supermodel relies on a new green superfood supplement to keep her looking fantastic, discovers Hanna Ibraheem
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Sense and Sensitivity: The hair dye that could stop reactions

Are hair dye reactions a thing of the past? A new product from Wella proves advances in technology could be the answer
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