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Sense and Sensitivity: Whole Foods - the destination for natural beauty

A safer shopping experience and a heap of natural brands to discover; the organic store is a hub of beauty for sensitive skin
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A Healthy Curiosity: Start running and live longer - here's how to do it

Peta Bee - England Athletics qualified coach and founder of Cookham Running Club - gives the lowdown on how to start running
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Winter skincare wonder: Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

Judy Johnson has discovered her secret weapon for keeping sensitive skin happy in the winter months
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Life-changing finds

This week Sarah Vine has found a contender for London's best facial, a Ferrari of a hair dryer and a skincare range that all teenage girls need to know about
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Going South: Strength and the city

Imogen Edwards-Jones experiences her first HIIT strength-training workout, because being weak is not an option
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Meet Mr Smooth: the keratin blow-dry king

There is one man on a life mission to tame our frizzy hair. Susannah Taylor meets Zoltan, AKA Mr Smooth
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The Adrenalista: Why does exercise make you so happy?

Charlotte Sinclair discovers the true power of endorphins
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Sense and Sensitivity: The best face oils for sensitive skin

Judy Johnson picks the top facial oils for hydrating those with fragile, easily-irritated skin
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Doing It All: Is this baby blues or postnatal depression?

Between sleep deprivation, hormones and big life changes, new mums find themselves in tears a lot. But when should you see a doctor? The UK's leading expert, Dr Michael Craig, advises Emma Bartley
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: How to revive dull skin

Sarah Vine rounds up her favourite products to bring life back to dull January skin
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Fashion High Five: 5 best sale buys

Our resident fashion expert counts down the five sales purchases not to miss
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A Healthy Curiosity: The Ice Diet - lose weight by keeping cool

Could a colder lifestyle be the hottest new way to lose weight? Peta Bee reckons so...
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The Elle word: Elle Macpherson on health, ageing and what really works

Elle Macpherson is as honed and toned as she was 40 years ago, and feels better than ever. Susannah Taylor speaks to her and her nutritional doctor to discover the true secrets of The Body
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Not Fair: Why are there so few women of colour on our magazine covers?

With Jourdan Dunn gracing the cover of this month’s Vogue, our Not Fair columnist asks why there aren’t more women of colour fronting our magazines
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Going South: Why Headspace might change your life

Imogen Edwards-Jones on why the meditation app du jour well and truly lives up to the hype
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The Makeup Maniac: Brow Down, the Lash is Back

The eyes have it this season- shift your focus from bold brows to fierce lashes. Wands at the ready…
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Healthy But Tasty: Sugar alternatives explained

Our expert nutritionist Amelia Freer gives the lowdown on the sugar alternatives you should and shouldn't be eating
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Doing It All: Is hypnotherapy the answer to losing weight?

Can you hypnotise yourself thin? Emma Bartley gives it a go and documents the start of her journey here...
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A Healthy Curiosity: The truth about detox plans

Many detox plans promise dramatic results, but do they work? Peta Bee separates the truth from the fiction
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The Spiritualist: How to reach your goals

  • December 31st 2014
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The new year makes for the perfect motivator to kick start a healthy regime - but here's how to stay on the fitness wagon
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The Makeup Maniac: Can you alter your features with makeup?

You better believe it- from Kim K’s cheekbones to Kendall Jenner’s lips, all the stars are at it. Makeup artist Jenna Treat shows you how…
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Going South: What is a Black Chicken facial?

Imogen Edwards-Jones experiences the Australian facial with a name that's got everybody talking
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The Adrenalista: Why keeping fit is all in the mind

Charlotte Sinclair discovers how positive thinking can change your workout (and your life)
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How the other half live: A life-changing wellness concierge service

Christa D'Souza has found the answer to all her wellness prayers...
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