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Not Fair: The best makeup for darker skin tones under £10

Finding shades to suit your tone doesn't always mean going for the premium brands
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Nano-tech: The new super-smart fitness fabrics

The new fitness fabrics get your arse in gear even when you don’t, while silver is about to protect you in a big way in this digital age
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Glossip Girl: Hollywood's favourite skin doctor

From Jennifer Lawrence to Angelina Jolie, meet the doctor who's always on call to bring the stars' skin back to life
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Going South: The facial that's worth the paper pants

After a few questionable experiences, Imogen Edwards-Jones had decided that facials were definitely not for her. Can a trip to Sisley at Claridge's change her mind?
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Sense and Sensitivity: STEAMCREAM - more than a moisturiser

This humble tin of whipped cream is one of the few versatile products for sensitive skin
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Just An Everyday Athlete: Yes, you DO have time to exercise

If Grace Dent can find time to get fit, so can you...
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Postcard from LA: Not just another juice bar

Marissa Montgomery discovers the A-list secret to healthy living at Earthbar
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Is the full bush back?

Cameron Diaz is leading a bikini wax backlash. Glossip Girl observes the rise and fall of the wax job
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The Exfoliator: Yoga for the uninhibited

Laughter, tears and floating in the air: Ahmed Zambarakji experiences an intimate, boundary-breaking body treatment
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Sense and Sensitivity: The beauty camouflage that makes you less vain

Reactions often leave behind permanent reminders, but one range makes camouflaging imperfections a piece of cake
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The Makeup Maniac: Does your makeup earn its keep?

Women spend thousands in their lifetime on their makeup. Anna Hunter finds the products that work the hardest
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Fashion High Five: The must-have makeup accessories for spring

  • April 3rd 2014

Fashion blogger and stylist Laura Fantacci shares her top spring fashion picks and the beauty buys that will set them off
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Horoscope: Your April 2014 forecast

  • April 1st 2014

Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what April has in store for you
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Not Fair: Do you really need foundation?

The best BB creams, CC creams and tinted moisturisers for darker skin tones
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Glossip Girl: The rise of the supermodel role models

If you’re going to get taken under someone’s wing, it might as well be a super star…
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Going South: Arse or face?

Imogen Edwards-Jones faces up to the ultimate anti-ageing decision and wonders if women really can have it all
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Glossip Girl: Mum's the word

Even the A-listers aren't afraid to tell the world they love their mums, says Emma Gunavardhana
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BMI: There's no such thing as 'normal'

It's time to stop using an antiquated system to determine a person's ideal weight, says Sarah Vine
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Elle Macpherson's beauty secret: The Super Elixir

As a landmark birthday approaches, the supermodel relies on a new green superfood supplement to keep her looking fantastic, discovers Hanna Ibraheem
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Sense and Sensitivity: The hair dye that could stop reactions

Are hair dye reactions a thing of the past? A new product from Wella proves advances in technology could be the answer
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The Makeup Maniac comes clean

Anna Hunter introduces her new column, Makeup Maniac and confesses to a rather serious case of beauty hoarding
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Just An Everyday Athlete: The sports bra breakthrough

Grace Dent is chronicling her fitness journey for GTG. This week, she's finally able to enjoy the perks of running thanks to having the right support...
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Sarah Vine: The benefits of exercising with your children

As a new study reveals that the more active a mother is, the more physically active her child will be, Sarah Vine explains how training with her daughter works for both their body and mind
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Size 13: Mums, treat yourselves this Mothers Day

There’s no way you can rely on your children to reward you properly for the hell you’ve gone through on their behalf. So why not book your own treat, asks Emma Bartley
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