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Not Fair: How to colour your hair like Beyoncé

  • July 22nd 2014

The hair dye rules from A-list hair colourist Louise Galvin for going lighter if you have a darker skin tone
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The Exfoliator: Have you ever had a Coregasm?

It turns out that some women experience exercise-induced orgasms. Never one to spare our blushes, Ahmed Zambarakji investigates
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Sarah Vine: A visit to George Northwood

After a hectic week, Sarah Vine calms her nerves with a visit to celebrity hairdresser George Northwood
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Sense and Sensitivity: How to stop prickly heat

If heat rash is making the scorching summer a living hell, read on for the experts' advice on keeping your cool
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Going South: Hari's Curl Bar

Going South's Imogen Edwards-Jones tries Hari's Curl Bar out for size for a gorgeous, wedding guest 'do
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A Healthy Curiosity: Fat measures - BMI vs. body fat

Confused about how to find out if you're a healthy level of leanness? Peta Bee sorts body fat from BMI
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Glossip Girl: The celebrity tanning tribes

From pale and interesting to dark and mysterious - which tanning tribe are you?
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Just an Everyday Athlete: I'm in love with the Up24

Grace Dent reviews the Up24 - a genius gadget that enthusiastically nags you to get fit
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The Spiritualist: How to not get stressed about being stressed

Last week one of India’s renowned Swamis (yogic scholars) was in London to talk about stress. Catherine Turner finds out the man swathed in orange has surprisingly simple ways for us to cope with this modern day malaise
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Going South: Why Amelia Freer is exactly what the doctor ordered

After being ambushed by her doctor for an on-the-spot health check, Imogen Edwards-Jones had a shock as it turns out eating well can keep you young
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Sense and Sensitivity: The best aftersuns for sensitive skin

  • July 11th 2014

Ensure your aftercare is as good as your sun cream with Judy Johnson's top five aftersuns for sensitive skin
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The Makeup Maniac: Life on Nars

Makeup legend François Nars made a rare appearance in London yesterday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his iconic brand, and The Makeup Maniac was granted an interview with the man himself. Find out more about the man who brought the ‘Orgasm’ blush to women everywhere
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The Adrenalista: Does music really boost your workout?

The soundtrack to your workout might just be as important as any piece of fitness equipment
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Not Fair: 10 makeup tips for getting skin like Lupita

  • July 8th 2014

I find out how to make dark skin tones glow like Lupita Nyong’o’s, Chanel Iman’s and Beyoncé’s from makeup artist Ruby Hammer
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Sarah Vine: Falling off the wagon

It was all going so well but temptation has finally taken hold. Sarah Vine talks diets, dinners and falling off the wagon
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Healthy But Tasty: How to do a healthy BBQ

Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer explains how to have fun this summer without falling off the wagon
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Glossip Girl: The silicone story behind Louise Galvin's haircare

First it was our diets, then it was our beauty products, now it’s our hair… Glossip Girl goes natural with Louise Galvin
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A Healthy Curiosity: Calorie counting vs. low GI

Is it all about calorie counting or is focusing on the glycaemic index the way to go? Peta Bee tackles the food-lover's great debate
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Going South: The triple technology facial

Imogen Edwards-Jones road tests the new triple tech facial from Elemis
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Sense and Sensitivity: The best sun creams for sensitive skin

  • July 4th 2014

SPF needn't be a hassle for sensitive skin - you just need to know which sun creams play safe with their ingredients. Here's Judy Johnson's top 10
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Sense and Sensitivity: The ultimate guide to SPF for sensitive skin

From physical to chemical, minerals to preservatives, find out all you need to know about choosing sun cream for sensitive skin
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The Makeup Maniac: wedding-proof makeup

  • July 3rd 2014

Whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, or just a cryer, finding wedding makeup that stays put can be a challenge. Achieve wedded bliss with the following beauty picks
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How The Other Half Live: Epionce

Christa D'Souza explores the Epionce 'cult' and the wonders it can work on your skin
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Glossip Girl: The alkaline way

The stars are all signed up and anyone ‘in the know’ has gone the way of the alkaline diet - but what does it really mean?
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