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Hair Trend: The Hunger Games Braid

Plaits, pleats, braids...whatever you call them, Katniss’ crowning glory has never been hotter. We show you how to have some fun with the humble plait.
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Inside the Mind of a Go-Getter

Being one of life’s go-getters can be a sure-fire pass to career success, but how do you become one?
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5 of the best multi-tasking lip and cheek stains

  • November 20th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

Brighten up your winter complexion with our five favourite multi-tasking lip and cheek stains...
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Sense and Sensitivity: Is 3 the magic number for patch testing?

An innocent patch test meant Judy Johnson avoided one of her worst ever skin reactions being on her face - but is it all a numbers game?
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Sculpt and go: the 10 best face contouring cheats for party season

Chisel, highlight, contour and enhance your natural bone structure with these beauty essentials in your tool box
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Meet the must-reads: The 10 best self-help books every girl needs

From boosting self-esteem to increasing confidence, healthy eating to positive thinking, update your bookshelf with these motivating and inspiring self-help books
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Who's your star sign love match?

  • November 20th 2014
  • / Shelley Von Strunckel

Could the secret to a successful relationship be written in the stars? Expert astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel tells us more
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Christmas gift ideas: The fitness fanatic

Shopping for a sporty girl this Christmas? Stress less and click through our guide to ensure you get the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life
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Blogger of the week: Dolly and Oatmeal

NY-based food blogger Lindsey shares her favourite ingredients for tasty gluten-free and dairy-free meals…
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What should you really eat (and not eat) when you’re pregnant?

We asked a duo of fertility experts about the best foods, supplements and healthy diet recommendations to benefit both mother and baby during pregnancy
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Secret Santa picks for beauty junkies

You clock up a lot of time with your colleagues and friendship group - it pays to plan ahead. Make like a diligent elf and check out our list for beauty lovers
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Boost your skill set: How to be more confident at work

Is your lack of confidence holding you back? We ask a life coach how to boost self-esteem
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My Beauty Stash: Christine D’Ornano

Susannah Taylor met up with businesswoman, mother of three and style inspiration Christine D’Ornano, Global Assistant General Manager of Sisley Cosmetics to talk red lips, beauty icons and meditation
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Christmas Gift Ideas: the best party prep and glow presents

At a loss at what to get the girl who would rather be on a dancefloor than at her desk? Fret not: check out our edit for finding her perfect gift
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Not Fair: Top blushers for dark and olive skin tones

Which blusher colours are best for warming up darker complexions? Check out these top beauty picks and makeup tips...
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An Appointment With... Matt Roberts

  • November 17th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

The king of bespoke fitness and owner of Matt Roberts gyms shares his path to the top
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15 of the funniest dating fails

If you think you've had a bad date experience just wait until you read what horror stories we've got for you...
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The top 10 scents for him and her

Searching for a new fragrance for the special man or woman in your life? Check out our pick of the best perfumes and scents around and find your perfect match
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How to eat healthily at Christmas parties

Is it possible to enjoy festive time treats without piling on the pounds? We caught up with Nutritionist Jenna Zoe to investigate
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The ahhhh factor: 10 bath time treats to calm both body and mind

Make bath time prime time and create a spa at home with our pick of the best bath oils and bath time treats around to aid relaxation and combat stress
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Inside Job: Reena Hammer

The Creative and Brand Director of the Urban Retreat group talks us through her work, her life and her top career advice for those looking to break into the beauty business
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My Week In Food: Joe Wicks

  • November 15th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

The Body Coach and Instagram superstar Joe Wicks shares his week in food
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E-cigarettes - saviour or Satan?

Some believe the electronic alternative to tobacco could help save hundreds of thousands of lives while others believe they are an unsafe option that glamorizes smoking - GTG investigates
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Going South: How to party sober

As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, Imogen Edwards-Jones tells us how to do it if you're staying sober - without looking like a party pooper
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