Going South

Imogen Edwards-Jones is middle-aged, not middle-of-the-road - follow her journey through all that the beauty world has to offer for a woman who will try anything once

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Going South: Is copying Sienna's bob the easiest way to look younger?

After three decades of long hair Imogen Edwards-Jones goes for the chop with hairdresser to the stars George Northwood
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Going South: Can a pill make you look and feel younger?

Imogen Edwards Jones couldn't resist finding out if popping a pill could turn back the clock
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Going South: The anti-ageing facial that gets you red carpet-ready

Imogen Edwards-Jones discovers a facial treatment that gives you a youthful glow, even on a hangover
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Going South: The closest thing to a cure for colds

Imogen Edwards-Jones discovers a natural miracle worker for the dreaded winter sniffles
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Going South: Strength and the city

Imogen Edwards-Jones experiences her first HIIT strength-training workout, because being weak is not an option
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Going South: Why Headspace might change your life

Imogen Edwards-Jones on why the meditation app du jour well and truly lives up to the hype
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Going South: What is a Black Chicken facial?

Imogen Edwards-Jones experiences the Australian facial with a name that's got everybody talking
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Going South: Imogen Edward-Jones meets Oscar winning makeup artist Jenny Shircore

Jenny Shircore reveals the juicy details of working as a top Hollywood makeup artist to Get The Gloss columnist Imogen Edward-Jones
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Going South: How to party sober

As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, Imogen Edwards-Jones tells us how to do it if you're staying sober - without looking like a party pooper
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Going South: 10 old health and beauty trends we definitely don't miss

From coloured mascara to cargo pants, Imogen Edwards-Jones counts down the top 10 fashion and beauty trends she is glad to see the back of
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Going South: 10 fashion and beauty trends that need to make a comeback

Leg warmers, cosmos, Jane Fonda... Imogen Edwards-Jones gets all nostalgic with the top 10 fashion and beauty trends she would like to resurrect
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Going South: Why the daily weigh-in keeps me slim

Imogen Edwards-Jones reveals the three small steps to losing weight and keeping it off
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Going South: Epic fail at the school gate beauty standoff

As summer draws slowly to an end, Imogen Edwards-Jones explains why the kids aren't the only ones with back to school nerves
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The best of summer on GTG

  • September 4th 2014
  • /

Been away this summer? Here’s what you missed on GTG…
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Going South: One piece or two?

After a touching revelation by the pool, Imogen Edwards-Jones realises she's been covering up for far too long
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Going South: Beware the summer stone

Forget Christmas, Imogen Edwards-Jones finds out why a summer holiday poses the most risk for falling off the wagon
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Going South: The forty-something frozen shoulder

After throwing herself in head first (literally), Imogen Edwards-Jones discovered it's not just muffin tops and drooping bosoms that come with old age
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Going South: Tried and tested cleansing oils

After spending three weeks oil free, Imogen Edwards-Jones travels to the other end of the spectrum to road test oily cleansers
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Going South: What are the benefits of going oil free?

Imogen Edwards-Jones reveals whether or not ditching the moisturiser has made her less St Bernard, more fresh faced beauty
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Going South: Hari's Curl Bar

Going South's Imogen Edwards-Jones tries Hari's Curl Bar out for size for a gorgeous, wedding guest 'do
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Going South: Why Amelia Freer is exactly what the doctor ordered

After being ambushed by her doctor for an on-the-spot health check, Imogen Edwards-Jones had a shock as it turns out eating well can keep you young
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Going South: The triple technology facial

Imogen Edwards-Jones road tests the new triple tech facial from Elemis
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Going South: Should you give up moisturiser?

  • June 27th 2014
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Imogen Edwards-Jones pays a visit to Dr Rachael Eckel to find out why moisturisers might be our skin's worst enemy
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Going South: Going fuzz-free with the Silk'n Glide

Technophobe Imogen Edwards-Jones road tests the new Silk'n Glide hair removal gadget, but can she be converted?
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