Going South

Imogen Edwards-Jones is middle-aged, not middle-of-the-road

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Going South: The facial that's worth the paper pants

After a few questionable experiences, Imogen Edwards-Jones had decided that facials were definitely not for her. Can a trip to Sisley at Claridge's change her mind?
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Going South: Arse or face?

Imogen Edwards-Jones faces up to the ultimate anti-ageing decision and wonders if women really can have it all
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Going South: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins chats to Imogen Edwards-Jones about her new beauty range, the importance of good skincare and how mere mortals can learn the art of glamour
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Going South: Back to my roots - a childhood of psoriasis

Imogen Edwards-Jones had a perfect childhood, apart from one thing: psoriasis. Itchy, sore and causing her hair to fall out, she treated it with the help of the experts - but now, 35 years later, it's back...
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Going South: Cara Delevingne-style brow extensions

In a bid to look like model of the moment Cara Delevingne, Imogen Edwards-Jones went for the new brow extensions treatment at London's Lash Bar...
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Going South: Competitive dieting with the husband

Imogen Edwards-Jones thought that dieting alongside her husband would make it easier - instead, it's double the trouble...
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Going South: The perils of the buffet

Imogen Edwards-Jones managed to slim down and stick to it - until she went on holiday and came home with a buffet belly...
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Going South: Bespoke Elixir Cream at The Organic Pharmacy

Imogen Edwards-Jones shares her life story with the experts at The Organic Pharmacy and leaves with a bespoke skincare cream that works
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Going South: Men and their beauty product thieving

Imogen Edwards-Jones will share anything except her beauty products. If only her husband would understand that rule...
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Going South: The illuminating facial

Imogen Edwards-Jones goes for a facial and gets the added bonus of a skin analysis - only to wish she hadn't
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Going South: L'Wren Scott for Caudalie

Imogen Edwards-Jones pins down model and designer L'Wren Scott to find out her beauty secrets and how her love affair with Caudalie began
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Going South: Teeth whitening at the London Smile Clinic

Imogen Edwards-Jones kept her mouth open for a whole three hours in search of the perfect, pearly-white smile
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Going South: Perméa laser treatment

In her latest bid to fight ageing Imogen Edwards-Jones tries out the Perméa laser treatment - but is the sandpapery skin worth it?
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Going South: Organic Burst

Imogen Edwards-Jones tries out the new super supplements on the block - Organic Burst - and feels like she could take on the world. She's even whistling along to Tragic FM on the school run.
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Going South: Keeping the weight off with Amelia Freer's Metabolic Balance diet

Going South: Keeping the weight off with Amelia Freer

Imogen Edwards-Jones has done the unthinkable - lost weight and actually kept it off. It's all down to just one woman who everyone should have on speed dial...
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Going South: Top knots

Imogen Edwards-Jones thought she was on-trend with her hair donut - but finds it's a top NOT...
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Going South: The trials of beach hair

Imogen Edwards-Jones finally works out the secret weapon for having good hair on holiday
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Going South: The DNA Body Contour Treatment

Pre-holiday prep is no longer just about de-fuzzing or topping up the tan. This time Imogen Edwards-Jones channels her inner Pamela Anderson and hopes for a washboard stomach
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Going South: Royal Baby advice for Kate Middleton

As the nation welcomes the birth of the royal baby, mother of two Imogen Edwards-Jones writes an open letter to the Duchess of Cambridge to share her pearls of wisdom on what to do as a new mum
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Going South: Party hair

Imogen Edwards-Jones decides to revamp her look for her book launch and finds that the only way is up
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Going South: Barrecore's BarreDance

Imogen Edwards-Jones channels her inner Beyonce and ends up feeling like Ann Widdecombe at new dance class BarreDance
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Going South: Regular peels

Imogen Edwards-Jones embraces Glossy life for the first time with some well-needed beauty maintenance: a course of glycolic peels
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Going South: Swimming

The one exercise Imogen Edwards-Jones loves is swimming - and with Bodyism's help she's now even better at it than before
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Going South: Bodyism

Imogen Edwards-Jones finds out why celebrities and fitness fans love Bodyism so much...
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