Hair issues

We're here to help - we meet the experts, review the salon treatments and try out the best and newest products in the market to help you with your hair issues.

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Head lice affects every family at some point - but should you treat it with combing, powerful insecticide, a branded product such as Hedrin or could a bit of lavender oil do the trick? >>>

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Too much hair

We weigh up the different options for removing unwanted body hair, from shaving to lasering, at home and in the salon >>>


Frizzy Hair

Whether it’s the humidity, wet weather or just bad genes, frizz is the ultimate hair no-no when it comes to great styling. We spoke to John Frieda’s Senior Stylist Jake Davis for his top tips on fighting the frizz >>>



What causes dandruff and what’s the best way to get rid of it? We asked a hair and scalp health expert for his top recommendations >>>


Hair loss & alopecia

Are you suffering from hair loss? From symptoms to solutions, GTG has all the information you need right here... >>>

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