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Body Debate: How can we inspire young girls to be healthy?

  • March 21st 2014

Levels of under-eating and over-eating among young girls is at a worryingly high level, while unrealistic, unhealthy body images saturate the media. GTG's expert panel discuss how we can inspire young girls to embrace a healthy lifestyle
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Body Debate: How can we improve our relationship with food?

  • March 20th 2014

Why do we have such a difficult relationship with food and how can we improve it? GTG's expert panel discuss the nation's eating habits
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Body Debate: Do women want to be fit or thin?

  • March 19th 2014

Would you rather be fit or thin? Our expert panel debate women's body ideals in our exclusive Body Debate video
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Body Debate: Does Hollywood influence women's body image?

  • March 18th 2014

Every day this week we have an exclusive video debating a different aspect of body image with our expert panel. Today, we're looking at Hollywood...
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Body Debate: Obesity - how did we get so fat?

  • March 17th 2014

How did we get so fat? In a series of five exclusive interviews with an expert panel, Get The Gloss kicks off the Body Debate with a discussion about obesity
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CrossFit workouts: the fitness phenomenon

  • February 3rd 2014

CrossFit is an exercise phenomenon taking the fitness world by storm. Philip Brennan, Level 1 Coach from CrossFit South London explains the programme’s worldwide popularity to Susannah Taylor
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The fit kit: Sweaty Betty's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

  • January 6th 2014

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, make your second resolution to invest in a new stylish gym kit, and look no further than the new Sweaty Betty Spring/Summer 2014 campaign for inspiration, says Susannah Taylor
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Tutorial: What is High Intensity Interval Training?

Tutorial: What is High Intensity Interval Training?

  • January 3rd 2014

Steve Mellor of Freedom2Train tells us what HIIT training is, why it works and how to do it including a workout plan for beginners and pros
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Nike celebrates 25 years of 'Just Do It'

  • September 25th 2013

'Just Do It' has been the battle cry of many a gym session for 25 years, and Nike's 'Endless Possibilities' campaign aims to push us that bit harder. Jessie J is your new drill sergeant.
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2 Minute Gloss: Freedom2Train

  • August 26th 2013

Marissa Montgomery caught up with personal trainers Freedom2Train at our Get the Gloss and Chanel party this summer
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Vlog: Fitness gear

  • August 22nd 2013

Susannah Taylor's passion for fitness has turned into a passion for fitness clothes. In her latest vlog she shares her favourites
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2 Minute Gloss: Laura Hayden

  • August 21st 2013

Marissa Montgomery catches up with model Laura Hayden to find out what beauty tricks make her tick...
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Postcard from NY: The Juice Press

  • July 26th 2013

Move over Starbucks, the hottest hangout in NYC is raw juice bar brand Juice Press, Marissa Montgomery reports
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Postcard from NY: Oscar Smith

  • May 31st 2013

Marissa Montgomery meets Oscar Smith, toning expert and trainer to the stars
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The Desktop Bikini Blitz: Full body workout weeks 4-6

  • May 20th 2013

Whether you're following our six week beach body plan or simply need a new full body workout, try this routine from Freedom2Train
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Behind the scenes at SoulCycle

  • April 26th 2013

GTG sent Marissa Montgomery to New York's hottest fitness class. Here's her exclusive interview with SoulCycle Co-Founder Julie Rice
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The Desktop Bikini Blitz: Lovely Legs with Freedom2Train

  • April 22nd 2013

Get bikini ready and target those areas you want to improve with Freedom2Train. Follow this workout for lean and defined legs
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The Desktop Bikini Blitz: The Arm Sculpter with Freedom2Train

  • April 22nd 2013

Are bingo wings getting you down? Banish wobbly bits and tone up those arms with this workout from Freedom2Train
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The Desktop Bikini Blitz: The Bum Blitz with Freedom2Train

  • April 22nd 2013

Get a bum that's as perky as JLo's with this targetted workout from Freedom2Train
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The Desktop Bikini Blitz: The Tummy Tuck with Freedom2Train

  • April 22nd 2013

Want a flatter, firmer stomach? Add this core workout from Freedom2Train to your routine and get ab-fab for summer
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The Bench Body Blitzer

  • January 28th 2013

We've teamed up with Freedom2Train to show you how to exercise for free, with no equipment, no gym membership and no excuses
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Stay energised and motivated with Oliver Gray

  • January 10th 2013

Today's the day you're most likely to be waning on those New Year's resolutions - author Oliver Gray is here to keep you motivated
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Vicki Edgson on the 5:2 diet plan

  • December 20th 2012

Get the Gloss chats to nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson about the 5:2 diet plan
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