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Meet the must-reads: The 10 best self-help books every girl needs

From boosting self-esteem to increasing confidence, healthy eating to positive thinking, update your bookshelf with these motivating and inspiring self-help books
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Who's your star sign love match?

  • November 20th 2014
  • / Shelley Von Strunckel

Could the secret to a successful relationship be written in the stars? Expert astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel tells us more
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Christmas gift ideas: The fitness fanatic

Shopping for a sporty girl this Christmas? Stress less and click through our guide to ensure you get the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life
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Blogger of the week: Dolly and Oatmeal

NY-based food blogger Lindsey shares her favourite ingredients for tasty gluten-free and dairy-free meals…
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What should you really eat (and not eat) when you’re pregnant?

We asked a duo of fertility experts about the best foods, supplements and healthy diet recommendations to benefit both mother and baby during pregnancy
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Boost your skill set: How to be more confident at work

Is your lack of confidence holding you back? We ask a life coach how to boost self-esteem
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An Appointment With... Matt Roberts

  • November 17th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

The king of bespoke fitness and owner of Matt Roberts gyms shares his path to the top
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15 of the funniest dating fails

If you think you've had a bad date experience just wait until you read what horror stories we've got for you...
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How to eat healthily at Christmas parties

Is it possible to enjoy festive time treats without piling on the pounds? We caught up with Nutritionist Jenna Zoe to investigate
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5:2 diet recipe: Poached eggs with tomato and asparagus spears

  • November 17th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

Expert nutritionist Vicki Edgson shares a fresh and 5:2 friendly poached egg recipe
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My Week In Food: Joe Wicks

  • November 15th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

The Body Coach and Instagram superstar Joe Wicks shares his week in food
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E-cigarettes - saviour or Satan?

Some believe the electronic alternative to tobacco could help save hundreds of thousands of lives while others believe they are an unsafe option that glamorizes smoking - GTG investigates
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Going South: How to party sober

As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, Imogen Edwards-Jones tells us how to do it if you're staying sober - without looking like a party pooper
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5 light wines that won’t derail your diet

Strictly speaking alcohol shouldn’t feature if you’re on a health kick, but if you’re craving Friday night wines, here are some to try
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Songs to sweat to: 6 of our trainers share their top 3 tracks

Need a bevy of new tunes to workout to? Our fitness experts disclose their top 3 tracks to help get you in shape
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Gluten-free almond cookie recipe

  • November 13th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

Gluten and guilt free treats from blogging duo Green Kitchen Stories
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Blogger of the week: Hortus Natural Cooking

We spoke to the blogger about her food philosophy, following a hormonal imbalance diagnosis...
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Organic food: is it worth it?

Organic food is certainly more expensive than regular food - but is it worth the extra cost? We chat to GTG expert Amelia Freer who lifts the lid on the great organic debate
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5:2 diet recipe: Cumin-flavoured puy lentils with ginger-steamed veg

  • November 11th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

An Indian-inspired, vegetarian recipe from expert nutritionist Vicki Edgson
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My Week In Food: Leah Kim

  • November 10th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

Nike's Global Yoga Ambassador Leah Kim shares her week in food…
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A Healthy Curiosity: Is your cocktail making you fat?

We count calories in our food, but what about when we're down the pub? Peta Bee looks at the food equivalents of our favourite tipples
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Vocal training: 10 top tips for being more assertive

Tired of your voice getting lost in the crowd? We asked a psychologist and life coach how to boost confidence, improve communication skills and make a lasting impression wherever you go
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How to not get run-down in the run up to Christmas

Keep anxiety, stress and party season burnout to a minimum with these expert health tips
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Doing It All: 20 things you should never say to a new mum

There are lots of things that you should say to a lady with a newborn baby. "It's beautiful," for example. Or: "Here's a cocktail." So why do so many people opt instead for stuff like...
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