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How to change the way you see fitness forever

19 hours ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Whether you’re sporty or non-sporty, turn short-term resolutions into long-term reality with these must-read fitness tips for feeling #BetterForIt and fitter than ever >>>


10 reasons to exercise that aren't to do with your looks

17 hours ago / Susannah Taylor

Why it’s better to exercise for your health and the way it makes you feel, not just your appearance, by Susannah Taylor >>>


My Week in Food: Poppy Cross

1 day ago / Susannah Taylor

The health and fitness journalist reveals what's on her plate in a typical week >>>


How to train your mind to stress less

February 3rd 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Find it impossible to relax? Become a master of your mind and change the way you see stress for good with these top tips >>>

amelia-week-1.jpgFreer Nutrition

Amelia Freer's Eating Overhaul: 10 ways to clean up your diet

February 1st 2016 / Amelia Freer

Want to feel healthier, lighter and leaner? Clean up your act with these 10 simple steps from expert nutritionist Amelia Freer, plus five days' worth of recipe ideas >>>


Weekly Horoscope: 1st February - 7th February 2016

January 31st 2016 / Jessica Adams

Astrologer Jessica Adams takes a look at the week ahead to predict your horoscopes as we begin February >>>


The Winning Team

January 29th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

This week, our very own Glossy Posse were crowned ‘Best Beauty Team’ at the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Awards 2016 >>>


An email exchange with... Gabriela Peacock

January 28th 2016 / Judy Johnson

The nutritional therapist and ex-model takes five to tell us how she approaches everything in life from lay-ins to lunch... >>>

pregnancy.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: The 25 most irritating things about pregnancy

January 25th 2016 / Emma Bartley

From the oversharing of strangers to the permanent need to empty your bladder, Emma Bartley reveals the most irksome things she's had to put up with since becoming pregnant for the second time >>>


My Week In Food: Shona Vertue

January 25th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

What food fills and fuels a successful yoga teacher and personal trainer? We caught up with Shona Vertue, creator of one of our favourite Instagram accounts, to see what healthy eating means to her >>>


Cervical cancer: do you know how to spot the signs?

January 23rd 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

With Cervical Cancer Prevention Week taking place from the 25th to the 30th of January, we asked a leading gynaecologist to shed light on the facts that every woman of every age needs to know >>>


The best wearable technology and fitness apps that'll take your workout to the next level

January 22nd 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From fitness watches to workout apps, fitness trackers to activity monitors, these are the gadgets that we recommend wearing on your wrists and downloading onto your smartphones right now >>>


10 meal plan ideas for 5:2 fast days

January 21st 2016 / Katie Robertson

We all know 5:2 fast days can be a bit tough, so we've come up with 10 quick and easy recipes to solve your dieting dilemmas >>>


Do you have Superwoman Syndrome?

January 19th 2016 / Elaine Slater

If your quest to ‘have it all’ is more of a struggle than you’d care to admit, it could be time to ask yourself some searching questions… >>>


The sports bras that could boost your performance

January 18th 2016 / Anna Hunter

Not to mention protect your assets… >>>


Sarah Vine: The Menopause Diary - the reality of HRT

January 18th 2016 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine is undergoing HRT and experiencing all manner of symptoms >>>

how-to-be-a-modern-vegetarian.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: How vegetarianism went mainstream

January 17th 2016 / Peta Bee

Being vegetarian used to be associated with nut loaf-eating, sandal-wearing earth mothers; now one in eight follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Peta Bee reports >>>

pelvic-floor.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: How pelvic floor training got sexy

January 16th 2016 / Emma Bartley

Can't go on a trampoline? Terrified to sneeze? Would never consider a running club for fear you'll need a change of leggings? Thanks to some great new products, it's all easily fixed - without shame. Emma Bartley reports >>>


14 ways to actually enjoy being healthy

January 15th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Flagging in healthy eating and fitness motivation? We asked the experts for their advice when it comes to seeing food and exercise in a whole new light >>>


How to declutter your mind, fridge and desk for the year to come

January 14th 2016 / Anna Hunter

Because spring cleaning is overrated and seeing as the weather’s miserable we may as well do it now… >>>


12 ways to stay motivated to keep fit

January 13th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

Fitness convert and GTG Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor reveals how she gets motivated when it’s the last thing on earth she feels like doing >>>


Fad vs Fact: Turmeric

January 12th 2016 / Anna Hunter

From lattes to cocktails to porridge, turmeric is having a moment on many a menu. We investigate if it’s the bonafide health gold it’s proposed to be… >>>

30.jpgLife Coach

What it’s like to… turn 30

January 10th 2016 / Judy Johnson

It’s the mental milestone at which you’ll supposedly get your sh*t together, but can the big 30 really make you feel different overnight? Judy Johnson reluctantly finds out >>>

40.jpgLife Coach

What it's like to... turn 40

January 10th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

Susannah Taylor is 40 next week. Is she happy about it or sad or downright having a midlife crisis? >>>

how-to-be-healthier-this-year.jpgEat, Play, Heal

Eat, Play, Heal: 10 health rules to live by in 2016

January 9th 2016 / Rosemary Ferguson

Forget the fads; which healthy decisions will genuinely make a difference to your life in 2016? Nutritional therapist and naturopath Rosemary Ferguson cuts through the garbage >>>

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