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Project Bikini: 24 reasons it rocks, according to our experts

12 hours ago / Anna Hunter

Here’s why Project Bikini isn’t just another faddy weight loss plan, and why you should download it, stat… >>>


Hot, healthy, happy: meet your ultimate bikini body guide

11 hours ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Small changes, huge results: download our new Project Bikini 12 Week Fitness and Nutrition guide to leave you in the best shape of your life >>>


A Healthy Curiosity: Nine alternatives to cow's milk

April 24th 2015 / Peta Bee

Want to make the switch from cow's milk, but unsure where to start? Peta Bee weighs up the pros and cons of the most popular alternative milks on the market >>>

gtg-peta-bee-fortified-foods-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Should we eat enriched or fortified foods?

April 23rd 2015 / Peta Bee

Peta Bee weighs up the pros and cons of food manufacturers adding nutrients to the food we buy >>>


17 ways to push back...without getting fired

April 23rd 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Need to get your point across professionally, assertively and eloquently? We asked a duo of career experts for their top tips for giving your communication skills a boost >>>


Healthy but tasty: Green chicken

April 22nd 2015 / Amelia Freer

A nutritious and delicious chicken recipe from Amelia Freer that's as tasty as it is filling and good for you >>>


12 ways to stay motivated to keep fit

April 22nd 2015 / Susannah Taylor

Fitness convert and GTG Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor reveals how she gets motivated when it’s the last thing on earth she feels like doing >>>


The truth about gluten, grains and weight loss

April 20th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Debating going gluten-free or wheat-free? Amelia Freer is on the case... >>>


Pregnancy Pampering: The top 10 beauty buys for mums to be

April 20th 2015 / Katie Robertson

Pregnancy can be a hard nine months on the body - but with these top 10 beauty products it doesn't have to be... >>>

gtg-anxiety-main.jpgLife Coach

10 ways to overcome anxiety

April 18th 2015 / Chloe Brotheridge

Hypnotherapist and Get The Gloss expert Chloe Brotheridge shares how to conquer anxiety once and for all >>>


10 things they don't tell you about pregnancy

April 17th 2015 / Emma Bartley

Emma Bartley writes about the ten things she definitely didn't sign up for when planning to have a baby >>>


My Week in Food: Xochi Balfour

April 16th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

We found out what Xochi Balfour, a.k.a The Naturalista, eats every day for one week >>>

gtg-sarah-vine-high-fat-diet-main-1.jpgWeight Management

Sarah Vine: Proof that the high fat diet works

April 15th 2015 / Sarah Vine

By eating more fat and low GI, Sarah Vine has lost half a stone in 10 days >>>


Healthy But Tasty: Spicy feta peppers recipe

April 15th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Feeling peckish? Try nutritional therapist Amelia Freer's guilt-free comfort-food recipe >>>


Abs are made in the kitchen: 10 rules for a flatter tum

April 15th 2015 / Susannah Taylor

After having two children, Susannah Taylor decided it was high time she tackled her tummy. What she learnt is that middle management is mostly about what you consume, not what you do in the gym >>>


10 ways to lose weight without dieting

April 14th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We asked the pros about the weight loss cheats you can employ to give your bikini body goals a boost in the right direction... >>>


Why sugar is your weight loss goals' nemesis

April 13th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Sugar truly is the enemy when it comes to shaping up. Nutritional therapist and author of Eat, Nourish, Glow Amelia Freer explains why >>>


Sarah Vine: Back pain - the tech neck symptom that's hard work to cure

April 12th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Tech neck not only cause wrinkles but back pain and bad posture too. Sarah Vine is on a mission to ease hers >>>

gtg-doing-it-all-stay-at-home-dads-main.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Why we need dads to Be More Beckham

April 12th 2015 / Emma Bartley

Why do we still assume that women will take charge at home and men will take charge at work, wonders Emma Bartley >>>

diet-cola.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Why is diet cola bad for you?

April 10th 2015 / Peta Bee

Peta Bee can't get enough of the fizzy stuff but why do nutritionists think cola is the Devil? >>>


10 meal plan ideas for 5:2 fast days

April 10th 2015 / Katie Robertson

We all know 5:2 fast days can be a bit tough, so we've come up with 10 quick and easy recipes to solve your dieting dilemmas >>>


How a juice cleanse turned my life around

April 9th 2015 / Clare Neill

Once tired and worn out, Clare Neill, co-founder of Radiance Cleanse found juicing gave her a new lease of life >>>


Mud, sweat and tears: how I got fit

April 8th 2015 / Susannah Taylor

GTG’s editor was an exercise phobic, January-only-gym-joiner until about three years ago. This is the story of her tough, muddy, sometimes bloody journey to fitness >>>


A detoxing green juice from Rosemary Ferguson

April 7th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett / Rosemary Ferguson

The former model and naturopathic nutritionist shares an antioxidant packed juice from her new book >>>


What to do if your male co-worker is earning more than you

April 6th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

A career coach gives us her 5-point action plan when it comes to broaching the subject of equal pay >>>

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