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Salmon, Chive and Lemon Fish Cakes Recipe

  • December 21st 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

An easy, gluten-free dinner option from Genius
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How the other half live: A life-changing wellness concierge service

Christa D'Souza has found the answer to all her wellness prayers...
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5 ways to get the most out of your rest day

Bodyism founder James Duigan shares his top tips for staying fit and focused in between your workouts
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5 kitchen switch-ups for a flat stomach

The secret to a flatter stomach starts in the kitchen - here's how to do it
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10 things I learned from the Victoria's Secret models

Susannah Taylor reveals what she learned from spending a day with the Victoria's Secret Angels in London
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How I stay fit: Sarah Brogden

This week GTG caught up with PR Executive for Illamasqua, Sarah Brogden, to find out about her hip and healthy habits
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Home workouts: Steve Mellor’s top to toe exercise plan

In the fourth in our series, fitness and nutrition expert Steve Mellor reveals his second workout plan that you can do anytime, anywhere
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8 tips to help you achieve a work-life balance

Put things into perspective and learn how to re-evaluate your time with these top tips from Life Coach Elaine Slater
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6 switch-ups to take your Christmas dinner from heavy to healthy

Keep the flavour but cut the fat with Nutritionist Jenna Zoe's top 6 Christmas dinner switch-ups
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An Appointment With: Rhian Stephenson

  • December 15th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

Nutritionist, naturopathic doctor and Managing Director at Psycle shares her path to the top...
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Sarah Vine: 2014, another year of not getting thin

There may be no elusive diet secret but in 2014 Sarah Vine realised that weight loss is much easier for some people than others
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Returning to work after maternity leave- the lowdown

Going back to the office post-baby can be a daunting prospect. Take some motherly advice from women who’ve been there…
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Flat stomach facts everyone should know.jpg

5 flat stomach facts that everyone needs to know

A trimmer tummy could be closer than you think with these stomach-toning fitness and nutrition tips at hand
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Food for thought: 5 ways to overcome emotional eating for good

Are you an emotional eater? Jenna Zoe’s essential 5-step guide will help you view your relationship with food in a different light
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How I stay fit: Pandora Symes

In this weeks feature we caught up with hip and healthy guru Pandora Symes to hear about how she keeps herself trim, toned and delightfully happy
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Blogger of the week: The First Mess

Food blogger Laura Wright discusses her inspirational blog The First Mess and her love for seasonal eating….
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10 reasons to go back to health and beauty basics

Work, nutrition, exercise, skincare, relationships...most things important to us can benefit from a fresh perspective. These changes, inspired by Clinique’s #StartBetter campaign, are simple yet lifechanging…
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The 10 most common interview questions and how to answer them

Is an upcoming interview looming over your head? Make sure to nail every answer with a little help from expert life coach, Anna Percy-Davis
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A Healthy Curiosity: Should you be giving your children supplements?

Do your children need a nutritional boost? Peta Bee investigates the divisive topic of supplements
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Home workouts: Christina Howells’ fit from home exercise plan

In the third in our series, personal trainer Christina Howells shares her top exercises you can do at home for getting fit from the comfort of your own living room
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My Week in Food: Rachel Boardman

  • December 8th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

The holistic health expert shares her food diary for the week
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Healthy snacks: 5 ways to snack yourself slim

Don’t let snacking become your diet downfall
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Stress management: how not to feel overwhelmed at work

Are deadlines and workloads weighing you down? Boost productiveness, increase work confidence and lessen stress levels with these top tips
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Avocado chocolate brownie recipe

  • December 6th 2014
  • / Elizabeth Bennett

A delicious and skin-loving treat from The Urban Kitchen
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