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Recipe: Pea and Mint Ice Lollies with Chocolate

A refreshing summer treat from the fashionable foodies, Hemsley & Hemsley
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Why shopping on Oxford Street isn't just bad for your bank balance

  • July 23rd 2014
  • / Emma Jones

New research reveals the retailers’ paradise has three times the amount of pollution it should
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How to introduce smoothies to your 5:2 diet

Looking to spice up your 5:2 fast days? Why not do it with a smoothie.
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Glossip Girl: The good news bikini body

With team A-list leading the way, you no longer need to let time catch up with your body...
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The Exfoliator: Have you ever had a Coregasm?

It turns out that some women experience exercise-induced orgasms. Never one to spare our blushes, Ahmed Zambarakji investigates
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The Adrenalista: The lazy person's guide to getting going

In need of a little get up and go? Charlotte Sinclair brings us her top 10 tips for fitness motivation
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My Week in Food: Dr Stefanie Williams

  • July 21st 2014

We delved into the diet diary of dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams to find out how her week in food shapes up
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Healthy but Tasty: How to do a healthy picnic

With summer in full swing, all we need now is a healthy picnic hamper. Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer shows us how
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Sarah Vine: A visit to George Northwood

After a hectic week, Sarah Vine calms her nerves with a visit to celebrity hairdresser George Northwood
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Weekend Wonders: 19th and 20th July

  • July 18th 2014

Whether we see rain or shine (or even lightening), Hanna Ibraheem has you covered with her top ten picks for the weekend...
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A Healthy Curiosity: Fat measures - BMI vs. body fat

Confused about how to find out if you're a healthy level of leanness? Peta Bee sorts body fat from BMI
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Blogger of the Week: my name is yeh

We spoke to Molly Yeh of 'my name is yeh' to discuss life as a food blogger on the farm...
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Nail and manicure management and other Gloss Tips

Expert beauty and health tips to boost both body and mind
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An Appointment With… Annee de Mamiel

Wonder what it takes to make it to the top in the wellness industry? Annee de Mamiel is worldly, wise and so wonderful that her treatment waiting lists are closed
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Why mindfulness and makeup go hand in hand

  • July 14th 2014
  • / Tiddy Rowan

The routine of putting makeup on in the morning is the perfect time to practice mindfulness
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Just an Everyday Athlete: I'm in love with the Up24

Grace Dent reviews the Up24 - a genius gadget that enthusiastically nags you to get fit
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The Spiritualist: How to not get stressed about being stressed

Last week one of India’s renowned Swamis (yogic scholars) was in London to talk about stress. Catherine Turner finds out the man swathed in orange has surprisingly simple ways for us to cope with this modern day malaise
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How to BBQ on the 5:2 diet

Get your fast diet fix this summer with nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson’s top 5 tips
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Going South: Why Amelia Freer is exactly what the doctor ordered

After being ambushed by her doctor for an on-the-spot health check, Imogen Edwards-Jones had a shock as it turns out eating well can keep you young
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modelFIT - NYC's hottest new fitness studio from Justin Gelband

Karlie Kloss swears by the Sculpt class at celebrity personal trainer Justin Gelband's new studio, but can training slowly really help to tone?
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Blogger of the Week: The Picky Eater

Get The Gloss meets Anjali, aka The Picky Eater, to see how fast food lovers can be turned into health conscious eaters...
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The Adrenalista: Does music really boost your workout?

The soundtrack to your workout might just be as important as any piece of fitness equipment
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The top 10 places to get cold pressed juices in London

  • July 8th 2014

Swap your cup of coffee for a cold pressed juice for an energy fix with added health benefits
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Sarah Vine: Falling off the wagon

It was all going so well but temptation has finally taken hold. Sarah Vine talks diets, dinners and falling off the wagon
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