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Weekend Wonders: The best places for afternoon tea

  • August 21st 2014

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, click through the gallery for our top ten afternoon teas across Britain...
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Why we all need to take a walk - or run - on the wild side

When it comes to health and wellness, whitewashed spa rooms and gym treadmills don’t cut it for Susannah Taylor. She investigates the rise of wild wellbeing
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Blogger of the Week: The Vanilla Bean Blog - A Baker's Soliloquy

We sat down with Sarah from The Vanilla Bean Blog to discuss how she creates food with a story...
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The beginners' running diary: part one

Three members of the Glossy Posse have embarked upon an almighty fitness journey to complete a 10k run, and it's not all plain sailing
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5 holiday to reality beauty treatments

Keep hold of that holiday feel-good factor with these 5 hair and beauty treatments to boost mind, body and spirit
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Nail and manicure management and other Gloss Tips

Expert beauty and health tips to boost both body and mind
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Could cracking your DNA code hold the key to weight loss?

Meet the future of health and fitness – a series of DNA tailored programmes that take bespoke workout routines and diet plans to the next level
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An Appointment With... Lily Simpson

Healthista, foodie or budding entrepreneur? It’s time you met healthy chef and founder of The Detox Kitchen Lily Simpson…
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Going South: Beware the summer stone

Forget Christmas, Imogen Edwards-Jones finds out why a summer holiday poses the most risk for falling off the wagon
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The fitness secrets of Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes revealed

Their personal trainer and nutritionist unveils what it takes to get an A-list body
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Weekend Wonders: 16th - 17th August

  • August 15th 2014

Click through the gallery to see our top ten picks of must-dos this weekend...
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Blogger of the Week: I Am a Food Blog

Stephanie Le of I am a Food Blog spoke to us about her fun and passionate approach to food and how she tests out whipping up new recipes in the kitchen...
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A Healthy Curiosity: The ultimate guide to protein

Peta Bee gets the lowdown on how and why we should be eating the great ingredient of the moment, protein
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The adult acne diary: A little perspective

In part six of her diary, our adult acne sufferer muses over where her skin condition lies in the three tiers of beauty perspective
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Why I'm addicted to the Mayr clinic

With a missed visit resulting in a healthy living disaster last year, Anna-Marie Solowij explains why Austria's Mayr clinic is her stress-relieving saviour
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How to make almond milk and tips for going dairy free

Should you swap cow’s milk for almond milk? We find out its benefits and all the ways you can incorporate it into your diet
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Conscious clubbing: could you rave sober?

  • August 11th 2014
  • / Toni Jones

Carefree raving is easy after one too many mojitos, but what about when you're sober? Toni Jones tried the new urban fitness trend to find out
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My Week in Food: Sophie Everard

  • August 11th 2014

We delve into the diet diary of Oakley PR, fitness instructor and die-hard surfer girl Sophie Everard
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Should you go dairy free?

If you’re suffering from lactose intolerance or digestive problems, ditching the dairy might be the best move. We find out the expert’s take on the health trend
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Sarah Vine: The fat police

In her quest to banish the bulge, Sarah Vine discovers that having her own 'fat policeman' might not be such a bad thing after all
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Size 13: e'lifexir Flat Tummy Plus review

Emma Bartley lost 2kg in a week after taking "prebiotic" fructo-oligosaccharides. But they didn't work quite how they were supposed to...
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Going South: The forty-something frozen shoulder

After throwing herself in head first (literally), Imogen Edwards-Jones discovered it's not just muffin tops and drooping bosoms that come with old age
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Weekend Wonders: 9th - 10th August

  • August 7th 2014

As another long working week comes to close, we've selected the 10 best things to fill up your weekend
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10 meal plan ideas for 5:2 fast days

We all know 5:2 fast days can be a bit tough, so we've come up with 10 quick and easy recipes to solve your dieting dilemmas
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