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Are you too anxious? With expert advice and solutions, GTG is here to help >>>


Athlete's foot

Dry, itchy and uncomfortable, there’s nothing pretty about athlete’s foot. Read on for signs, symptoms and how to treat this flaky infection >>>


Bad posture

Poor posture? Hunching over a desk all day can cause stifness, fatigue and headaches. Here's how to sit and stand straighter so you'll look and feel better >>>


Bingo wings

We can't lie to you, no one product will give you arms like Gwynnie ... but with a blitz of the right diet, exercise, products and treatments you could be nearly her... at least solve your bingo wings woes. >>>


Bloating: Everything you need to know

Whether it's cutting out wheat, eating less dairy or taking more exercise, we've got all the tips and tricks you need for putting an end to bloating >>>



A bony growth where the big toe joins the foot that can be painful, unsightly and prevent you from wearing the latest pointy shoes. What to do? >>>


Chicken Skin

Red, rough and bumpy chicken skin is not a good look for any bikini body. With expert help, we discover the what, why and how-to for dealing with chicken skin >>>



Difficult to spot and potentially dangerous, read on for all you need to know about deep vein thrombosis >>>


Ear Infection

Most common in childhood though they can occur at any age, we investigate the causes, symptoms and treatment options for an ear infection >>>


Eczema: how to treat and prevent it

Find out what eczema is, how to treat it and what you can change in your lifestyle to prevent flare-ups >>>


Emotional eating: causes and advice to control it

We all eat when we feel bad sometimes but comfort eating can become a habit as sugar addiction sets in. Here's how to break the cycle >>>


Glandular fever

From how it's caused to how to cope, we bring you all you need to know about glandular fever >>>


Heel pain

From unsupportive shoes to sudden accidents while running, we fill you in on the causes of heel pain and how to treat it >>>


Fungal nail infections

We ask the foot experts how to get rid of yellow toenails, Athlete’s foot and dodgy looking nails >>>


How should you treat a cold sore?

We ask the GP’s opinion about their causes, treatment and just how contagious they really are >>>


How to cure and prevent a migraine

From migraine causes to migraine symptoms, we find out everything about them from the National Migraine Centre >>>


How to get over insomnia for good

Lack of sleep in the UK has reached epidemic proportions with many of us getting less than five hours sleep a night. But there are insomnia cures that actually work. We ask the experts for their advice >>>



From symptoms to treatments, we tackle the taboo of IBS and bring you the low down on how to live with it >>>

How to avoid insect bites

Insect bites

Waking up on holiday or in summer with itchy and unsightly red bumps all over your body is not our idea of glamorous. Here's how to avoid getting bitten by evil insects >>>


Liver disease

A complicated and varied condition, here is everything you need to know about living with liver disease >>>



From causes and symptoms to treatments and at-home help, we bring you all the information you'll ever need on the menopause >>>

Dermatologist 29.jpeg


Head lice affects every family at some point - but should you treat it with combing, powerful insecticide, a branded product such as Hedrin or could a bit of lavender oil do the trick? >>>


Panic Attacks: What they are and how to deal with anxiety

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Read on for causes, tips and treatment options that can help you cope with anxiety >>>



We know it's all part of a woman's life but there are things you can do to stop yourself causing actual injury to those around you >>>

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