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Hilly on Health: Couch to 5K

In just nine weeks, anyone can get fit and become a runner thanks to the free NHS Couch to 5K programme. Hilly Janes slips on her trainers and gives it a go
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Hilly on Health: Smart food swaps

If you’re going to be naughty when it comes to food and drink, this is the way to do it for minimal punishment writes Hilly Janes
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Ten trustworthy health advice sources

Health writer and editor Hilly Janes shows you how to avoid Doctor Google-induced panic with the most trustworthy health advice sites, apps and books
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Hilly on Health: The end of the dry spell

Hilly Janes can see the light at the end of the tunnel as Lent draws to a close - but is she giving up alcohol for good?
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Hilly on Health: Dryathlons and partying

Hilly Janes is still on the wagon three weeks on - but can she avoid the booze at a party?
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Hilly on Health: The dry spell

Hilly Janes has given up drink for Lent. Is she still hanging on to the wagon?
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Hilly on Health: On the wagon

Hilly Janes is trying to stay on the wagon until Easter - here she shares how she’s getting on while trying not to fall off...
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Is xylitol good for you?

What is xylitol and should we all be eating it? Hilly Janes investigates the sweetener that's on everybody's lips
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Book review: The Fast Diet

Is Dr Michael Mosley's new book on the 5:2 fast diet worth a read? Hilly Janes finds out
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Making the right choice

Overwhelmed by all the health advice being thrown at you in the past few weeks? Taken from her new book “Latte or Cappuccino”, health writer Hilly Janes has done the research to help you make the most effective health decisions
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How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

In an extract from her new book 'Latte or Cappuccino?', Hilly Janes explains how to stick to those good intentions in 2013
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Coming up roses: Weleda

A good product and a keen sense of smell is all you need to evoke happy memories, writes Hilly Janes
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Granny gold

Earrings without a twin and even the jewels that you never really liked can sparkle again and keep on giving. Hilly Janes explains how
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How to avoid winter illness woes

’Tis the season to be jolly, but also to catch a dreadful cold. Hilly Janes suggests stocking up on the following in case you come down with the lurgy this Christmas
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Ashtrays to ashes

Stub out any thoughts that smoking might help you lose weight and look glamorous... there's nothing hot about lung cancer, says health editor Hilly Janes
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Heartily good news

  • November 9th 2012
  • /

More people have been following doctor's orders to eat healthily, smoke less and exercise longer... and the reward is a big drop in the number of people dying from heart disease and strokes
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The 5:2 diet: Fast track to weight loss

Could the secret to weight loss actually be the centuries-old method of fasting used by yogis? Health editor Hilly Janes looks at the latest on-off diet craze
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Calling time on lighting up

Quitting smoking may be a fag, but it is sooo worth it. Health editor Hilly Janes on latest research that shows it really pays to give up before you hit 30
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Coconut oil: the totally tropical fat

A buzz is building about the miraculous benefits of cooking with coconut oil which could even help with weight loss. Hilly Janes gives the fat a taste and health check
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Why organic is still worth the money

There may not be significant differences in vitamin or mineral content, but organic food is still a far healthier choice for your body and the planet, says Hilly Janes
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Get the Gloss_Vitamin D Hilly Janes_2.jpg

Has the ray ban given us vitamin D deficiency?

Recent doctors’ studies suggest that many of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D. Are we all wearing too much sunscreen, asks Hilly Janes
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Fats vs carbs.jpg

Fats vs carbs: which is worse?

After years thinking a low-fat diet was the best, suddenly we're being bombarded with low-carb diets. So which of these two food-group demons is worse if you're on a mission to lose weight?
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