How the Other Half Live

Christa D'Souza is enduring the world of luxury so you don't have to...

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How the other half live: A life-changing wellness concierge service

Christa D'Souza has found the answer to all her wellness prayers...
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How the Other Half Live: How to survive party season, stylishly

Christa D'Souza is ready to embrace city life and the inevitable socialising that goes with it...
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How The Other Half Live: Pain free laser hair removal

Christa D'Souza trials a life-changing hair removal treatment
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How the Other Half Live: Life at the Lanserhof

After a few too many mini Magnums in the sun, Christa D'Souza heads to the Lanserhof spa to find out if she can shift those extra pounds
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How the Other Half Live: How to enhance your lashes

Despite her post-holiday blues, Christa D'Souza has made an exciting discovery in the eyelash enhancing department
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How the Other Half Live: Fierce Grace

Christa D'Souza investigates the hybrid of hot yoga retreats, Michelle Pernetta's Fierce Grace
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How the Other Half Live: The inside-out treatment

Christa D'Souza experienced the world's most 'intimate' massage, and loved it - it even cured her hangover
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How The Other Half Live: Epionce

Christa D'Souza explores the Epionce 'cult' and the wonders it can work on your skin
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How the Other Half Live: Wedding makeup

Christa D'Souza's mantra is usually 'less is more'. But as a wedding guest, she decided to go all out...
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How the Other Half Live: Recharging in the wild

Christa D'Souza is not accustomed to camping, or yoga retreats for that matter - but a week in Turkey has opened her eyes
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How the Other Half Live: The Botox U-turn

Could a good doctor sway you from being a Botox-hater to a wrinkle-free advocate?
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How the Other Half Live: The Pure Package

Christa D'Souza discovers the diet that seems too good to be true
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How The Other Half Live: Mile high with La Prairie

In-flight shopping and champagne are a dangerous combination - but you might just discover a miracle product en route
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A spa fit for a queen

How The Other Half Live: Christa D'Souza gets her glad rags on for an indulgent afternoon at the Ritz Spa
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How the Other Half Live: The revival of seventies beauty

The seventies are back in fashion - forget Abba, though, thankfully it's the centre partings and make-up that are making a reappearance. Christa D'Souza looks back at her favourite era
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How the Other Half Live: Yoga with Nadia Narain

Christa D'Souza won't plank with just anybody - Nadia Narain is the yoga teacher to go to for not just a class, but a way of life
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How the Other Half Live: Tiempe Passate

Christa D'Souza has a long term love for what she considers to be the ultimate party fragrance - but why is it so hard to find?
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How the Other Half Live: The Alexandra Soveral massage

Think Alexandra Soveral's facial couldn't be topped by another treatment? Think again, as Christa D'Souza happily undergoes the massage by the same miracle worker
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How the Other Half Live: Aesop

Christa D'Souza will find any excuse to visit Marylebone High Street and authentic, botanical brand Aesop is one which pays off
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How the Other Half Live: Going brunette with Josh Wood

Christa D'Souza accepts that blonde is not her colour with a little help from hair genius Josh Wood
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How the Other Half Live: Skinny Champagne

If you like alcohol but hate the calories, Christa D'Souza has discovered a champagne brand that goes even easier on your waistline than vodka
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How the other half live: SKINGYM

Christa D'Souza has discovered the secret behind Sam Taylor-Wood, Helena Bonham-Carter and Sadie Frost's 'rich skin' glow - Charlotte Colwell and her SKINGYM facial. Begrudgingly Christa tells all...
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How the Other Half Live: False eyelashes

Christa D'Souza reluctantly tries a false lash treatment and finds she might be able to ditch mascara forever...
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How the Other Half Live: Real tanning

Christa D'Souza is unrivalled in her tanning talents, so here she shares some of her top tips for those that don't like to fake it
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