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Let our experts show you how to do the perfect blow-dry a la Kate Middleton, copy the latest trends and more...

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5 ways to get the most out of your rest day

Bodyism founder James Duigan shares his top tips for staying fit and focused in between your workouts
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5 kitchen switch-ups for a flat stomach

The secret to a flatter stomach starts in the kitchen - here's how to do it
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Stealthy styling: how to disguise 3rd day hair

Haven’t had time to wash your hair? Give your style some extra longevity with these expert tips
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Christy Turlington’s beauty and fitness rules

The supermodel and beauty icon talks us through her illustrious career so far, her makeup essentials and how she stays fit, healthy and happy
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Home workouts: Steve Mellor’s top to toe exercise plan

In the fourth in our series, fitness and nutrition expert Steve Mellor reveals his second workout plan that you can do anytime, anywhere
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Not Fair: X Factor’s Fleur East reveals her beauty secrets

X Factor finalist Fleur East reveals how she gets camera-ready and the beauty essentials she never leaves the house without, plus I find out how to create her favourite showtime hairstyle...
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Flat stomach facts everyone should know.jpg

5 flat stomach facts that everyone needs to know

A trimmer tummy could be closer than you think with these stomach-toning fitness and nutrition tips at hand
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Food for thought: 5 ways to overcome emotional eating for good

Are you an emotional eater? Jenna Zoe’s essential 5-step guide will help you view your relationship with food in a different light
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Home workouts: Christina Howells’ fit from home exercise plan

In the third in our series, personal trainer Christina Howells shares her top exercises you can do at home for getting fit from the comfort of your own living room
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Tired eyes? Here’s how to hide dark circles like a pro

What eye makeup and beauty tips really work for getting rid of dark circles? We found out five foolproof rules for fighting fatigue in an instant...
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Healthy snacks: 5 ways to snack yourself slim

Don’t let snacking become your diet downfall
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Get the look: 6 modern party hairstyles you have to try

Whether you have short hair, long hair, afro hair or fine hair, find your perfect party hairstyle with one of these pro how-tos
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Expert tips: How to prevent and cure a hangover

Damage limitation: expert hangover cures every party-goer needs

Feeling fragile? We asked two health experts how to get rid of a hangover and how to prevent them from happening in the first place
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How to contour your face with makeup artist Liz Pugh

In our second video with Urban Decay, makeup artist Liz Pugh shows you how to contour your face, along with other subtle tricks…
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Home workouts: Steve Mellor’s indoor fitness plan

In the second in our series, fitness and nutrition expert Steve Mellor shares his get fit from home workout plan with us
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Liz Earle's marvellous mulled wine recipe

Warm up this winter with a cup of skincare expert Liz Earle's mulled wine
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Home workouts: James Duigan’s gym-free exercise plan

Lose weight and get fit from the comfort of your own living room with the first in our series of high intensity resistance training home workouts
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Beauty tips: How to choose the right makeup colours for your skin tone

Are you more of a Cate, J.Lo, Jourdan or Lupita? We asked four top makeup artists for their tips when it comes to choosing the right colours for your skin tone
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What should you really eat (and not eat) when you’re pregnant?

We asked a duo of fertility experts about the best foods, supplements and healthy diet recommendations to benefit both mother and baby during pregnancy
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10 beauty products that you shouldn’t waste your money on

Going shopping? These are the beauty products that are simply not worth spending your pay cheque on
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Long in the tooth: How to anti-age your teeth

From teeth whitening to receding gums, veneers to bad breath, we find out the definitive dental dos and don’ts from a tooth tech expert
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Prep to party: 5 makeup must-haves no girl should do without

When it comes to the contents of your clutch bag, what beauty products should make the cut? Check out our edit...
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Vocal training: 10 top tips for being more assertive

Tired of your voice getting lost in the crowd? We asked a psychologist and life coach how to boost confidence, improve communication skills and make a lasting impression wherever you go
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How to not get run-down in the run up to Christmas

Keep anxiety, stress and party season burnout to a minimum with these expert health tips
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