My Beauty Stash

Revealed, the products that women with great style are proud to display on their dressing tables

no-spend-year.jpgBudget Beauty

Extreme budget beauty - or how I survived for a year on £22.23

February 3rd 2017 / Michelle McGagh

Personal finance journalist Michelle McGagh's 'no-spend' year involved waving goodbye to 95% of her beauty spend... and an unfortunate incident with a banana >>>


My Beauty Stash: Arabella Preston

September 29th 2015 / Anna Hunter

Just what does an expert makeup artist and skincare enthusiast hold dear? We visited Arabella Preston at her very stylish North West London home to have a rummage… >>>


My Beauty Stash: Christine D’Ornano

November 19th 2014 / Susannah Taylor

Susannah Taylor met up with businesswoman, mother of three and style inspiration Christine D’Ornano, Global Assistant General Manager of Sisley Cosmetics to talk red lips, beauty icons and meditation >>>


My Beauty Stash: Nadine Baggott

October 13th 2014 / Rosie Green

The beauty editor’s beauty editor, Nadine Baggott is a straight talking industry insider with an unrivalled knowledge of products, facials and treatments. This, plus her astonishing ability to look two decades younger than her age, had us desperate to delve into her beauty stash. >>>


My Beauty Stash: Nichola Joss

August 8th 2014 / Rosie Green

Facialist to the A-list (we’re talking Jolie and Moss), Nichola is an industry-lauded beauty pro who’s equally adept at tanning, nails and makeup. Here's her personal beauty edit... >>>


My Beauty Stash: Ruby Hammer

June 2nd 2014 / Rosie Green

Rosie Green gets an access all areas pass to makeup artist, brand creator and (big time) product junkie Ruby Hammer’s beauty stash >>>


My Beauty Stash: Liz Hambleton

December 2nd 2013 / Rosie Green

Rosie Green goes behind the scenes into Grazia's beauty director Liz Hambleton's beauty stash to find out exactly what she swears by >>>


My Beauty Stash: Laura Fantacci

November 18th 2013 / Rosie Green

Rosie Green met with fashion editor and style blogger Laura Fantacci to find out what beauty secrets lay within her beauty stash >>>


My Beauty Stash: Kate Shapland

October 28th 2013 / Kiran Branch

Kiran Branch meets the woman behind, Legologist and Beauty Editor Kate Shapland to find out exactly what's in her bathroom cabinet... >>>


My Beauty Stash: Alison Loehnis' Fashion Week beauty kit

October 1st 2013 / Susannah Taylor

As President of what is quite possibly the chicest fashion retailer of all time, NET-A-PORTER, it is the job of Alison Loehnis to look perenially glossy at all times. Just finishing up at Paris fashion week for spring/ summer 2014, we found out what has kept her beautiful from New York to London, Milan and Paris. >>>


My Beauty Stash: Diane Kordas

September 24th 2013 / Susannah Taylor

Have you ever wondered where the fashion elite get their modern, sparkly trinkets, thin gold stacking bangles, tiny diamond bands and rock 'n' roll finely bejewelled rings? The answer is probably Diane Kordas. A jewellery designer and style queen par excellence. Susannah Taylor was lucky enough to have a rummage not only in her jewellery collection but also her beauty stash… >>>


My Beauty Stash: BeautyMART

June 3rd 2013 / Susannah Taylor

Susannah Taylor takes a peek at the many make-up bags of BeautyMART's founders, Anna-Marie Solowij and Millie Kendall >>>


My Beauty Stash: Hannah Phillips, Beauty Buyer at Harvey Nichols

March 11th 2013 / Susannah Taylor

What does the woman who chooses the products you buy in Harvey Nichols keep in her own make-up bag? Susannah Taylor had a rummage. >>>


My beauty stash: Deborah Brett

November 19th 2012

Rake over the contents of the ELLE and Red contributing editor's dressing table... it's fabulous >>>


My beauty stash: Calgary Avansino

October 24th 2012 / Susannah Taylor / Calgary Avansino

One of the glossiest, most glamorous and healthiest editors in the fashion industry, Calgary Avansino gives Susannah Taylor a tour of her bathroom, a snoop in her address book and a rummage through her handbag >>>

My beauty stash_Alexandra Steinherr_1.jpg

My beauty stash: Alessandra Steinherr

October 9th 2012 / Susannah Taylor

GTG has had an exclusive snoop around the bathroom cabinets and inside the Celine handbag of Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Director >>>


My beauty stash: Alison Loehnis

September 13th 2012

Alison Loehnis, perennially chic managing director of reveals her ultimate handbag and bathroom beauty staples >>>


Interview: Lisa Eldridge

She's one of the world's leading make-up artists, but what products does she keep in her private bathroom? >>>

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