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How to change the way you see fitness forever

1 day ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Whether you’re sporty or non-sporty, turn short-term resolutions into long-term reality with these must-read fitness tips for feeling #BetterForIt and fitter than ever >>>


Treat-yourself-well this Valentine’s Day

5 hours ago

Whether you're coupled up or flying solo, February 14th is a great excuse to enjoy a little self-love >>>


The bloat-busters: 14 ways to feel less bloated at the end of the day

17 hours ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

How to get rid of bloating: beat a bloated stomach with our ultimate day to night nutrition guide >>>


Healthy But Tasty: lettuce wraps

17 hours ago / Amelia Freer

Cutting out bread can be difficult but there's an easy way to replace it in your sandwiches - this super healthy and low-carb Amelia Freer recipe >>>

love-yourself.jpgLife Coach

10 ways to have a better relationship with yourself

1 day ago / Annie Ashdown

This Valentine's Day, break up with low self-esteem and your inner gremlins for good. Author, intuitive coach and hypnotherapist Annie Ashdown shares her top 10 tips for boosting self-confidence with us >>>


Balmy nights: 5 of the best coloured lip balms

February 10th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

The most modern, kissable lips will be wearing a coloured balm this Valentine's Day, says Susannah Taylor >>>


7 ways to feel warm and fuzzy (no partner required)

February 10th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

Who needs a husband, a boyfriend or a life partner this Valentine's Day when you have our Get The Gloss guide to self love. Here are our all-time favourite ways to treat yourself - just you - no need to share the following with anyone... >>>


Strobe ‘n’ sculpt: meet strobing makeup’s new must-haves from Hourglass

February 9th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Hourglass's new Ambient Strobe Lighting Powders and Sculptor are a strobe of genius in our opinion. Here’s why >>>


My Week in Food: Deliciously Stella

February 9th 2016 / Deliciously Stella

If you haven't heard about Deliciously Stella then you soon will. Comedian Arabella Younger's very funny Instagram account has over 100K followers and gives the cult of eating clean a dose of comic relief. Here she gives us her alternative take on My Week in Food >>>

sensitive-skin.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sensitive skin? Remedy it with our downloadable Beginner's Guide

February 8th 2016 / Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson introduces the new GTG e-guide designed to help you soothe your sensitive skin >>>


Amelia Freer's Eating Overhaul: the truth about gluten and grains

February 8th 2016 / Amelia Freer

Debating going gluten-free or wheat-free? Expert Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer is on the case... >>>


Why the new Marc Jacobs Beauty line is something really rather special

February 8th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

How does one of the biggest launches of the year measure up? We put Marc Jacobs’ new beauty line to the test >>>

motherhood-challenge.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: The real Motherhood Challenge

February 8th 2016 / Emma Bartley

In light of the 'Motherhood Challenge' last week on Facebook, Emma Bartley (who is a week off her due date) reveals the true fears of motherhood >>>


Weekly Horoscope: 8th - 14th February

February 7th 2016 / Jessica Adams

Astrologer Jessica Adams takes a look at your stars for the week ahead >>>


10 reasons to exercise that aren't to do with your looks

February 6th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

Why it’s better to exercise for your health and the way it makes you feel, not just your appearance, by Susannah Taylor >>>


My Week in Food: Poppy Cross

February 5th 2016 / Susannah Taylor

The health and fitness journalist reveals what's on her plate in a typical week >>>


The Gloss Report: The best concealers tried and tested

February 5th 2016 / Judy Johnson

This week the glossy team review the best concealers for blemishes to find out which ones are spot on when it comes to covering up >>>


Matrixyl & matrixyl 3000: anti-ageing’s hottest sister act?

February 5th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Matrixyl and its sister molecule Matrixyl 3000 have been creating quite the buzz in the beauty world, but what’s the background behind anti-ageing’s hottest collagen-boosting siblings? We found out... >>>


How to train your mind to stress less

February 3rd 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Find it impossible to relax? Become a master of your mind and change the way you see stress for good with these top tips >>>


Blue beauty: the new neutral destined for your makeup bag this summer

February 2nd 2016 / Susannah Taylor

If you're not incorporating blue into your beauty regime yet, you will be by summer. Susannah Taylor explains why blue denim is not just the colour for trousers, but also the new everyday shade for your lids, nails and even hair >>>

amelia-week-1.jpgFreer Nutrition

Amelia Freer's Eating Overhaul: 10 ways to clean up your diet

February 1st 2016 / Amelia Freer

Want to feel healthier, lighter and leaner? Clean up your act with these 10 simple steps from expert nutritionist Amelia Freer, plus five days' worth of recipe ideas >>>


12 of the best long-lasting makeup products

February 1st 2016 / Anna Hunter

Whether waterproof, long-wearing or simply impeccably loyal and reliable, the following line up of new beauty favourites and old makeup faithfuls won’t vanish in the face of weather, sweat or emotions >>>


Ellie Goulding on her makeup must-haves and new MAC collection

February 1st 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Music, MAC and maquillage: the pop powerhouse talks all things beauty and base with us... >>>


Weekly Horoscope: 1st February - 7th February 2016

January 31st 2016 / Jessica Adams

Astrologer Jessica Adams takes a look at the week ahead to predict your horoscopes as we begin February >>>


The Glossy Edit: the products we’ve loved this January

January 30th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which beauty products helped us chase the January blues away? Here are our tried and tested favourites of the month >>>

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