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Tasty and healthy recipes to help you stay in shape while giving your tastebuds a treat, from smoothies to superfoods and everything in between. Find out how nutrition experts such as Vicki Edgson and Amelia Freer keep their plates interesting with their top tips and recipe ideas...

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5:2 diet recipe: Poached salmon fillet in white tea broth

  • August 22nd 2014
  • / Emma Jones

Guilty of a little overindulgence? Try our super tasty recipe for flaky poached salmon from Vicki Edgson, perfect for the 5:2
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How to make almond milk and tips for going dairy free

Should you swap cow’s milk for almond milk? We find out its benefits and all the ways you can incorporate it into your diet
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The 10 most inspiring and motivational Instagram accounts

  • August 4th 2014

Find yourself scrolling through Instagram for hours on end? Here's the top 10 fitness and nutrition accounts that are worth your time...
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Recipe: Pea and Mint Ice Lollies with Chocolate

A refreshing summer treat from the fashionable foodies, Hemsley & Hemsley
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How to BBQ on the 5:2 diet

Get your fast diet fix this summer with nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson’s top 5 tips
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Blogger of the Week: The Picky Eater

Get The Gloss meets Anjali, aka The Picky Eater, to see how fast food lovers can be turned into health conscious eaters...
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The top 10 places to get cold pressed juices in London

  • July 8th 2014

Swap your cup of coffee for a cold pressed juice for an energy fix with added health benefits
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Healthy But Tasty: Summer Salad recipe

From her ebook Eat. Nourish. Glow., nutritional therapist Amelia Freer brings us her recipe for the perfect summer salad
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Healthy But Tasty: Salmon and Fennel Kebabs

Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer brings us her recipe for healthy but tasty Salmon and Fennel Kebabs from her new book Eat. Nourish. Glow. Summer
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5 healthy drink switch-ups for a slimmer summer

Sip your way slim with this menu of healthier summer drink alternatives
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Sweet talk: Is there a healthier alternative to sugar?

Sugar addicts take heed; this is essential reading for those who suffer from a sweet tooth
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That Girl's top three healthy juice recipes

Christina and Charli of That Girl share the recipes of their three favourite healthy smoothies
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3 quick and easy breakfast recipes

Nutritionist Rhian Stephenson has created three super quick and healthy breakfast ideas for when you’re running short of time
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Sugar sense: 5 healthier ways to enjoy chocolate

A moment on the lips need not mean a lifetime on the hips, with these delicious chocolate substitutes at hand
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Blogger of the Week: Naturally Sassy

The former food editor of Hip & Healthy, Saskia Gregson-Williams, talks about her new blog Naturally Sassy and how eating plant-based food has changed her life
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My Week in Food: Russell Bateman

What does the man behind the fit bodies of Daisy Lowe and Suki Waterhouse eat? We found out...
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5 quick and healthy lunch ideas for work

Look no further than these easy midday meals to keep you focused and full until dinner
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Sarah Vine: How to host a gluten-free dinner for 10

Sarah Vine gives us the lowdown on how to host a political dinner party for 10
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Two healthy recipes to undo your overindulgences

  • May 23rd 2014
  • /

Nutritionist Vicki Edgson has created two healthy meal options to help you stick to your Project Bikini goal
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3 Healthy breakfast ideas

If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, make it count with these smart recipes
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Hearty but healthy Friday night food

Avoid takeaway temptation with this hearty Friday recipe from expert nutritionist Jenna Zoe
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3 quick healthy suppers

Put down that takeaway menu! These easy, fast recipes from Nutritionist Vicki Edgson that will keep you on track with Project Bikini
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How to make healthy Easter eggs

Easter weekend doesn't have to mean an end to your healthy diet. We've found a recipe that means you can indulge and stay totally guilt-free
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Salad and superfoods: Inside a nutritionist's food diary

  • April 8th 2014
  • /

We thought our diets were pretty good, until Nutritionist Vicki Edgson kept a diary of her meals for a week and put us all to shame
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