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Tasty and healthy recipes to help you stay in shape while giving your tastebuds a treat, from smoothies to superfoods and everything in between. Find out how nutrition experts such as Vicki Edgson and Amelia Freer keep their plates interesting with their top tips and recipe ideas...


Project Bikini Recipe: Raw cauliflower couscous vegetable salad

7 hours ago / Elizabeth Bennett

Top chef Nina Parker shares a bonus Project Bikini lunch recipe >>>


6 superfood shots you need to know about

May 23rd 2015 / Katie Robertson

Clear your complexion and beat tiredness with Nutritional Therapist Zoe Stirling's top six superfood recipes >>>


Healthy but Tasty: Asparagus, Courgette & Tomato Frittata

May 21st 2015 / Amelia Freer

When hunger pangs strike why not try whipping up Amelia Freer's veggie frittata - it's the perfect hearty, healthy breakfast >>>


Jax Coco slimline cocktail recipes

May 21st 2015 / Katie Robertson

Don't let calorific cocktails ruin your diet - these nutritious alternatives will keep your health and your social life on track >>>


Project Bikini Recipe: Muesli with pink grapefruit, poppy seeds and cashews

May 21st 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

Fancy mixing up your breakfast? Top chef Nina Parker shares a nutrient packed recipe to set you up for the day >>>


3 Healthy breakfast ideas

May 15th 2015 / Hanna Ibraheem

If breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, make it count with these smart recipes >>>


Project Bikini Recipe: Chickpea and tomato salad with fresh herbs

May 14th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

Top chef Nina Parker shares a healthy vegan lunch option >>>


3 gorgeously, guilt-free desserts by Nina Parker

May 13th 2015 / Katie Robertson

Satisfy cravings and keep watch of your waistline with these top three delicious desserts from Project Bikini Chef, Nina Parker >>>


The Chia Co Healthy Raspberry Pancake Recipe

May 13th 2015 / Judy Johnson

A healthy pancake recipe from The Chia Co >>>


3 quick healthy suppers

May 8th 2015 / Hanna Ibraheem

Put down that takeaway menu! Try these easy, fast recipes from Nutritionist Vicki Edgson that will keep you on the healthy straight and narrow >>>


Healthy but tasty: Lettuce wraps

May 6th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Cutting out bread can be difficult but there's an easy way to replace it in your sandwiches - Amelia Freer's super healthy and low-carb recipe >>>


Rosemary Ferguson’s energy boosting juice

May 4th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

The former model and nutritional therapist shares one of her favourite juices from her new book >>>

amelia-freer-yoghurt-recipe-1.jpgFreer Nutrition

Healthy but tasty: Dairy Free Probiotic Berry Pots

April 29th 2015 / Amelia Freer

A delicious berry-filled recipe from Amelia Freer that will brighten up your breakfasts >>>


Healthy but tasty: Green chicken

April 22nd 2015 / Amelia Freer

A nutritious and delicious chicken recipe from Amelia Freer that's as tasty as it is filling and good for you >>>


Healthy But Tasty: Spicy feta peppers recipe

April 15th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Feeling peckish? Try nutritional therapist Amelia Freer's guilt-free comfort-food recipe >>>


Freer eating: Breakfast pots recipe

April 8th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Nutritionist Amelia Freer and author of Eat, Nourish, Glow shares a recipe for delicious oaty breakfast pots with yoghurt, fruit and seeds >>>


A detoxing green juice from Rosemary Ferguson

April 7th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett / Rosemary Ferguson

The former model and naturopathic nutritionist shares an antioxidant packed juice from her new book >>>


10 ways to clean up your diet

April 6th 2015 / Amelia Freer

Clean up your act with these 10 simple steps from expert nutritionist Amelia Freer >>>


How to make healthy Easter eggs

April 2nd 2015 / Katie Robertson

Easter weekend doesn't mean you have to fall totally off the wagon - why not try this wholesome recipe that's utterly indulgent and yet completely guilt-free >>>


6 superfood cocktail recipes you have to try

April 2nd 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Want to know how to give your go-to tipple a healthy punch? Tanya’s Café shared their top 6 recipes with us... >>>


3 healthy, hearty and hasty recipes for kids

March 26th 2015 / Katie Robertson

Sara Smith's super simple, no fuss recipes are the ideal way to give your children the nutrition they need - here are her top three favourites >>>


Gold is the new green: 8 ways to introduce turmeric into your diet

March 17th 2015 / Katie Robertson

All things green are taking a back seat as we look into why the sunshine spice turmeric is the new ‘it’ supplement on the health block >>>


Maple & Fitz's Cauli in Mumbai Recipe

March 6th 2015 / Katie Robertson

Spice up a dreary evening with this cauliflower curry recipe from brand new eatery, Maple & Fitz >>>


3 tasty post-workout smoothie recipes

February 28th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Want to refuel like a pro? Blitz, blend and mix your way to a healthier you with these smoothie recipes at hand >>>


The top 10 places to get cold pressed juices in London

February 25th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Swap your cup of coffee for a cold pressed juice for an energy fix with added health benefits >>>

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