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Sarah Vine’s Beauty Notes: Spring skin cleaning

Sarah Vine discovers a facial that breathes life back into her dull winter skin, an at home alternative from Charlotte Tilbury and a Chanel CC cream that has become a makeup bag staple
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: The fat burning massage everyone should try

Can a weight loss massage work? Sarah Vine has been testing the Remodellage treatment at The Grace Clinic and to say she is impressed is an understatement
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Fuss-free health and beauty hacks

Sarah Vine has found a bikini wax she actually looks forward to, an iron supplement that's doing wonders for her anaemia and the cleansing regime that she can fit around the school run
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Something old, something new

This week Sarah Vine is lusting after a 18th century cure-all balm, a fragrance to banish the winter blues and MAC’s arty new collaboration
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Natural and not-so natural beauty

Sarah Vine celebrates the death of the red carpet boob job and flirts with the idea of a chin jab...
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Life-changing finds

This week Sarah Vine has found a contender for London's best facial, a Ferrari of a hair dryer and a skincare range that all teenage girls need to know about
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Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: How to revive dull skin

Sarah Vine rounds up her favourite products to bring life back to dull January skin
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Sarah Vine: 2014, another year of not getting thin

There may be no elusive diet secret but in 2014 Sarah Vine realised that weight loss is much easier for some people than others
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It's big, it's shiny, it's scaring us

Sarah Vine dissects Kim Kardashian's bum
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Sarah Vine's Cheap and Cheerful Supper

An easy, healthy and warming winter dish...
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How to cheat the weight off by Sarah Vine

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Never was a truer word spoken, especially when it comes to slimming. If you, like me, find yourself almost at the end of another year in which you resolved to turn yourself into Angelina Jolie but find instead that you are still dumpy old you, then don't stress. Cheat instead. Here's how..
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10 things they never tell you about diets

Sarah Vine unravels the top ten global truths that no one ever tells you about dieting
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Sarah Vine: The fat police

In her quest to banish the bulge, Sarah Vine discovers that having her own 'fat policeman' might not be such a bad thing after all
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Sarah Vine: A visit to George Northwood

After a hectic week, Sarah Vine calms her nerves with a visit to celebrity hairdresser George Northwood
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Sarah Vine: Falling off the wagon

It was all going so well but temptation has finally taken hold. Sarah Vine talks diets, dinners and falling off the wagon
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Sarah Vine: When a diet is not just a diet

With the diet finally starting to feel normal and a kitchen stuffed with healthy food, Sarah Vine is beginning to reap the rewards of all her hard work
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Sarah Vine: The dreaded weight loss plateau

It's the moment every dieter hopes will never come, but will Sarah Vine stay on the health wagon if the pounds are no longer shifting?
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Sarah Vine: The low-carb holiday diet

Cutting back carbs is hard enough, but when holidaying in Greece? Sarah Vine took on the challenge
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Sarah Vine: How to host a gluten-free dinner for 10

Sarah Vine gives us the lowdown on how to host a political dinner party for 10
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Sarah Vine: Did the fat farm work?

Five days at Grayshott Spa has turned Sarah Vine into a new woman - and the weight is dropping off
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Sarah Vine: Diary of a fat farm - day three

Halfway through her retreat, Sarah Vine hears a convincing theory on the cause of obesity and learns exactly what to avoid
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Sarah Vine: Diary of a fat farm - day two

On day two of her Health Regime at Grayshott Spa, Sarah Vine finds out the truth about fats and dreams of carbs...
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Sarah Vine: Diary of a life revamp at Grayshott Spa

Is a six-day strict health regime at a retreat the answer to Sarah Vine's weight issues?
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Sarah Vine: 5 of the best hair removal products

Sarah Vine’s guide to cheap, stress-free hair removal at home
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