Size 13

Emma Bartley's neverending struggle to fit into her jeans

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50 things you don't have time for now that you're a mother

Makeup, eyebrow-plucking, drinks that are actually hot... it all falls by the wayside after you have a baby
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Size 13: e'lifexir Flat Tummy Plus review

Emma Bartley lost 2kg in a week after taking "prebiotic" fructo-oligosaccharides. But they didn't work quite how they were supposed to...
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Size 13: A jog with the ELLE Running Club

Emma Bartley is still struggling to shift the baby weight. Her glossy magazine colleagues are super fit and beautiful. What happened when they all went running?
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Book review: Stop Overeating

Emma Bartley tries to address her mortal fear of missing out on the last biscuit with a new self-help book by Dr Jane McCartney
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Size 13: Get the world's best bum at Speedflex

Emma Bartley burns nearly 600 calories at a high tech, highly toning, high intensity interval training centre
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Size 13: How to do a pump and dump

It is possible to drink alcohol as a breastfeeding mother without ruining your baby’s life. Boozy but otherwise responsible mother Emma Bartley explains how
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Size 13: Mums, treat yourselves this Mother's Day

There’s no way you can rely on your children to reward you properly for the hell you’ve gone through on their behalf. So why not book your own treat, asks Emma Bartley
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Size 13: How to lose weight while breastfeeding

Is breast best when it comes to losing weight too? Emma Bartley sorts the propaganda from the truth
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Size 13: 'No' is the hardest word for a new mum

Emma Bartley's battle with post-pregnancy weight loss all comes down to one word - but why is it so hard to say no?
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Size 13: OK! magazine and Kate's baby weight

Is there ever a right time to start losing weight after giving birth? Emma Bartley is in a dilemma after OK! Magazine's Kate Middleton body blunder
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Size 13: Mermaid Retreat

New mum Emma Bartley finds out more about the idea behind the Mermaid Retreat and realises there's no shame in wanting a bit of help after birth. If Kate needs a hand in the next few weeks, it might very well be the perfect place.
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Size 13: The absolute essentials for a newborn (Royal) baby

Royal or not, don’t even think about going to the hospital to give birth until you’ve assembled this must-have kit for mums and newborns says Emma Bartley
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Size 13: Can childbirth be orgasmic?

Can childbirth really be enjoyable – even orgasmic? Well, according to a French study and a highly experienced British midwife, the answer is yes! Yes! Yes! Emma Bartley finds out more...
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Size 13: What to wear when you're expecting

As her due date gets closer, Emma Bartley finds that style is the biggest sacrifice during pregnancy
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Size 13: the osteopath

Emma Bartley finds out what it's like to really relax during pregnancy with a trip to see osteopath Avni Trivedi
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Size 13: Ten things they don't tell you about pregnancy

Pregnant Emma Bartley writes about the ten things she definitely didn't sign up for when planning to have a baby
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The eight best Mother’s Day gifts for new and expectant mums

Emma Bartley picks out the Mother's Day gifts any new or expectant mum would love - not that she's hinting or anything
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Size 13: Pregnancy and food

In the sixth month of her pregnancy, Emma Bartley tries to steer clear of the doughnuts while working out what she should and shouldn't be eating
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Size 13: Pregnancy and the perils of keeping fit

Newly pregnant Emma Bartley works out how to stay active in a bump-friendly way
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Size 13: Aqua Zumba

Emma Bartley puts her scepticism aside, dons a secure swimsuit and reluctantly tries out Aqua Zumba...
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Future fabulous: the health trends we'll be falling for in 2013

Last year we got into coconut water and CrossFit, but how will we be keeping healthy this year? Emma Bartley reviews the top trends set to soar in 2013.
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Size 13: Back to snack

OMG, Emma Bartley has completed her six weeks on the diet that deprived her of carbs to make her skinnier than all her friends. Now it's over, the lids are off the snack pots
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Size 13: One Week to OMG

Emma Bartley's ongoing struggle to fit into her jeans. This week: Trying to stick to OMG when all around are intermittently fasting
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Size 13: Two Weeks to OMG

A Six Weeks to OMG forum is a delight, but with a wedding coming up Emma Bartley will need more than virtual support to stay inside her 120g daily carb target
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