The Exfoliator

Our resident man on the good, the bad and the downright repellent from the world of male grooming


Not Fair: Anti-ageing for dark skin tones

We speak to skin specialist Dr Terry Loong about maintaining a youthful complexion, no matter what your age or skin tone
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The New Season Skin Rules

We speak to dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting about how to update your beauty regime from summer to winter
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How to put yourself back together again after summer

Has too much time in the sun left you frazzled, frizzy and fatigued? Check yourself into new season rehab with our essential post-summer SOS kit
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Going South: What are the benefits of going oil free?

Imogen Edwards-Jones reveals whether or not ditching the moisturiser has made her less St Bernard, more fresh faced beauty
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The Exfoliator: Have you ever had a Coregasm?

It turns out that some women experience exercise-induced orgasms. Never one to spare our blushes, Ahmed Zambarakji investigates
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The Exfoliator: Yoga for the uninhibited

Laughter, tears and floating in the air: Ahmed Zambarakji experiences an intimate, boundary-breaking body treatment
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The Gloss Report: Facial exfoliators

  • March 17th 2014
  • /

This week the Gloss team reviews the 8 best facial exfoliators - say hello to spring!
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How does the Diptyque skincare line scrub up?

Known for their beautiful candles, luxe body line and heavenly scents, our expectations for the new Diptyque facial skincare range were understandably high
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The Exfoliator: Crash course therapy with The Intensive

Ahmed Zambarakji tries out a high speed six week therapy course, The Intensive - but does it work?
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The Exfoliator: Blond ambition

Ahmed Zambarakji hits the bottle and swaps his Middle Eastern dark locks for bleached blond hair
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The Exfoliator: Father's Day grooming gifts

Is your dad traditional, sporty, green or trendy? Ahmed Zambarakji picks out the best Father's Day grooming gifts for all of the above
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The Exfoliator: 30 days of Bikram yoga, part three

In the final part of his diary, Ahmed Zambarakji is feeling better than ever after 30 consecutive days of Bikram yoga
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The Exfoliator: 30 days of Bikram yoga, part two

Ahmed Zambarakji has committed himself to practising hot Bikram yoga for 30 days in a row - here's part two of his diary
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The Exfoliator: 30 days of Bikram yoga, part one

Bikram yoga (a strenuous form of yoga done in a 40 degree heat) can push your mind and body to their outer limits, even for devotees. Ahmed Zambarakji decided to do 30 days in a row. This is his diary...
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The Exfoliator: Bikram yoga

Ahmed Zambarakji finds out what it's like to be one of the few men in a Bikram yoga class
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The Exfoliator: BAFTA beards

Thinking of copying the BAFTA boys and growing an on-trend beard? Here are the dos and don'ts you need to know first, writes Ahmed Zambarakji
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The Exfoliator: Movember madness

The big idea was that men would grow moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer, but all the Borat looky-likeys and product placement have obscured the message, says Ahmed Zambarakji
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The Exfoliator: Extreme skincare survival kit

Ahmed Zambarakji gives your man a party pass in a prescription of anti-fatigue solutions to see him through even the most insane work hard/play hard schedule
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The Exfoliator: Hot fuzz aka the perfect beard

Over-groomed metrosexuals are over as the razor-sharp - think Pitt, Gosling, Gyllenhaal - come over a bit barb-arian. Ahmed Zambarakji on how to grow the perfect beard
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Licence to Bondify

As Skyfall fever grips the nation, Ahmed Zambarakji looks into 007's grooming routine. If we can't go out with Daniel Craig, at least we can Bondify our men
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The Exfoliator: Rise of the manny-pedi

Real men get pedicures, says our resident grooming expert - but if yours can't be dragged to a salon, there are a clutch of great foot-softening products to get on his bathroom shelf
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The Exfoliator: Manscaping

Our resident man on the good, the bad and the downright repellent from the world of male grooming. This week: the best hair removal for men
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The Exfoliator: Tights for men

Our resident man on the good, the bad and the downright repellent from the world of male grooming. This week: Mantyhose isn't the sexiest word, but is there something in it?
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The Exfoliator: How to stage a grooming intervention

  • March 21st 2012
  • /

Our resident man on the good, the bad and the downright repellent from the world of male grooming. This week: what to do if your innamorato’s charms are more lethario than lothario
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