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Every week the Gloss team test out the best products and review whether they're really up to scratch, from foundations to foot creams and everything in between


The Gloss Report: 5 nail treatments reviewed

May 20th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Gloss team set about tackling one of beauty’s biggest bugbears: troubled nails >>>


The Gloss Report: Protein rich snacks

May 13th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Glossy Posse have been tasting and rating some of the health world's protein rich snack offerings >>>


The Gloss Report: 12 reed diffusers reviewed

April 22nd 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Gloss team were instructed to put down their mascaras, sit back, relax and put their senses to the test to review the best reed diffusers >>>


The Gloss Report: 10 cleansing balms reviewed

April 15th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Glossy team review the 10 best cleansing balms for removing make-up and leaving skin squeaky clean >>>


The Gloss Report: 10 cuticle oils reviewed

April 9th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

What's the best cuticle oil for creating healthier nails? Tried and tested, the Get The Gloss team cover 10 top cuticle oils >>>


The Gloss Report: 14 facial oils reviewed

March 31st 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

The Gloss team test out the 14 best facial oils around - what's the best facial oil for your skin type? >>>


The Gloss Report: 12 foundations reviewed

March 25th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

Every week the glossy posse in the GTG office test out the latest beauty products. This week we're fussing over foundations >>>


The Gloss Report: 6 shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair reviewed

March 19th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

The glossies with not so natural hair put shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair through their paces >>>


The Gloss Report: Eye creams

March 11th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

In this week's Gloss Report the glossy posse do their best to look wide awake as they review eye creams and serums - but which ones actually work? >>>


The Gloss Report: Hair masks

March 4th 2015

We test out a heap of hair masks to see which ones really work >>>


The Gloss Report: Decongesting masks

February 25th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

Frazzled from fashion week the Gloss team are in need of a detox and a pamper and we're starting with our skin... >>>


The Gloss Report: Skin primers

February 18th 2015

Looking for a good primer? This week the Glossy team test out the best primers around so you don't have to - read on for the verdict... >>>


The Gloss Report: Red lipsticks

February 11th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

The gloss team put the classic red lip through its paces >>>


The Gloss Report: De-stressing aromatherapy treatments

February 4th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Gloss team has been testing a selection of anxiety busting treatments from the world of aromatherapy >>>


The Gloss Report: Illuminating products

January 28th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

On a mission to revive our dull winter skin, this week we tested the beauty world’s best highlighting products >>>


The Gloss Report: CC Creams

January 14th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

Does the latest skincare makeup fusion live up to the hype? This week we put a selection of CC creams through their paces to find out... >>>


The Gloss Report: 10 healthy snacks

January 7th 2015 / Katie Robertson

In an attempt to stay on the healthy straight and narrow we put January approved snacks to test >>>


The Gloss Report: Health books

January 1st 2015 / Katie Robertson

Struggling to get into the swing of the New Year's new you? The Gloss team read up on some of the best-selling health books to see which ones will help set you on the healthy straight and narrow >>>


The Gloss Report: 20 BB creams

December 17th 2014

The Get The Gloss team test out 20 BB creams to see if they're up to scratch... >>>


Gloss Report: Christmas Candles

December 9th 2014 / Elizabeth Bennett

The Glossy Posse put to the test the best scented candles for the festive season >>>


The Gloss Report: Makeup fixing sprays

December 3rd 2014 / Elizabeth Bennett

Flawless makeup that stays put is the holy grail of grooming. We set out to see whether these makeup fixers could pass the Gloss test >>>


The Gloss Report: False Eyelashes

November 26th 2014 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Glossy Posse put the best false eyelashes to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Eye Palettes

November 12th 2014 / Elizabeth Bennett

In time for party season the Gloss team put eye palettes to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Nude Lipsticks

November 5th 2014 / Elizabeth Bennett

The Gloss Team put the tricky nude lipstick to the test... >>>


The Gloss Report: Green juices

October 29th 2014 / Elizabeth Bennett

The Gloss Team put the best of London’s cold-press green juices to the test >>>

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