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Every week the Gloss team test out the best products and review whether they're really up to scratch, from foundations to foot creams and everything in between

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The Gloss Report: Hair masks

  • August 21st 2014

We test out a heap of hair masks to see which ones really work
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The Gloss Report: 20 liquid eyeliners, tested

  • August 7th 2014

This week the Glossy Posse have been lining their lids with 20 of the beauty industry's biggest brands. Read on to see which ones came out on top
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Gloss Report: 5 eye masks tried and tested

  • July 31st 2014

In this week's Gloss Report we've been trialling and testing eye masks to help sort out our puffy peepers
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The Gloss Report: Waterproof mascaras tried and tested

  • July 17th 2014

In this week's Gloss Report we've been loading up our lashes with waterproof mascara to see which ones could go the distance in this heatwave
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The Gloss Report: Body firming creams

  • July 10th 2014

In this week's Gloss Report we've been testing out firming creams to discover if any actually work in helping to sculpt, lift and whip our bodies into shape
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The Gloss Report: Face contouring kits

  • July 3rd 2014

This week the Glossy Posse have been busy sculpting, shaping and shading our way through face contouring kits - but which ones worked best?
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The Gloss Report: Fake Tan

  • June 26th 2014

In this week's gloss report we've taken 10 fake tans for a spin to see if any could help us to bluff our way to perfect summer sunkissed skin
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The Gloss Report: Dry shampoos

  • June 19th 2014

This week the Glossy Posse took 15 dry shampoos for a test drive to see if any could help out our limp locks this summer
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The Gloss Report: Exfoliating Pads

  • June 12th 2014

This week the Glossy Posse are going mad for exfoliating pads - but do they really work?
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The Gloss Report: The best summer fragrances

Despite the rain, we're dreaming of blue skies, sunshine and the perfect summer scent...
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The Gloss Report: 10 healthy snacks

Project Bikini poses a problem when it comes to snacking, so we've tested some healthy options to see if they're tasty enough to replace the sweet stuff
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10 Energy boosting supplements tried and tested

We all need a little help staying awake now and then, so for this week's Gloss Report we put the top energy and vitality boosters on the market to the test
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The Gloss Report: Deodorants

A good deodorant is surprisingly hard to find. We put them to the test to separate the sweat-saviours from the cash-wasters
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The Gloss Report: Sports Bras

If you're hitting the gym for Project Bikini, you're going to need some support. We put a selection of sports bras to the test to see which ones could go the distance
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The Gloss Report: 12 of the best SPF moisturisers

Daily sun protection is an important part of any beauty regime, but finding the right product for your skin type is crucial. Read our verdict on the latest moisturising SPF formulas
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The Gloss Report: Nude nails

The right nude nail is surprisingly hard to find - here are some of our favourites
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The Gloss Report: Powder blushers

Nothing takes off the years and fakes a good night's sleep like blusher. We put them to the test to see which brand comes up roses
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The Gloss Report: 20 BB creams

  • April 11th 2014

The Get The Gloss team test out 20 BB creams to see if they're up to scratch...
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Tweezers: all are not created equal

  • April 3rd 2014
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In this week's Gloss Report we find out which pair of tweezers deserves full marks
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The Gloss Report: Rose beauty

  • March 27th 2014
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In honour of Mother's Day, we've compiled our pick of the best rose-scented products on the market
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The Gloss Report: Face tanners

  • March 24th 2014
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Spring is here and that means one thing - it's time to fake a sun-kissed glow. Let the Glossy Posse guide you through the best facial tanners
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The Gloss Report: Facial exfoliators

  • March 17th 2014
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This week the Gloss team reviews the 8 best facial exfoliators - say hello to spring!
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The Gloss Report: Reed diffusers

  • March 7th 2014
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This week the Gloss team were instructed to put down their mascaras, sit back, relax and put their senses to the test to review the best reed diffusers
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The Gloss Report: Eye brighteners

  • February 27th 2014
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This week we tested the products that promise to transform you from bleary to Bambi in one quick swipe
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