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Every week the Gloss team test out the best products and review whether they're really up to scratch, from foundations to foot creams and everything in between


The Gloss Report: liquid lipsticks

May 14th 2016 / Lorna Patrick

Looking for a long lasting lip lacquer? We've tried, tested and given our honest reviews on 9 liquid lipsticks here... >>>


The Gloss Report: Natural deodorant reviews

April 30th 2016 / Lorna Patrick

Looking for the best natural deodorant? We tried and tested the latest and here are our honest reviews >>>


The Gloss Report: Neck cream reviews

April 17th 2016 / Lorna Patrick

Looking for a new neck cream? This week, we tried and tested the latest additions to the market and shared our honest reviews >>>

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The Gloss Report: Anti-blemish Primers

April 2nd 2016 / Lorna Patrick

Are you suffering with spots? This week, we've been putting anti-blemish primers to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: foundation sticks

March 20th 2016 / Lorna Patrick

Looking for flawless coverage on-the-go? This week, we’ve been putting foundation sticks to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: 16 Creamy Cleanser reviews

March 5th 2016 / Lorna Patrick

Need a new milky, creamy cleanser? We tried and tested 16 of them to see which ones deserve a place in your bathroom cabinet >>>


The Gloss Report: Foundation brushes

February 18th 2016 / Anna Hunter

This week we’ve been testing foundation brushes to see if any can give us the elusive flawless finish we’re after >>>


The Gloss Report: The best concealers tried and tested

February 5th 2016 / Judy Johnson

This week the glossy team review the best concealers for blemishes to find out which ones are spot on when it comes to covering up >>>


The Gloss Report: 34 day creams reviewed

January 25th 2016 / Elizabeth Bennett

Looking for a new day cream or moisturiser? Get The Gloss has scoured the beauty aisles and tried and tested the 34 best face creams, from cheap and cheerful to blow the budget >>>


The Gloss Report: matte lipsticks tried and tested

December 23rd 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Tempted to try a matte lipstick? The Glossy Posse put 10 to the test… >>>


The Gloss Report: 25 liquid eyeliners reviewed

December 15th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Glossy Posse have been lining their lids with 25 of the beauty industry's biggest brands. Read on to see which ones came out on top >>>


The Gloss Report: micellar waters

December 11th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

This week, we put a bevy of micellar waters to the test to see which of these quick but thorough cleansers are really worth splashing your cash on >>>


The Gloss Report: Blogger beauty ranges

December 3rd 2015 / Judy Johnson

They live and breathe beauty, so have the beauty bloggers lived up to expectation with their own makeup, skincare and hair care ranges? We tested them to find out >>>


The Gloss Report: hairsprays, tried and tested

November 18th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which style setters hold strong and which ones fall flat? This week, we put hairsprays to the test >>>


The Gloss Report: Smokey eye palette reviews

November 12th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Which smokey eye palettes are worth investing in? The GTG team tried and tested a few of the best... >>>


The Gloss Report: long-lasting lipsticks tried and tested

October 30th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

This week, we put a long line of long-lasting lipsticks to the test to see if their bullets are in fact as bulletproof as they claimed >>>


The Gloss Report: eye makeup removers tried and tested

October 23rd 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

When it comes to taking it all off (eye makeup-wise), what blows the competition out of the water? This week, GTG HQ has been putting eye makeup removers to the test... >>>


The Gloss Report: strobing highlighters tried and tested

October 16th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

With beauty brands launching strobing makeup left, right and centre, which products are really worth spending your money on? We put them to the test... >>>


The Gloss Report: Lash extender fibre mascaras

October 7th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Want to give fibre mascaras a go but don't know where to start? We tried and tested five of them to see which ones gave us the best looking lash extensions >>>


The Gloss Report: eyebrow gels and tints reviewed

September 16th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Sculpt, brush and shape your way to perfect eyebrows with our eyebrow gel and tint reviews to hand >>>


The Gloss Report: Under-eye concealers reviewed

September 10th 2015 / Judy Johnson

Wakey wakey, rise and shine: the GTG team test out the concealers that promise to give you brighter eyes and get rid of dark circles >>>


The Gloss Report: Skin serums tried and tested

August 12th 2015 / Judy Johnson

This week the Glossy Posse put serums to the test - but which ones came out on top? >>>


The Gloss Report: 15 mascaras reviewed

August 5th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

Every week the glossy posse in the GTG office test out the latest beauty products. This week: the truth about mascara >>>


The Gloss Report: 5 hair primers reviewed

July 29th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

This week the Gloss team set about testing the newest in hair styling technology: hair primers >>>


The Gloss Report: 11 long wear eyeshadows reviewed

July 22nd 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett

From shadow sticks to creamy pots, this week the Gloss team test out the best long-wearing eyeshadows for flawless colour all day long >>>

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