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Catherine Turner's quest to unite mind and body, without obsessing about YSL lipstick

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The Spiritualist: How to reach your goals

  • December 31st 2014
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The new year makes for the perfect motivator to kick start a healthy regime - but here's how to stay on the fitness wagon
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The Spiritualist: How to not get stressed about being stressed

Last week one of India’s renowned Swamis (yogic scholars) was in London to talk about stress. Catherine Turner finds out the man swathed in orange has surprisingly simple ways for us to cope with this modern day malaise
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The Spiritualist: The power of essential oils

Just how therapeutic can plant oils be? Catherine Turner speaks to three aromatherapists to find out
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The Spiritualist: Back to my roots

There’s been a recent shift towards subtle hair colours on the runway, but away from the fashion world how do you go back to your (hair) roots? Catherine Turner explains how she went ‘au naturel’
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Supplements: what should you be taking?

Vitamin pill popping has become the norm - but which supplements do we really need to keep us energised this summer?
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Eat your (sea) greens

It’s official. As of this month, kale is out - it’s time to make way on your plate for the original superfoods: seaweed and algae
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The Spiritualist: Books to improve your wellbeing

There are hundreds of beauty, fitness and health books out there, but how many of them help us to really change our habits? Catherine Turner reviews her bookshelf to find six books she goes back to again and again
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The Spiritualist: The benefits of learning how to breathe

Breathing properly: it’s easy, free and something you can do right now to improve your wellbeing. Catherine Turner explains how something so simple can have a profound effect on how we look and feel
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The Spiritualist: Kathy Phillips, beautifully poised

The beauty expert’s expert, Kathy Phillips was Beauty Director of British Vogue, before founding her own product line This Works which she runs alongside her current role as Beauty Director of Conde Nast’s titles in Asia, including Vogue India and China. All this on top of being a devoted yogi for over 30 years; Catherine Turner meets her to share yoga and beauty wisdom.
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The Spiritualist: Vitamin injections

Catherine Turner is totally infused as she tries out the latest trend - vitamin injections
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The Spiritualist: Are psychics real?

Author Santa Sebag Montefiore has never been afraid of her psychic side. In fact, many of her other-worldly experiences feed into her well-read and loved novels. Catherine Turner meets her to discuss angels and spirit guides
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The Spiritualist: Durga Devi

She's gone from an NYC indie singer to being one of London's in-demand yoga teachers. Catherine Turner finds out how London's most rock'n'roll yoga teacher Durga Devi made the journey from band to yogi
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The Spiritualist: Band aid

Catherine Turner on what her brightly-coloured chakra bracelets mean and why it's OK to lust after gems with megawatt style as well as substance
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The Spiritualist: The stress busters

Break away from the cycle of stress by learning five easy relaxation techniques to help you live in the moment
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The Spiritualist: Finding the pause button

Sitting in silence used to seem like a waste of time to former beauty editor Catherine Turner. Now that she's learned how to go from permanently on to the peace of om she shares her tips on how to meditate
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