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Editor's Vlog: September favourites and giveaway

  • October 6th 2014

Watch Susannah Taylor reveal the products she loved using throughout September and you could be in with the chance to win them all...
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Editor’s Vlog: What’s in My Handbag? September 2014

  • September 8th 2014

Ever wondered what Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor keeps in her handbag? Watch the video to find out…
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Editor's Vlog: August favourites and giveaway

  • September 1st 2014

Watch our latest Editor's vlog for the chance to win Susannah Taylor's August favourites....
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Editor's Vlog: What is a BB Cream? Plus my three favourites

  • August 24th 2014

While BB creams continue to flood the market, Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor takes us through her favourites that stand out from the crowd...
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Editor's Vlog: My evening skincare routine

  • August 17th 2014

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor talks us through her simple yet effective evening skincare routine...
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Editor's Vlog: My morning skincare routine

  • August 10th 2014

Take a look at the products Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor swears by for her morning skincare regime...
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Editor's Vlog: July favourites 2014

  • August 3rd 2014

This week, Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor talks us through the products she kept reaching for throughout July...
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Editor's Vlog: How to treat dry hair

  • July 20th 2014

Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor fills us in on her ultimate hair treatment and the saviours that keep her from frizzing up...
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Editor’s Vlog: The best de-stressing products

  • July 14th 2014

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor on the best products to relieve, relax and de-stress
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Vlog - bronzers

Editor's Vlog: The bronzers for natural, sunkissed skin

  • July 6th 2014

Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor gives us her pick of the best products for bronzed and beautiful skin
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Editor's Vlog: The best beauty gadgets

  • July 1st 2014

Susannah Taylor reveals her favourite beauty gadgets for looking your best in no time
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Editor's Vlog: My top 5 serums

  • June 22nd 2014

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor reveals her top five all-time favourite serums
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Editor's Vlog: 10 modern classics

Editor's Vlog: 10 modern classics

  • June 16th 2014

GTG Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor lists her top 10 modern day classics
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Editor's Vlog: The best nail products

  • May 27th 2014

GTG Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor gives us the low down on the latest trends in the world of nails
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Editor's Vlog: The truth about Botox

  • May 13th 2014

GTG Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor vlogs about the pluses and pitfalls of all things Botox
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Editor's Vlog: Fitness motivation

  • May 5th 2014

Think you don't have time to exercise? Think again. Susannah Taylor busts some of the biggest workout myths
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Editor's Vlog: The best products for acne

  • April 28th 2014

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor shows us her top products for treating acne-prone skin
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Editor's Beauty Vlog: Age-defying products

  • April 12th 2014

In this week’s Editor’s Vlog, Editor-In-Chief Susannah Taylor talks about makeup brand Studio 10 and their age-defying products
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Editor's Beauty Vlog: The products I can't live without

  • April 5th 2014

In this week's vlog, GTG's Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor talks us through her must-have products
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Editor's Beauty Vlog: Top 5 beauty products under £10

  • March 27th 2014

In this week's vlog, GTG's Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor shares her favourite budget beauty buys
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Editor's Beauty Vlog: How to look more awake

  • February 11th 2014

Tired of looking so damn tired? Susannah Taylor discloses her pick of products that will help you look like you’ve had eight hours sleep, even if you haven’t.
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Editor’s Vlog: The best hair tools

  • December 17th 2013

Susannah Taylor tests out the best hair stylers, straighteners and curlers so you don't have to
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Editor’s Vlog: Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock Chick Nude

Editor’s Vlog: Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock Chick Nude

  • November 18th 2013

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor tries out Charlotte Tilbury's Rock Chick look, made famous by her regular iconic subject Kate Moss
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Vlog: Charlotte Tilbury's Golden Goddess

  • October 1st 2013

Susannah Taylor is a big fan of looking bronzed and glory. Here she puts Charlotte Tilbury's Golden Goddess make-up look to the test.
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