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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: The High-Energy Breakfast

  • February 19th 2014
  • / Katie Robertson

Spice up your 5:2 diet plan with a high energy breakfast a la Cameron Diaz. Mimi Spencer shares the delicious recipe
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Turkey Burgers with Tomato Salsa

  • January 17th 2014
  • /

On the 5:2 diet? Make a fast day a tasty day with this low calorie recipe from Mimi Spencer's Fast Diet Recipe Book
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Pan-Roasted Vegetables with Spiced Balsamic Glaze

  • November 27th 2013
  • /

In an extract from her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer rustles up a delicious meal for two which won't bump up your calories
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Vegan Before 6: the new 5:2 diet?

Is living as a vegan until 6pm the new 5:2 diet? Anna Hunter finds out about the tried and tested diet plan that promises weight loss and a clearer conscience
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Sarah Raven's Chicken Puttanesca

The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Sarah Raven's Chicken Puttanesca

  • November 19th 2013
  • /

In an extract from her highly successful cookery book for the Fast Diet, Mimi Spencer shares a delicious but healthy recipe idea
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Lightweight Cottage Pie

In an extract from her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer shares a lovely and light recipe for cottage pie without the calories
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Glossip Girl: Why Miranda Kerr loves the Vitamix

Would you spend £500 on a blender that Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth can’t live without? GTG's celeb watcher Emma Gunavardhana explains why you might just need one...
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Super boost smoothie recipes from GTG's health and beauty experts

When it comes to beauty the key to looking good is often said to be all about blending. But put down your make-up and pick up your fruit and veg for a true health and beauty boost as Kiran Branch asks the experts for their favourite smoothie recipes
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Salmon fillet dishes

In her Fast Diet Recipe Book, Mimi Spencer shows you how to make three delicious dishes with salmon fillets. Here's the recipe so you can put it to the taste test
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Yoghurt fruit pot recipe

The Fast Diet is one of the most talked about eating plans of all time - here's a delicious recipe for a fast day from Mimi Spencer's recipe book
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Healthy but Tasty: Asparagus, Courgette & Tomato Frittata

For week four of her Bikini Body Summer School plan, Amelia Freer serves up a flexible frittata
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Healthy but tasty: Green chicken

  • May 6th 2013
  • / Amelia Freer

A nutritious and delicious chicken recipe from Amelia Freer that's as tasty as it is filling and good for you
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Freer Nutrition's Bikini Body Summer School: week three

Hopefully sugar is now a thing of the past and you are starting to feel the benefits of eating cleaner. This week I want to focus on grains and the gluten and wheat that are inside them.
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Freer Nutrition's Bikini Body Summer School: week two

Sugar truly is the enemy when it comes to shaping up. In part two of our six week series, Amelia Freer explains why
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Healthy but tasty: Dairy Free Probiotic Berry Pots

  • April 29th 2013
  • / Amelia Freer

A delicious berry-filled recipe from Amelia Freer that will brighten up your breakfasts
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Freer Nutrition's Bikini Body Summer School: week one

Clean up your act in just six weeks with Amelia Freer's nutritional guide to getting bikini-ready
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Healthy but tasty: Lettuce wraps

Cutting out bread can be difficult but there's an easy way to replace it in your sandwiches. Kicking off our Project Bikini plan, Amelia Freer explains with this super healthy and low-carb recipe
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Get the Gloss_Tasty and healthy_Amelia Freer's turkey burgers.jpg

Freer eating: turkey burgers

Healthy food doesn't get any tastier than this... Amelia Freer's recipes are so good you'll forget all about chips. This week: turkey burgers
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