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10 reasons you’re not losing belly fat

Working hard but stomach still not resembling a washboard? It’s time to bring in the experts…
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How to use kettlebells: 10 things you need to know

Dalton Wong shares his top tips for making sure your kettlebell workout is safe and effective
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The top 10 places to get cold pressed juices in London

Swap your cup of coffee for a cold pressed juice for an energy fix with added health benefits
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A Healthy Curiosity: The truth about carb back-loading

Peta Bee lifts the lid on whether we should be following the bodybuilders and jumping on the back-loading bandwagon
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Too healthy? 10 wholesome foods to consume in moderation

You’ve ditched chocolate for chia seeds and Whole Foods is your new haunt, but could you be overdoing it on health foods? Two top nutritionists tell it like it is
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18 health and beauty lessons learned from the supers

How do the supers keep fit, healthy and looking better than ever? We looked back at their words of beauty wisdom throughout the years
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Guilt-free pleasures: Hemsley and Hemsley Paradise Bars recipe

Are you a slave to your sweet tooth? Here’s a healthier way to satisfy it…
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How I keep fit: Charli Cohen

The fashion designer and personal trainer reveals the ins and outs of her exercise regime, her fitness motivation and her gym bag essentials...
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Vietnamese chicken noodle salad recipe

A noodle recipe from The Urban Kitchen that is full on flavour but low in fat
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The immune system-boosting anti-detox plan

Winter is the wrong time to diet and detox. Instead, the body requires an immune-boosting plan, especially with cold and flu germs flying around. The Pure Package’s Japanese Body Boost is just the ticket...
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Scrummy but saintly pancake recipe

The Detox Kitchen have delivered to us the ultimate pancake recipe that packs in the flavour but leaves out the guilt...
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Doing It All: 10 ways having a baby made me thin

Smug alert: Emma Bartley weighs half a stone less than before she got pregnant. But from lack of booze to a constant soft-play cold, this is not a diet anyone wants to go on...
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A healthy one-pot dinner recipe from Davina McCall

Stuck for dinner inspiration? Why not try this warming and nutritious chicken dish with chorizo, chickpeas and kale
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The feel good factor: 20 ways to boost your endorphins

We asked a panel of experts for their feel good tip offs for helping you exude happiness from the inside out
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Resolutions: how to get back on the wagon if you’ve fallen off

Need a helping hand in making sure your resolutions turn into lifelong habits? We asked a panel of wellness, fitness and finance experts for their top tips...
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Foods to boost productivity

5 ways to stop your diet affecting your productivity

Is your lunchtime lull or blood sugar plateau taking its toll on your energy levels? Here are 5 ways to eat and drink your way to a more productive work day
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Inside Job: Charli Cohen

The fashion, sportswear and fitness innovator gives us a glimpse into her job, her motivation and her journey to the top
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Food codes cracked: 10 ways to decrypt your nutrition labels

Baffled by the ingredients lists on the back of your favourite foods? We find out how to decode them and understand them better
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The Hemsley sisters' courgette and aubergine curry

A nutritious and warming one-pot supper from Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley
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Food to refuel: what to eat and drink after your workout

What are the best post-workout foods and drinks to help further your fitness goals? We found out
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How to meditate: my mindfulness masterclass

Looking for some peace of mind? We asked psychologist and mindfulness and meditation advocate Elaine Slater for her top tips
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Diary of a yoga newbie: finding my vinyasa flow

In the first in our new series, our resident yoga beginner chronicles her first steps going from timber to limber
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Day 30: 5 wellness and fitness breaks to book this year

Not a fan of boot camps or fat farms? 2015’s wellness offerings are more ‘spoil yourself’ than military style
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Healthy comfort foods: veggie packed pizza

This week Nutritionist Eve Kalinik shows us how to transform a calorie laden pizza into a pure veggie delight
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