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How to make healthy Easter eggs

  • April 17th 2014

Easter weekend doesn't have to mean an end to your healthy diet. We've found a recipe that means you can indulge and stay totally guilt-free
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Diary of a 5:2 dieter: Losing a stone

  • April 15th 2014

Art Editor Sarah McGinnis has lost a stone after four months of 5:2. But how hard was it?
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Salad and superfoods: Inside a nutritionist's food diary

  • April 8th 2014

We thought our diets were pretty good, until Nutritionist Vicki Edgson kept a diary of her meals for a week and put us all to shame
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9 HIIT workouts to get you fitter, faster

  • April 4th 2014

Shake up your fitness routine with a fast, furious dose of high intensity interval training, says Ayesha Muttucumaru
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Blogger of the Week: Celery and Cupcakes

  • April 2nd 2014

Hanna Ibraheem chats to Jemma Andrew-Adiamah of Celery and Cupcakes about blogging, creating recipes and how she strives for a healthier lifestyle
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An Appointment with...Vicki Edgson

  • March 25th 2014

Anna Hunter meets nutritionist and Honestly Healthy co-author Vicki Edgson to discover where her interest in healthy eating began and how she turned her passion into a career
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Fast Cook: 5:2 Fast Day Fishcakes with Thai Salad recipe

  • March 24th 2014

Make sure your fast day is as tasty as can be with this low calorie 5:2 recipe from Mimi Spencer's new book
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An App a Day: Green Kitchen

  • March 20th 2014

Clean, nutritious vegetarian cooking has never been so easy, discovers Katie Robertson
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Blogger of the Week: Happyolks

  • March 17th 2014

Kiran Branch meets Kelsey Brown, the brains behind foodie blog Happyolks, to discuss her love of good, nutritious and happy food
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The Great GTG Body Debate

  • March 12th 2014

GTG has gathered together some of the finest experts in the beauty and health industry to tackle some of the biggest issues surrounding our most prized possession: the body
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Book Review: 5:2 Your Life by Emma Cook

  • March 11th 2014

Can the 5:2 concept be applied to all parts of life? Judy Johnson reviews the book that claims this popular ratio could change everything
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The Adrenalista: Matt Roberts Fitness Retreat

  • March 10th 2014

Ruthless personal trainer Matt Roberts hosts a fitness retreat which is definitely NOT a bootcamp. Charlotte Sinclair embraces the mud to find out what makes it so different
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Size 13: How to lose weight while breastfeeding

  • March 7th 2014

Is breast best when it comes to losing weight too? Emma Bartley sorts the propaganda from the truth
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The HIIT Squad: The Final Results

The HIIT Squad: The Final Results

  • March 4th 2014

Our HIIT Squad have been put through their paces for six weeks of high intensity interval training. But has it worked? Our team report back...
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The Chia Co Healthy Raspberry Pancake Recipe

  • March 4th 2014

Enjoy a guilt-free pancake day with this delicious, healthy recipe from The Chia Co
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An App a Day: Deliciously Ella

  • February 28th 2014

One of GTG's Blogger of the Week picks, Deliciously Ella, has now launched her own app filled with healthy recipes. We're in food heaven, writes Katie Robertson
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12 ways to stay motivated to keep fit

  • February 24th 2014

It’s eight weeks into the new year and that ‘New Year New You’ plan might be starting to wane. Fitness convert and GTG Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor reveals how she gets motivated when it’s the last thing on earth she feels like doing
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: The High-Energy Breakfast

  • February 19th 2014

Spice up your 5:2 diet plan with a high energy breakfast a la Cameron Diaz. Mimi Spencer shares the delicious recipe
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The paleo diet: does the caveman lifestyle work?

  • February 18th 2014

Millie Mackintosh, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow are all said to eat according to paleo principles. But what is it and why do it? Susannah Taylor adopted the cavewoman diet for 6 weeks to find out…
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Diary of a 5:2 dieter - week two

  • February 11th 2014

Sarah McGinnis is Get the Gloss' Art Editor. She survived week one of the 5:2 diet, but how about week two?
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The HIIT Squad: Round Two

  • February 4th 2014

The GTG HIIT Squad have been trying out various forms of High Intensity Interval Training for a few weeks - see how they're getting on
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Glossip Girl: Beyoncé's 65 pounds weight loss

  • February 3rd 2014

They had Madonna and Gwyneth, Alba and Lopez, but last week we lost Beyoncé to the celebrity slimming trend and we’re not sure we like it, writes Emma Gunavardhana
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The Fast Diet Recipe Book: Ratatouille With Rye Bread Toast

  • January 31st 2014

5:2 diet supporter and author Mimi Spencer shares another of her low calorie recipes that's guaranteed to please
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Blogger of the Week: Coconut and Quinoa

  • January 31st 2014

No one makes January's healthy eating mantra easier than Amy Chaplin, the cookbook queen behind foodie blog Coconut and Quinoa. We find out what tickles her tastebuds...
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