Meet the team

Meet the members of the glossy posse, dedicated to bringing you the latest beauty news


Sarah Vine

Creative Director

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Describe yourself in three words Opinionated, impulsive, messy

Fave beauty product Rosehip oil

Top beauty tip Get plenty of sleep

Something about me you didn't know before I knit


Susannah Taylor

Editor in Chief


Describe yourself in three words Perfectionist, style-lover, artistic

Fave beauty product Self-tan

Top beauty tip Play up one feature – an amazing smokey eye, a dramatic red lip or a peachy cheek. Not all at once.

Something about me you didn't know before I paint people’s dogs.


Sarah McGinnis

Art Editor


Describe yourself in three words Creative, positive, bubbly

Fave beauty product Perfume 

Top beauty tip Always use a nourishing lip balm before applying lipstick for an even lip colour… (Or just email Kiran Branch aka beauty knowledge queen, I get all my best tips from her!) 

Something about me you didn't know before I once went to take a photo with my friend's rather expensive new camera, stepped over a chair and managed to fall, knock myself out and dislocate me knee… You could say I am quite accident prone (I also destroyed her camera).


Kiran Branch

Editorial Co-ordinator


Describe yourself in three words Driven, beauty-obsessive, class-clown

Fave beauty product Lipstick

Top beauty tip You get the skin you deserve so avoid baking it, unless you fancy very wrinkly, leather-like skin

Something about me you didn't know before I spent the early Nineties in an orange, velvet waistcoat and matching trousers. Fashionista indeed.


Judy Johnson

Production Editor


Describe yourself in three words Curious, creative, fussy

Fave beauty product Anything sparkly

Top beauty tip Don't polish nails after a shower or bath. When they're wet they expand, and as they dry out they'll shrink back and your polish will chip.

Something about me you didn't know before I can't drink tea before 4pm without feeling strange


Ayesha Muttucumaru

Features Assistant


Describe yourself in three words Loyal, conscientious, imaginative

Fave beauty product Liquid eyeliner

Top beauty tip See your dentist regularly

Something about me you didn't know before I used to have one eyebrow


Anna Hunter

Content and Communities Co-ordinator


Describe yourself in three words  Wordy, whimsical, fringe

Fave beauty product Blusher. No contest.

Top beauty tip Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate some more

Something about me you didn't know before I used to try very hard to be musical until I discovered that my nickel flute was triggering my all-over face rashes. In quiet moments of the day I sometimes dream of the woodwind virtuoso I could have been

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