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You have come an awfully long way with your career, university life or voluntary role since the end of September. You have tried your best and worked around whatever life threw at you. Now, you can go to even more extreme, dedicated lengths to pursue success or elevated status. Or do you merely want to hang onto it all? In any case, you are now on the road to an intriguing January deadline when so much will have become possible for you. The caveat is that you must try your very best in November. Fate has handed you incredible resources. Time to use them and enjoy it.


If you set yourself a target in November and December, you can begin 2015 with an amazing sense of achievement, and the reward of seeing your own willpower change your life. Of course, only certain departments of your world will benefit. One is travel. Another is study. The Ninth House of your solar chart also includes publishing, the internet, writing, teaching and foreign connections. Take your pick from that list, but you already know which concern is most pressing to you. At the same time it is so tempting to believe that you can take this on and make it work. And you will.


2014 has been like the Kate Bush song, Running Up That Hill, in terms of your money, house, possessions, flat, charity or business interests. You plough up the hill, then you slide back. Very little of this is your fault. So many things have been beyond your immediate control this year that you can be forgiven for gaining ground, then losing it again. What is different about November? As this weekend will prove to you, it is the change in your situation. There can be no more excuses. And the reality is, you could be so much more potent and empowered. Just use your will power.


Within eight weeks everything could be so different with your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner too. Some Cancerians are more invested in their enemies, rivals or opponents. This also applies now. What is the trick to a very different year ahead? Actually it’s no trick at all. It’s just what you already know from the last year or two; when you are handed the tools to change your world, you have to use them. Of course you could do nothing, but what a wasted opportunity that would be. Own your own power. Focus on balancing those scales between you.


You must now rebuild your working life, your lifestyle, your daily routine and your body. You can ignore Pluto’s call if you wish, but there is a wonderful carrot for you, the Leo donkey, and even you can lower yourself to accept the tasks ahead. Much of it comes down to the minutiae of daily life. The 24 hours of civilised life they fought for in Victoria, Australia, decades ago will make perfect sense to you, as you go into November. Eight hours for good sleep. Eight hours for your duty and service to other people (even if you are the President of the U.S.A.) And eight hours for pleasure.


Nobody is going to drop through your ceiling by helicopter and force you to change. You are the only person who can make that change and your children, godchildren or young relatives are at the heart of the options, through January. This also applies to an intimate relationship which may make you a parent - and of course, to roles, goals and plans which involve your mentorship or guidance, of the young. The truth is, as well you know, you are the only person who can make a substantial difference to your own life. Unless you do, then him, her, them or that nebulous ‘it’ will rule you.


You have definitely made progress with your close relative, renovations, lease, mortgage, home life, flatmate, home town or homeland. You could throw that entire sentence in a basket labelled ‘my people and place’ and it would have greater emotional resonance for you. Despite the progress, though, you can now go further. How much further? Well, you could change your own life. That is not so extreme. And if you are honest with yourself, you have been playing with the possibilities since earlier this year. The art of making it all happen is your next challenge. Do it.


Some Scorpio people must contend with powerful media barons. Others must deal with the realities of the internet and all its power plays and controlling factors. Some October or November-born individuals have been tackling the simple business (well, it used to be simple) of being heard or read, effectively. Even though you have done so much to help yourself over the last few weeks, you are now at a thrilling yet extremely challenging crossroads. The deciding factor is your own determination to have a completely different year ahead. The rest is down to your sheer will.


Why is change so daunting? Perhaps because it really is change - not just a blip on your radar. What now lures you really could lead to a huge transformation by January, but first you must deal with the reality that you may occasionally get in your own way. If you truly want to pilot your financial, property, business or charity life then your horoscope suggests the time has come for a ruthlessly honest conversation with yourself about all the excuses you have made, to delay change, in the past. It helps to have such a powerful person or organisation prodding you.


At last you are in a position to make long overdue changes to the way you look and appear. Pluto in Capricorn can be a nag; you have certainly been unable to escape self-imposed pressure in the last six weeks. Of course, it helps to have someone else looming over your shoulder. The trick with this cycle is to comprehend that unless you use your cast-iron willpower to take firm steps with image, label, brand, name, appearance or reputation issues - life will just take over. Sometimes other people take over too, and that will never do. Own your power and be yourself, in a new way.


There are so many different ways to evade detection and slip under the radar. And also, so many good reasons to take a background role; to cover things up; to disappear. You have been successful with some avenues and failed with others. Yet, until now, you have not really been given such a solid chance to transform these rather elusive or mysterious aspects of yourself or your world. Pluto in Capricorn will deliver these changes, right through January, so you have no more excuses. If you want to control what is submerged, unseen or mysterious about yourself, just do it.


What kind of friendship do you want to run? And what mode of group psychology do you wish to see in your life next year? From formal networks, to very old friends, you are now at a tempting crossroads. You can see how different 2015 could be, but a great deal depends on your ability to take a deep breath as November begins, and take particular challenges on. Believe in your own right to control your own life. This does not mean manipulating the strings like some puppet master with friends or groups. Quite the contrary. It means pulling your own strings, to run your own show.