The top 5 must-have apps for any intrepid travellers looking to maximise their globetrotting goals

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Packing Pro

Having won multiple awards, Packing Pro is the ultimate on-hand helper to make sure that no job is left undone and no sock left unpacked before you jet-off abroad. Taking the stress out of packing and last minute organisation, this app provides sample lists of items you’re likely to want, breaking down categories into areas such as important documents, clothes and toiletries, allowing you to add and modify to suit you. If you’re packing for more than yourself, opt for the group list and enter the number of adults and children travelling so you can ensure you and your whole party are organised from tip to toe.

Not just a pre-hol saviour, once you're home Packing Pro will also automatically provide a post-trip  to-do list including re-charge digital camera, process photos and reset phone settings. So essentially, it remembers everything that needs to be done pre, mid and post holiday; all you have to do is fold. Easy enough, right?

£1.99, available on iTunes


Whether you’re away for a long weekend or a couple of months, keeping track of trip details is a universal pain in the backside - from booking references, tickets and contact details there’s endless amounts of information to keep stored and safe. TripIt however offers an easy solution, saving all your itineraries in a simple, scannable format straight onto your phone. Simply email your flight, hotel, or car rental confirmations to the app and it will organise and file everything away until you need it next. No more tattered folders and endless papers jumbled at the bottom of your bag - your documents have gone digital.

Free, available on iTunes


A pocket-sized travel guide that allows you to download everything from restaurant suggestions to city maps and night-life options for wherever you’re travelling to. International travel information can often be outdated and a little behind the times, but this app from two ‘ex-Googlers’ who claim to ‘have an algorithmic approach to travel’ has access to information on 8,000 destinations, making it super accurate and super helpful. With no internet connection needed to access its features, users can access tools including a currency converter, phrase book and active suggestions for holiday exploration dependent on the day, weather and opening hours. You definitely don’t want to step out without this savvy know-all gadget.

Free, available on iTunes


A must-have app for any foodie with a keen eye for foreign cuisine, Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Using insider knowledge and local expertise, find whatever you’re craving, see what’s good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. Working to cover all destinations this app includes everything from the best fried chicken in south America to sensational sushi in Tokyo. Since launching in January 2010, over 2.5 million foods have been spotted and noted meaning you’ll never be stuck for a spot to eat no matter where you are.

Free, available on iTunes

Google Translate

There’s nothing worse than going on holiday and feeling totally tongue-tied and lost in translation. Helping to de-mystify languages from all over the world, Google Translate converts over 64 languages, delivering audio translations for a number of countries. It might not always get the translation 100% right, but it’s considered the most comprehensive translation app out there and is a damn site better than old-school miming.

Free, available on iTunes