Lavish self-love on yourself this February 14 with affirmations, flowers and an ultra-exciting gadget...

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Long gone are the days when we’d wallow about being single on Valentine’s Day; nowadays we relish the opportunity to lavish self-love upon ourselves. Here are the ways we’re showing to love to number one this February 14.

1. Self-love affirmations

Start the day with some self-appreciating affirmations. If we speak negatively to ourselves with our inner voice it will reflect how we view ourselves. Speak to yourself with love on the most romantic day of the year and get the morning off to a good start. Spiritual guru Aisha Carrington, who leads sound bath classes recommends saying “I love me more than I love anyone else” as one of the most loving affirmations you can say to yourself.

2. Buy yourself flowers

Is there anything more mood-boosting that a bunch of colourful blooms sitting atop your desk? Even more so when you bought them for yourself, just because. If your local florist is closer, hit up Bloom and Wild for letterbox flowers which deliver a postal day brightener.

3. Take a break from your phone

If an endless Instagram feed of happy couple snaps and red roses is leaving you cold, some time away from your phone is a relaxing V-day treat. Soak in an ultra-luxe bath, go for a walk or simply cosy up with your favourite book for the perfect way to switch-off from the social media love-fest happening on screen.

4. Make yourself dinner

Or get your favourite takeaway if the kitchen isn’t calling out to you. Whatever you eat, treating yourself to a delicious meal is the perfect way to make the day feel special. You could even dress the table fancy (with those flowers you bought!) if the mood takes you.

5. Have an extra special bath

If you haven't already jumped on the bathscaping  bandwagon, now is the perfect time. Bathscaping is the art of making your tub look Insta-perfect with floating petals, Insta-friendly bath oils and a glass of wine atop a bath tray. Totally extra, but the perfect way to make your daily soak feel special.

6. Take yourself to bed early

Not for an early night, but for some ultimate me time with a sex toy. This February 14 we’ll be reaching for Kurve from Hot Octopuss , £99. So much more than a traditional g-spot vibrator, this plum-coloured gadget offers two different vibration styles that work in symphony. The tip of the toy has Treble vibrations for high-frequency targeted vibrations, while the base of the toy (the shaft, if we’re getting technical) has Bass vibrations for a rumbly feel. Both of these can be turned up or down (or off, if you want to concentrate on just one) to create the perfect combinations for you to reach full-body orgasm. Having thoroughly tested the toy, one of our favourite elements of this game-changer is the ultra-squishy top, perfect for clitoral play as well as g-spot stimulation.

Hot Octopuss's website (which currently has 20 per cent off) is an imaginative treasure-trove of cutting edge toys that look as good as they feel, catering to cis, trans, non-binary, those with limited mobility and older pleasure seekers.

Written in partnership with Hot Octopuss