Celebrities have drawn controversy for wearing a diamond nail lacquer that costs the same as a house. We've found them an alternative

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Anyone who has ever

worn a diamond will know that they really are a girl's best friend: nothing else is quite as
special as that sparkle. But when Kelly Osbourne modelled a $250,000 (£160,000) nail polish made of black diamonds at the Emmys last week, some people thought that she had lost her marbles.

From a US jewellery brand, Azature, the 263-carat polish has also been worn by Jennifer Lopez. But it was the Fashion Police host whose black, sparkling talons drew strong criticism on Twitter.

"So there are starving people in the world, and Kelly Osbourne is wearing a £150,000 NAIL POLISH" said one fan, using the argument beloved of mums
everywhere at dinner time. "$250,000 manicure? I want to vomit on Kelly
Osbourne... and by extension, American consumerism" said another high-minded if slightly too graphic tweet.

Being an Osbourne, @MissKellyO didn't seem fazed, responding: "I see that my
nail polish has offended some of you, however I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience," Kelly tweeted. "Please forgive me for not regretting it. It made me feel like a queen!"

But even Kelly probably can't afford to work this controversial look very often. The cheaper answer? The new LCN nail beads, £5.70 each from www.beautyconcept.co.uk

For a textured look, you simply paint your nails and stick them over the top. They also have rhinestones available, but if we were Ms Osbourne, we'd steer clear of the gemstone look for a while...