If you're a Google Chrome user, you can delete any mention of the singer/convicted criminal from your online world. Because beating women should not be a good way to sell records

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You probably know two things about Chris Brown. 1. That he’s a singer. 2. That in 2009, during a row with his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, he punched, strangled and bit her.

In the totally screwed-up world of modern entertainment, Chris Brown has been a lot more famous since he rearranged Rihanna’s face, and recently won himself even more publicity by having a woman’s battered face tattooed on to his neck. Yes, really. His spokesman’s defence – “it’s just a random woman” – only underlined how out of touch he is with what is acceptable.

Chris Brown has, through his actions and body art, aligned himself permanently in the public mind with violence against women. Giving him further publicity seems to validate his choice, as he becomes better known and makes more money (his latest album reached No1 in the US and UK charts).

So what can people who find his casual attitude to violence abhorrent do? The music blog AUX suggests the Chris Brownout, a Google Chrome plugin designed to “scrub Chris Brown from the internet. Permanently”.

Download the extension and it will remove all reference to Chris Brown from your online world. With the Brownout, you can boycott not just his mediocre music, but him. Who knows – soon you may be able to forget everything you once knew about Chris Brown.