Ayesha Muttucumaru road tests the app that allows you to have a make-up makeover without mess

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Ever wanted to experiment with your make-up, but were afraid you would end up looking like a) a clown b) a stripper or c) a drag queen? With this app you can test out new looks without having to reach for the cleanser.

To start your makeover select the model face closest to your own and follow the instructions to use the virtual palettes. Alternatively, upload a photo from your iPhone, iPad or from Facebook and prepare to channel your inner make-up artist. I found the makeover worked better with one of the model faces than with an uploaded photograph as the image was clearer.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Simply click on an eye, a cheek or the lips and a virtual palette will come up with an array of shades. Select the colour you want to test, hold down the brush icon with one finger while using another finger to apply to the face. This is an intelligent app with a degree of common sense so aren't going to end up with a blue eyeball or lip gloss up your nostril, no matter how clumbsy-thumbsy you are about the application.

The eyeshadow, blusher and lip gloss shades are from the Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette and Holiday Lip Glaze Set and although not an exhaustive range of colours, there's enough variety to keep your creative juices flowing. You can adjust the intensity, gloss and glitter levels of the shades which means that you can sample a range of looks from daytime demure to night-time glamtastic at the swipe of a finger.