A GPS helper to find your friends when they abandon you in a crowded club, this little app saves you from being billy no-mates, writes Judy Johnson

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We've all been there: you're in the middle of the dance floor waiting for your friend who just "popped to the bar" (half an hour ago) to return. The dilemma is, do you stay so she knows where to find you or go off in search of her in the three-storey club?

Well fret no more, party goers, for there is as they say "an app for that". Find My Mate  uses GPS to track down your lost friends whatever your location, be it a nightclub or festival site, and provides an easy-to-follow map so you can find where they're hiding.

But what if you don't want to be found? If you're the one who's scarpered, you can hide your location if you're up to something you shouldn't be (which we hope, dear glossies, you're not), or if you're feeling more sociable you can send a message that tells your mates where you are.

It's even tipsy-proof as it doesn't require your AWOL buddy to use their phone, so it's perfect for the party season. We'll be testing ours out at the Glossy Christmas party, no doubt…

Find My Mate, £0.69

Judy Johnson

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