A safe and convenient service that brings a taxi to your barstool and tracks its progress on your phone. Great in a week when you're likely to get drenched going outside and shouting TAXI!

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What makes this app so great? Let me count the ways.

1) You can hail a black cab from the comfort of your armchair or barstool, safe in the knowledge that the meter will only start running once it’s outside. No more standing in the rain waving.

2) Once your cab driver has confirmed, you may then track progress via your phone. You will be able to see his or her little yellow icon getting closer to your waving blue one until finally your cab is outside.

3) It means you can use black cabs in the same way as minicabs, only without all the hassle of having to show them how to get to where you're going. Or being put on hold. Or driven half mad by their reliance on satnav. Or worrying that the rear axle is about to fall off. Or worse.

4) Because you get the driver’s photo, name and registration number, it’s very safe.

5) You can pay by cash or credit card, and you can keep your card details on it so you don’t have to input them every time.

6) Because all the grumpy old drivers are too tech-phobic to sign up to it, the taxi drivers who do tend to be overwhelmingly young and nice. And less shouty. And less upset about, you know, immigration.

7) It sends you a receipt, which is handy.

8) It may be the only thing standing between us and world domination for Addison Lee.