Katie Robertson discovers an app that promises to bring meditation to the masses

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With World Sleep Day coming up this week, the Glossy Posse is trying hard to focus on de-stressing and catching up on some much-needed zzz. After trialling the downward dog and drinking a lot of camomile tea, we were starting to lose hope that any of us would ever be truly ‘zen’. However, with the release of the new Headspace app, things are starting to look up and Nirvana might just be on the horizon.

Designed to demystify meditation, Headspace aims to introduce scientifically-proven techniques into our everyday lives, ultimately leading to happier and healthier minds. In order to make these techniques more accessible, the masterminds behind Headspace have created an app so that we can carry a little slice of serenity with us at all times.

Taking up just ten minutes of your day, the Take10 programme features ten unique Headspace recordings guiding you through a step-by-step training process for the mind. With peaceful voiceovers and clear, calming video messages from the creator Andy Puddicombe, the app gently talks you through how to let go of the chaos of daily life and embrace a more relaxing state of mind. Blue sky is GTG’s personal favourite visual: it’s relaxing and refreshing with just the right amount of optimism to brighten your day.

Also available are 365 days of meditation sessions that can be downloaded in advance, to be used anytime and anywhere - whether you’re on the tube or sunning yourself in St Lucia. Throw in the motivational reminders, progress reports and frequently updated podcasts, and this is one handy app that really will become your daily go-to guru.

Unlike many existing meditation apps, Headspace doesn’t try to get its users to block out stress with wind chimes and rolling waves. Instead it encourages  you to accept your feelings, both positive and negative. With this app, mindfulness is not just about being quiet and taking time to relax but also about achieving a broader perspective on life and learning not to let emotions dictate the way we go about our daily lives.

Headspace has a positive impact on many areas of life - from improving sleep and mood to regulating appetite.  With that in mind, we can’t stress this next point enough: put down the wine/chocolate/personal vice and pick up this app. We promise it will be the beginning of a new happier and healthier you.