Ever wondered what you’d look like 40 years from now? Well, brace yourself for a pretty nasty surprise and take a look at the HourFace app

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If you ever wanted to have a look into a mirror and ask it what you would look like in 2052, this incredibly intelligent (but also equally horrendous) app provides an insightful glimpse into your future.

It’s very easy to use – just take a picture of yourself or upload an existing one from your camera roll and watch the timer on the side count down as your face morphs from fresh-faced beauty to old-timer in seconds. And here’s the scariest bit. It moves and blinks back at you. Creepy.

If you’re expecting to see a Helen Mirren or a Sophia Loren, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Your face will have been transformed to show the ageing process with liver spots, puffy eyes, sagging skin, moles and all.

Certainly not an app for the faint-hearted, but if you’re looking for a fright ahead of Hallowe’en, go for it. Check out what it did to me below! Although not a completely accurate picture of things to come, (lifestyle factors aren’t asked for), it was enough to scare me to up my water intake, slap on an SPF and a slather on a good anti-ageing moisturiser.

HourFace:3D Aging Photo by MotionPortrait, Inc, £0.69