Use your iPhone to map your moles and compare them against potentially malignant ones. Skin cancer safety on a small screen.

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LoveMySkin is an app designed to promote skin cancer awareness and a positive, proactive attitude towards early detection. With the underlying concept being to keep track of your moles, the app presents eight views of the body (four for each gender) with the aim that users will add "mole markings" to the relevant body map.

In essence these mole markings are just dots that are placed on an outline of a body by tapping your iPhone screen on the appropriate areas. Each dot has a corresponding note which the user should update over time thereby enabling them to keep track of growth, colour and size changes of each mole.

You could (rightly) argue that a similar result could be achieved by simply using the basic "Notes" app on your iPhone. Right again, you could also argue that the body map and notes features are probably only of use for those who have lots of moles and plenty of time to diligently make notes on each one. However, the hugely redeeming aspect of this fairly basic app is that it also includes a very handy (albeit small) built-in picture guide, allowing you to compare benign moles to malignant moles. Essentially, this aspect is beneficial to everyone, as it allows the user to become more familiar with their body and what is normal/abnormal, which is indeed the aim of the game.

But note! Nothing replaces the opinion of a professional, so do consult a doctor for any skin concerns.

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