Getting creative with your photos has never been easier thanks to Muzy, the fun and fuss-free app

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Though we may miss the simpler times when a photo came from a reel of film and surprised us with its greatness (or not, as the case may be), we can't help but squeal with joy when we discover a new app that lets us tweak and toy with our images before anyone sneaks a peek.

For those who are addicted to Instagram - if you snapped a photo of your breakfast this morning, that's you - and Pinterest enthusiasts alike, Muzy  might just be your next plaything.

A creative app that allows you to add effects, create collages and even make pictorial thoughts of the day, it has everything you need to make sure your less-than-perfect pics are looking good and ready to share with your friends and followers.

We love the quick and easy tools which let you throw together a collage in a matter of minutes, as well as the Instagram-like effects so we can turn everything black and white in order to make our party snaps look more sophisticated. Muzy does much more than add a fancy filter, though - you can crop and add text and edit your images to your heart's content thanks to its handy tools.

This way, you can make one collage of all those Christmas nibbles. They do say the best things in life are free - and this little wonder app doesn't cost a penny…

Judy Johnson