Keep track of your calories on the go and this app could just help you lose weight, writes Judy Johnson

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The party is, sadly, over - Christmas has been and gone, New Year is but a distant, hazy memory and it's time to start 2013 as we mean to go on.

Whether you're joining us in the six weeks of 5:2 diet  or simply want to up your exercise regime after all that Olympic inspiration last year, we're keen to grab all the help we can get - and thankfully, there's even an app for helping you trim down that waistline.

MyFitnessPal  is one of the most popular apps around, and it's not hard to see why. In the most basic terms, it's a free calorie counter - keep a diary of what you've eaten using their handy tool and you can keep track of calories on the go, no matter where you are. So far, so simple.

Add to that the fact you set up a profile of your current weight and height together with your goals, as well as look up your meals in their database to find the calories (because who actually knows how many are in that sandwich?), and we're pretty sold on the whole thing. Better still, it's all for free.

Of course calorie counting and logging your lunchtime gym workout is all well and good, but give it a few days and you're bound to look back at Christmas with fond memories and slip back into bad habits. Enter, the MyFitnessPal community.

Packed full of of forums, tips and support, you can feel assured that everyone else is not in fact having their cake and eating it too while you munch on salad, plus find out how to fix anything from achy legs after your run to how to make a meal less calorific.

We're planning to use this nifty app for our six week 5:2 diet plan and to track our indulgences - it'll make it far easier to behave.

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