Get back to your roots and learn the Paleo diet with this handy new app writes Anna Hunter

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An app for your inner caveman, Primal Paleo brings Stone Age subsistence bang up to date, delivering the principles of the Paleo lifestyle in a handy pocket guide. No longer do you have to squint at ancient wall carvings or chase wildebeest at sunrise; Primal Paleo will guide you through everything you need to do and know to become an exemplary pillar of primal perfection.

Even if you're a bit in the dark as to the bare bones of the Paleo diet plan, this user-friendly app will explain all. A Key Information section will give you the lowdown on the theory, benefits and practice of the Paleo way of life. Based on an ancient diet of wild plants and animals and centred around regular, dynamic bursts of physical activity, the Paleo way of living aims to take us back to our natural, healthy state of being - before our diets became agriculture and grain led and before our lifestyles became sedentary.

Followers believe that our bodies are genetically adapted to the Paleo style of living, and that abiding by the rules of our forefathers reduces the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes, with the added bonus of making us feel generally more energised in daily life. Primal Paleo's striking graphics featuring strapping men sporting loincloths and carrying warthogs also incentivise the Paleo way. If we're not allowed sweets, we'll take the eye candy.

You'll be relieved to know that a Paleo diet doesn't revolve around hunting and gathering or scoffing offal; in fact, Primal Paleo simplifies the potential headache of sourcing Paleo fare and helps you to identify which foods are primal and which foods are processed. You can search for recipe ideas by food type or name, and this handy app also caters for the vegetarians amongst you, so that no wannabe cavewomen or men go hungry.

There's nutritional advice on hand for every season and situation and a primal exercise plan to get you in ship-shape to slay tigers (or just, you know, sprint to the supermarket after work). The workouts are split into three levels of difficulty, from Pebble to Rock to Boulder, so if you're more flabby than ferocious you can start from scratch with a routine that combines core exercises with natural movement.

And just in case you're worried about going it alone in a primitive environment, the app's Community tool will keep you connected with a tribe of Paleo pals and global experts, so that you can pick up age-old nuggets of Paleo wisdom or share your experiences with fellow followers. We're talking less artificial intelligence, more ancient insight. It's good to go back to your roots sometimes.

Primal Paleo is available for iPhone priced £1.49 from the  App Store