Katie Robertson has discovered an app that allows her to watch her favourite shows at her own pace. If only she'd found it sooner...

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In this day and age there are two things that are often crucial in getting people through the grinding slog of the working week - their favourite television programmes and social media. Sad but true.

However, this can become a problem due to the fact that there is little that isn’t almost immediately documented on the internet after (if not during) its occurrence. This, as I’m sure many of you know, can cause cataclysmic consequences when it comes to the collision of social media and the revealing of key storylines or results of our eagerly-anticipated programmes. I’ll give you a prime example.

I devoted six years (that’s a total of 52594.9 hours of my life, folks) to the highly convoluted and often pointless storylines of the Lost series. The episodes were incredibly long and more often than not mind-bogglingly boring, but after the first three years I just had to stick with it out of principle - I had to know the significance of the characters and that bloody island!

So persevere I did. As it turns out, I was unable to watch the final episode at the time it aired because I had to attend a friend’s birthday drinks - so imagine my utter dismay when on my way home I checked my Twitter feed only to discover the episode’s final and underlying secrets staring up at me from the screen. I couldn't bring myself to watch that final episode - there was just no point. ‘Annoyed’ doesn't really begin to cover it.

Previously the only way to deal with such problems was to spend our days scanning Twitter and Facebook through our hands and jamming our fingers into our ears when friends manically discussed last night’s revelations - but all that is about to change. We’ve downloaded Spoiler Shield and it might just be the best thing we’ve ever discovered.

With Facebook and Twitter integration, Spoiler Shield filters through your social feeds and blocks out any TV and sports related information from appearing on screen. It’s up to you to decide what information you want to hide and you can be as picky and specific as you like, as these blocks can easily be removed if and when you no longer want them.

So, whether you’re yet to catch up on the results of the rugby match or are still waiting to find out if Stacey Branning will ever be able to return to Albert Square in EastEnders you can now stay safely ignorant and social media active for as long as you please - and it’s at the cost of absolutely nothing. Spoiler alert: it’s genius.

Spoiler Shield is free and available on  iTunes.