A brilliant new app featuring famous voices and well loved poems is a surefire way to bring a bit of romance into your life, writes Eilidh Robertson

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You could very well be forgiven for thinking that the world of apps is only for those well-versed in the world of technology; a world for gadget geeks and gizmo gods where entrance is forbidden to anyone brazen enough to admit a love of good old fashioned Austen over Apple. Indeed, the Apple store can be an intimidating – or even, dare we say it, boring – place for those with no interest in crushing candy, slicing fruit ninja style or catapulting birds across the screen in a bid to injure poor innocent pigs. Well, until now that is...

With the arrival of The Love Book app, literary lovers can have poems, quotes and prose at the touch of a button – far more entertaining, not to mention intellectually beneficial, than birds with anger issues. Within the three main categories – Poems, Quotes & Prose – you can choose a subsection to reflect your mood, so whether you’re looking for a melancholic poem, a humorous quote, a short story or a love letter sure to make you swoon; this app has it all.

And if your iTunes library is starting to bore you or you’re not in the mood for Madonna/Mozart, there’s even an audio section so you can listen to famous voices from Helena Bonham Carter to Damian Lewis reading your favourite poems.

Launched a mere four days ago, the app is already the Number 1 Top Paid App in the US App Store Books section. And with a design - by Kate Moross no less - so pretty it’ll rouse romanticism in even the most stoic of readers, we’re not surprised.

The Love Book is available now priced £1.99 at the App Store