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Bay Garnett on fashion, face creams and Kate Moss

July 29th 2015 / Anna Hunter / 1 comment


Headshot by Tom Craig, Kate Moss, British Vogue 2003, shot by Juergen Teller

We get inside the head of a super stylist…

Bay Garnett is pretty thrifty; not an attitude you often associate with in-demand fashion experts. Then again, not every stylist captures the attention of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chloé or has prestigious publications such as Vogue come calling, but that’s what sets Bay apart. Her keen eye for style means that she can launch a global trend simply by rummaging around in a charity shop, and her finds regularly grace glossy pages of editorial and influence upcoming designer collections. Her influence can be seen in interiors too, and in particular the newly redesigned House of ELEMIS in central London. With couture, ahead of the game treatments, it’s only right that the spa design has a cutting edge, British feel too. I asked Vogue contributing fashion editor and style consultant Bay what makes her tick…

Get The Gloss: How did you break into styling? Did you have a role model?

Bay Garnett: I broke into styling through thrifting and working on Cheap Date magazine. I never assisted or went to fashion college. It was really by the pure passion of finding ideas and pieces in thrift stores – both in London and in NYC.

GTG: You studied both art and history and began your career in the art world – have you found that art and history have had a big influence on your fashion career?

BG: Yes. My first story for Italian Vogue was based on the Italian Renaissance, but just in terms of style, it's had a big impact. Marcel Duchamp in his overcoat, Lee Miller looking incredible. Not to mention actual paintings.

GTG: You pioneered thrifting and bought vintage and charity shop find to the pages of Vogue, not to mention to the attention of high profile designers. Where did this passion for thrifting come about? Where are your favourite destinations to hunt for unusual finds?

BG: I'm not sure where it came from. I guess my friends were into too, so it's something that we loved doing together. Thrift stores were amazing, so I just got totally hooked! I love the British Red Cross off the King’s Road, but I find it hard not to pop into stores as I'm passing.

GTG: What would be your ultimate advice for looking stylish on a budget?

BG: Go to charity shops! You can always find something that you love. It's what the designers do. Find it first!

GTG: Is there a particular shoot or project that stands out as a turning point in your career?

BG: I think it would have to be Kate Moss in my banana top, weave belt and shorts – all from thrift stores that went on to inspire Chloe and the high street.

GTG: To what extent does beauty play a part in your own personal ‘look’?

BG: I'm not always striving to look beautiful! I only wear makeup if I'm going out, and I'm lucky in that I have good skin. But of course I like looking pretty and will always make an effort if I'm going to a party, work or dinner.

GTG: What are your beauty and skincare staples?

BG: I love ELEMIS Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, £42, and ELEMIS British Botanical Shower Cream, £24. Sisley Night Cream, £117, is also a favourite, as is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, £70, and I can’t be without ELEMIS Pro Collagen Marine Cream, £80.

GTG: How do you adapt your wardrobe and beauty regime when travelling?

BG: I just pick out what I think I will fancy wearing on that particular trip, along with all my creams!

GTG: What’s your favourite beauty treatment? Are you a ‘speed spa’ or ‘day spa’ type of person?

BG: Day spa, and without the guilt! I love all the treatments at The House of ELEMIS and would happily spend a day there. If I had the time of course…

GTG: Your impeccable eye for style contributed to the House of Elemis’ new look- how did you reflect the brand’s ethos and heritage in the redesign? What does British style mean to you?

BG: British style to me means a sense of individuality, eclecticism and originality. So often British style is not conventional and I love that. That’s what inspires me.

Do you love a charity shop find? Does fashion affect your beauty regime and vice versa? Comment below or tweet us @GetTheGloss

This feature was written in partnership with ELEMIS

Image: Tom Craig/ Next Management

Bay is represented by Next Management

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  • philippa
  • July 30th 2015

I LOVE charity shops! I've found some absolute steals overs the years; a tartan blazer, two fantastically good quality handbags, cardigans... It's rare to find anyone else wearing what you are :)

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