Beauty crush: E-Lites cigars

May 22nd 2012


Of course the best thing would be to give up the fags, but if you can't go that far an electric cigar is the next best thing, delivering a nicotine hit but with no tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide

OK, I know this one’s a bit leftfield, but bear with me. Smoking is really bad for you, right? It gives you horrid leathery skin and a dull complexion (not to mention the rest). Of course we should all give it up. Sometimes, though, it’s hard. I personally don't smoke, but plenty of my friends do. And I worry about them. Plus I've just got new curtains. So, in the interests of not making the best the enemy of the good, I figure that if you can’t give up smoking, then why not try smoking something that’s not quite as bad for you. E-Lites are a bit weird to start with, but they have several advantages over real cigarettes, namely no tar and no smell. And yet they release a decent hit of nicotine, and even give off a realistic but pong-free puff of vapour. The best are not actually the cigarette version, but the cigars, which I'm told taste nicer and look more realistic. Not quite as thrilling as a real Cubano; but not so lethal either.


E-Gar disposable electronic cigar, £12.99,

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