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Behind the Blogger: Emily Canham

December 9th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


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In the fourth of our series of interviews with the L’Oréal Paris Beauty Squad, we caught up with influential YouTuber Emily Canham to talk all things work and life

With a love of natural looking beauty, a passion to create wearable makeup looks and a fun and upbeat persona that’s won fans the web over, Emily Canham is regarded as one of the UK’s leading beauty social influencers. And for just cause.

With over half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel and half a million followers on Instagram, her vlogs and makeup tutorials provide ample beauty inspiration, giving rise to the most loyal of fan bases as a result. Her newest role as one fifth of the L’Oréal Paris Beauty Squad (a handpicked team of leading digital faces) will see her previewing all things makeup for the brand, a collaboration for which her experience, reach and expertise make her the perfect fit. What would she say are the other standout moments in her beauty and career biographies so far? We caught up with Emily to find out.

GTG: What was the first beauty product you ever bought?

EC: Besides lip balm, a brown khol eyeliner from Rimmel.

GTG: What’s your first beauty memory?

EC: Wearing the totally wrong colour foundation and too much mascara.

GTG: How did you get into the beauty blogging and vlogging worlds and how do you best deal with the pressure of being your own brand?

EC: I started out with a blog where I documented my outfits that I wore daily to sixth form. I gained an amazing audience of young girls on Instagram who then encouraged me to start a YouTube channel - and here we are! Being on YouTube is definitely high stress but I have an amazing team around me which really helps, along with my family who makes sure that I have my downtime.


GTG: Your top tip for anyone wanting to one day become a digital influencer?

EC: GO FOR IT! You're never going to improve or find your internet niche until you publish that first post or video.

GTG: What’s your go-to budget beauty buy?

EC: L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation £9.99. It just works! I've also found my perfect shade and it lasts for ages.


GTG: What’s your go-to blowout beauty buy?

EC: I'm yet to repurchase a high end makeup product!

GTG: Is there a makeup or beauty technique you’re particularly loving right now?

EC: The no makeup makeup look.

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GTG: Your go-to fitness class?

EC: I don't have a gym membership - I love to walk my dog.

GTG: What tech can you not live without?

EC: Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.


GTG: How do you switch off and find the balance between being online and offline?

EC: I'll let you know when I work that one out!

GTG: How do you stay organised?

EC: I find that doing things as soon as you need to is key - don't leave things until the last minute.

GTG: Worst job you ever had?

EC: I've never had a bad job, luckily.

GTG: Best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?

EC: Less is more.

Follow Emily on Instagram @emilycanham and Ayesha @Ayesha_Muttu.

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