Day 23: 5 reasons to start lifting weights

January 23rd 2015 / Katie Robertson Google+ Katie Robertson


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Getting trim, tone and in shape isn't all about maxing out on cardio - trainer to the stars Dalton Wong gives us his top five reasons as to why weights are really where it's at

It has the potential to blast away twice as much fat than cardio, can help to manage stress levels and can even improve the density and strength of your bones by 30-50% - so why then are so many women still reluctant to start lifting weights (a recent survey has shown that only one fifth of women strength train two or more times a week)?

Perhaps it’s the heavily testosterone dominated dumbbell areas at gyms, or the common misconception that after a week or so we’ll bulk up into muscle-bound meat heads. Either way, the benefits of strength training for both the body and mind can’t be overlooked - especially for those of you with a #StartBetter mantra to truly hone and tone your body this 2015.

To help get the skinny on why lifting weights is the way forward we sat down with Performance Coach and Founder of Twenty Two Training, Dalton Wong, who told us his top five reasons as to why we should all be pumping some serious iron.

1. Lean muscle mass

Lifting weights increases your lean muscle mass, which is how you achieve that toned and svelte look. Lifting weights doesn’t mean that you have to lift heavy weights, just enough weight to challenge you.

2. Flexibility

You might not know this but if you want to improve your flexibly, lift weights. The external load of a weight can force your body into a bigger range of motion, which ultimately leads to better flexibility.

3. Posture

Tired of having to remind yourself to keep your shoulders back and chest up? Instead, why not build a strong back and set of shoulder muscles so you don’t have to constantly think about it. Lifting weights can help you achieve this as it helps to improve joint health, which in turn improves posture and reduces the risk of injury.

4. Confidence and sustainability

Lifting weights increases your feel good hormones. Knowing that you can sprint away from danger, or protect yourself just enhances your confidence. Having a strong athletic body also reduces the risk of several bone diseases like osteoporosis and can also help with hormone fluctuations, such as the menopause.

5. Lift and treat

Everybody enjoys that extra glass of wine or a delicious bowl of pasta. Lifting weights before a big party or dinner is a great plan as your body can absorb all those treats to help recover and repair your body for you next session. Be warned though, this should only be used on special occasions as on a regular basis it’s better to eat a good source of veggies, protein, fats and carbs to repair and build your body.

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This feature was written in partnership with Clinique. #StartBetter.


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