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The Makeup Maniac

Everything you ever wanted to know about makeup brushes - a new downloadable guide

April 17th 2016 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


If you want to know what’s up in the makeup brush world, from what to buy to how to get the most out of your tools, Anna Hunter’s downloadable guide has your name on it

Ever looked at a makeup brush and thought ‘fancy, but what the hell is it for?’. I know I have, and makeup brushes are pretty much the tools of my trade, along with my keyboard. If you’ve ever had even the smallest niggle of doubt on the subject; ‘should I spend that much?’ ‘What is it actually made of?’ ‘How do I use it?’, you’ve come to the right place.

As Get The Gloss’ resident Makeup Maniac columnist, I come across many a makeup brush and applicator, whether it’s being wielded by a pro backstage in an innovative way or has just landed on my desk for testing. I’ve splodged, dabbed and swooshed to get to grips with what works and what doesn’t, consulting industry experts along the way to get to the bottom of the past, present and future of the makeup tool timeline. Applicator’s may not take the form of hare’s feet or mini shoe brushes anymore, but the humble makeup tool has been doing the round for centuries, constantly evolving and allowing us to flawlessly master the latest makeup techniques. From contouring to highlighting to nailing a come hither smokey eye, there’s a brush for the job, and there’s also occasions when your fingers will do just fine, thanks very much.

Weighing up the pros and cons of different brush types, exploring the realms of makeup application gadgetry and establishing the very best brush and tool cleaning methods (there are even ‘washing machines’ to do your drudgery nowadays), I’ve covered all the bases to allow you to achieve complexion perfection, eyebrow excellence and cheekbones to die for.

Featuring nuggets of wisdom from makeup artists Lee Pycroft, Justine Jenkins and Lou Dartford, to name but a few clued up contributors, this 44 page downloadable guide will become an essential companion to brush shopping, makeup application, tool care and beauty budgeting. Do you really need a sonic applicator that taps on your foundation at a rate of 15,000 sonic pulses per minute? How about a brush designed by BMW? Expect some serious answers when you hit the download button. Working in beauty, brushes and sponges are my knife and fork; essential for feeding my love of powder and paint. Come feast with me.

Download your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes & Tools here for £4.95

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