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Fear of commitment? Why not Pay As You Gym

January 24th 2013 / 1 comment


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Want to get fit and feel free at the same time? Anna Hunter has found the gym membership we've all been looking for

Gym and jail; sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Discipline is the name of the game - you’re trapped into staying and you’re often made to do things you don’t really want to by hardy, shouty people.

After a while, the surroundings get a bit wearisome and you perhaps try to escape but are thwarted by prison guards/gym receptionists who remind you that that would be highly illegal and frankly, not allowed. Well glossies, it’s jail break time and Pay As U Gym is your knight in shining Lycra.

Pay As U Gym ( was founded in February 2011 by three genius entrepreneurs who decided that gyms and their draconian membership policies had become scary, expensive and more than a little off-putting to the average gym Joe.

To combat such gym-timidation, Pay As U Gym was launched to allow you to only pay for what you use, when and where you prefer to use it. By registering online for free, users gain access to over 800 gyms nationwide, so there’s a gym to fit your mood, budget and whereabouts with no commitment, pressure or hard sell.

By simply topping up your online account with credit, you can buy one, thirty, sixty or 180 day ePasses which allow you to gain access to your chosen gym with just a flash of your smartphone. Your bank balance will stay healthy too, as Pay As U Gym boasts exclusive deals and savings of up to 60% with no joining fees. You’ll also be free from cruel contracts, so if a broken leg or sparkling social calendar is stalling your saintly fitness intentions you won’t be punished in the pockets.

What’s more, you will never be bored in the gym again. Fancy a dip in the Jacuzzi after your personal training session? Just search for fitness spaces with spa facilities. The urge to punch something can be released at gyms with boxing rings, while any children in tow can be cared for at centres with crèches.

From no-frills to luxury to ladies only, you can frequent a different workout locale every day if you choose. Gym hop or settle down - it’s up to you, the only condition is that now, there are no excuses. Run free, run wild… just make sure that you actually get around to running at some point.

Anna Hunter

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  • Steve
  • February 13th 2014

Off the top of my head I know a few more companies which provide the same level of service like Pay as you gym, the other two are which operate in Brazil or a new and up coming company which also operate in the UK. I would recommend all three to people who are unsure about which gym to choose as they offer day passes where you can find the right gym for you. These are the ones I know... if there are more upcoming companies around the world, do let me know

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