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Four foodies' top kitchen gadgets

May 20th 2016 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


What do nutritionists and trainers rely on to prep healthy, hearty meals? We take a poke around the kitchens of the fit and fabulous…

If the only kitchen apparatus you’re down with is your microwave, it’s time to expand your culinary horizons. From slick knives to blenders and coffee machines, your kitchen equipment can be as key to keeping you healthy and excited at the prospect of your next meal as your weekly shop. For food for thought as to what to splash your cash, we quizzed four cookery and nutrition experts on their essential kitchen hardware. We feel a trip to Argos coming on….

Eve Kalinik, nutritional therapist and brand consultant


“So...gadgets I literally use my Vitamix S60 every day. If I’m not making nut milks it’s these coconut milk based creams that I’m obsessed with at the moment or butternut squash mash or beetroot dips…the list goes on. So I would say that is a very worthwhile investment for anyone and everyone. And because it’s so neat it sits nicely in smaller (ahem!) kitchens. I think that would be my top gizmo.”

“I’m big on quality over quantity and despite having a lot of different recipes in my repertoire I only own two knives. Both are ceramic as these don’t oxidise fruit and vegetables, therefore keeping the nutrient content high. Kyocera is my go to brand. With these two bad boys I don’t need a whole knife collection, which actually works out a lot more expensive.”

“I do use the dehydrator quite a bit for activating nuts and seeds and making crackers. I have an Excalibur which is amazing and the process is so simple without you really having to ‘do’ anything. It means that you really get the nutritional benefits from these foods too.”


“My kitchen also wouldn’t be my kitchen without my coffee machines - yes plural! I have a Nespresso one that I use with only Cru Kafe as they produce the most divine, organic and biodegradable capsules. My most recent purchase is a Jura coffee machine. Coffee is good for you. Yes I did just say that.”


Rhian Stephenson, nutritionist, naturopath and CEO of Psycle


“I love cooking so I have a lot of equipment! For food prep I have a food processor, Vitamix, bamboo steamer, spiralizer and pressure cooker. Smaller but great for adding flavour is my citrus press and a microplane, which I use for dressings and soups all of the time. I also recommend investing in a good quality knife or knife set- this will transform your prep experience. There is literally nothing worse than trying to chop with a horrible knife! Having a good peeler is also surprisingly useful.”

“My kitchen tools are essential in terms of convenience and flavour. Cooking is my thing, but I’m really time poor during the week, so being able to prep and whip together nutritious meals quickly is important to me.”

“Having a well stocked kitchen, whether it be with food or equipment, makes staying on track in a nutritional sense so much easier. Using a few key gadgets can cut your prep time in half and allow you to be more creative with meals. They can also help you save on excess food or avoid poor quality calories, for example, I make a few dressings or dips on a Sunday and then I have them to hand throughout the week when I get home from work. This stops me buying store bought sauces or dips that may have not particularly healthy ingredients. For me it’s all about flavour, and a Vitamix or food processor allows me to make loads of different sauces and dressings, so it keeps things interesting. There’s only so many times you can have salad or vegetables with oil and lemon, sometimes you want a heartier sauce or spread to keep things interesting.”

“My Vitamix was definitely the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased for the kitchen. It’s worth it because I use it daily, but it was a hard one to swallow! My go to is my bamboo steamer; it was £20 and I use it multiple times a week! I also use my lemon press daily and a microplane several times a week. Some of the best things I have aren’t expensive, you just need to look at where you need a little help in the kitchen and go from there. I also have a Japanese Spiralizer, which was £30. I bought it five years ago and it’s still in perfect condition now.”


“If I could only have one item of kitchen equipment, it would definitely have to be a food processor. Shelling out for a good food processor isn’t actually so expensive in the scheme of things- you can make soups, butters, mix dough, shred, cut, slice, chop, blend. It saves an incredible amount of time but it also has the most versatility in terms of food preparation. Owning a blender is great, but if you have a good food processor you can do pretty much everything you can do with a blender and it’s less expensive than a Vitamix or Blendtec. If you don’t want to go for a food processor, then I would recommend a great blender. Again you don’t need to get the £500 ones, but make sure it’s a high speed immersion blender as they’re more versatile and hard wearing.”

As for my food processor I I have a great one from MagiMix that has different heads for chopping, grating, slicing. It allows you to chop anything in about 30 seconds.”

Gabriela Peacock, nutritional therapist and founder of GP Nutrition


“I always use my Vitamix and cold press juicer to make a ‘base’ juice of carrot, beetroot, green apple etc, then I mix this with fresh vegetables in the Vitamix every morning. This way I get the fibre from the veg blended into a smoothie, with a delicious taste. I sometimes add a GP Nutrition Boost Me protein powder to this too.”

“I also love to use a spiralizer! Spiralized courgettes and carrots make a good alternative to pasta (plus v trendy right now).”

“Gadgets like the Vitamix make putting together a base juice really easy, and I save time in the mornings by using them. My husband and daughter love the green smoothie too, which helps!. It’s a quick and easy way of getting vitamins, minerals and macronutrients into your diet at breakfast time or as a snack. I can also make nut butters in the blender- they’re great to keep in the fridge and have as part of a snack with crackers.”


“Along with kitchen gizmos, there are plenty of great apps out there to help you to stay on course nutritionally too. I encourage my patients to download a pedometer to get them motivated for exercise. There are apps that can log calories or act as a food diary which can be really galvinizing too. Downloading apps that can monitor your sleep can also be useful for weight loss as research shows that when you are tired or not getting enough sleep you tend to eat more the next day.”

“The Vitamix was for sure my most expensive purchase! There are cheaper models on the market that are well worth considering. For cheap tools I love my spiralizer, plus kilner jars to store and transport my favourite grains.”

Myles Hopper, personal trainer and co-founder of Mindful Chef


“The gadgets I tend to use the most are my NutriBullet, Magimix and spiralizer. I love my NutriBullet as it allows me to make delicious smoothies without taking away the nutritional value of the vegetables and fruits. I also love using my Magimix as it is a great way to be inventive in the kitchen. Finally I think a spiralizer is an amazing kitchen gadget as it’s so easy to use and so quick, and encourages people to replace things like pasta and noodles with delicious, nutritious vegetables.”


“In terms of my gadgets saving me time, by using a NutriBullet I can make a nutrient-dense, tasty smoothies in two minutes, which for me is the perfect for a grab and go breakfast. The Magimix also makes my life so much easier as I’m able to cook such a huge variety of things with minimal washing up.”

“One of the best kitchen gadgets out there for time saving and nutritional value is a slow cooker. By using a slow cooker you can add lots of meat and vegetables in the morning, go to work and come home to a delicious meal. Slow cooking meats and vegetables means that nutrition-rich, natural juices are retained so you know that health-wise you are getting the most out of your cooking. You can make anything in the slow cooker, from curries and roasts to bone broth, and they tend to be quite large so you can feed loads of people. They are also really cheap and again require minimal washing up.”

“My most expensive kitchen buy would have to be the Magimix but I think cheap tools are great, for example my slow cooker cost £20 and my spiralizer cost £10 and I use them all the time.”

“Although expensive, the Magimix wins as my perfect kitchen gizmo. For one piece of equipment it has so many different uses and is perfect for making everything from hummus to burgers, curry pastes, soups, nut butters and energy balls. It is so powerful, easy to use and easy to clean. Basically, it’s a must have for anyone looking to take their cooking to the next level!"

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