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Introducing the forever fitness plan: Project Me

July 20th 2015 / Elizabeth Bennett Google+ Introducing the forever fitness plan: Project Me / 1 comment


Why you need to download the extended Project Me plan (formerly Project Bikini) now

Twelve weeks ago we launched Project Bikini, our 12 week fitness and nutrition guide to feeling your hottest, happiest and healthiest self. The feedback has been so amazing that we have decided to create another 12 weeks for you to follow. And because it’s a plan that we want you to apply for life, not just the beach, we have decided to rename the plan Project Me.

We have had some amazing success stories, not just in the way your bodies look but the way you feel. Here is a snapshot of our favourites so far…..

How easy the plan was to follow…

“The plan as a whole (both food and exercise-wise) was so straight-forward to follow that I didn’t find myself losing motivation.” Donna Welsh

The delicious (and easy to prepare) food...

“Often eating healthily means having boring, beige and bland food, which after a few days you just can’t face anymore. However, Project Me meals are all such simple dishes you would normally eat on a day to day basis using ingredients that you would tend to have in the fridge making it so much easier.” Jane Godfrey

The way it changed your body...

“My whole body feels generally ‘de-puffed’ and I feel stronger and with more defined abs.” Karlena Haase

“My too-snug jeans suddenly need a belt. My wrists look slimmer, my cheekbones are more pronounced and I can feel my ribcage. I bought a size 10 skirt in the sale the other day and can actually do it up.Undeniably, I also feel better: lighter and healthier.” Emma Bartley

“I am on week 5 and I have lost 7lbs and lost 3.3% body fat” Donna Welsh

The confidence it gave you..

“I've been following the plan for 4 weeks now and have had incredible physical as well as mental results. I would never have dreamed of putting up a photo of myself in a bikini like this before but the "hot happy healthy" mantra plus a bit of Beyoncé always picks a girl up”. Elisha Rai

How it changed your state of mind…

“Before starting the plan I had tried several (maybe millions?!) of different ways to free myself of panic attacks from changing my diet to medication, herbs and supplements and nothing has helped me clear my mind like Project Me.” Elif Karliday

Project Me

But as we all know, health is for life not just for summer and this is why we’re offering you an extended guide to take you to 24 weeks of fitness under the new name of Project Me. Think of the first 12 weeks (Part 1) as the honeymoon period, and week 13 onwards (Part 2) as the time to start working on your marriage (between you and your health of course!)

So how does Part 2 differ from Part 1?

  • Once again we’ve called on the help of expert trainer and Nike ambassador Joslyn Thompson Rule to devise the next 12 weeks of fitness training and just like part 1 the new plan combines strength work, cardio and rest.
  • The workouts may have been ramped up but everything you loved about the first guide remains the same: the workouts are easy to follow and you just need your trainers, some dumbbells and a little bit of space.
  • There are no recipes this time (watch this space) but Project Me nutritionist Zoe Stirling’s achievable ‘eating for life’ rules will ensure you don’t fall back into old habits.
  • Additional advice from our expert Project Me team including Susannah Taylor’s top motivational tips and guidance on how not to fall off the healthy bandwagon when socialising.
We’d love to follow your Project Me journey on Instagram so remember to tag us at @ProjectMeGTG and use the hashtags #ProjectMe and #HotHappyHealthy so we can see your snaps.

For any newbies to the plan you can buy the Project Me bundle (both parts 1 and 2) for a special price of £24.95 here - a saving of £4.95.

If you’ve already completed Project Bikini part 1 (weeks 1-12) you can buy part 2 (weeks 13-24) for £9.95 here.


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