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Bond beauty: thrill or kill?

October 21st 2012 / Ahmed Zambarakji / 0 comment


There have been a few Dr No-Nos committed in the style stakes by the actors on Her Majesty's Secret Service. Ahmed Zambarakji reveals the spy looks he loves

David Niven Few men have the lip/gall to pull of a pencil moustache, let alone accessorise it with a beret tilted at a jaunty angle. The kind of facial hair that would say “pimp” on other men (see Prince, Little Richard, John Waters) is elegant on Niven. Do not try this at home.

George Lazenby Lazenby was picked for the Bond role when he had little more than a chocolate advert on his CV. Panned by critics for his performance, he should have been vilified for his fashion choices, especially the ruffled shirts that inspired Austin Powers’ wardrobe.

Timothy Dalton In The Living Daylights, the raven-haired (dyed) Dalton was already receding, a follicular faux pas that was masked by nifty hairstyling. Dalton grew his hair longer at the back, fluffed it up and brushed it forward. Press the slo-mo button in key scenes and you’ll catch more than a glimpse of scalp. The moral? If you’re hiding a weak hairline, don’t walk through a crosswind.

Sean Connery The three-piece suit, the swagger, the accent are all proof that hair isn’t everything. Granted, Connery may have worn a toupee to hide his baldness in the Bond films but his appeal among women has barely wavered as he enters his 80s. A prime example of how bald can be beautiful.

Roger Moore The clear winner in the ladykiller stakes, Moore was always immaculately groomed. Perhaps a little too groomed, when one considers his tanorexic tendencies. Moore developed his habit after being gifted a sunbed by a cosmetic surgeon some 30 years ago. Since then he has progressively baked his dermis into what now resembles a well-worn leather sofa.

Pierce Brosnan The fact that Brosnan landed a gig as the face of men’s skincare line L’Oréal Men Expert says it all. Not only does he wear grey hair with style (and, crucially, no yellow tones) his skin is in surprisingly good nick. Where most men laugh in the face of skincare, Brosnan is evidence of what a simple cleanse-tone-moisturise ritual can achieve.

Daniel Craig If the topless scenes are anything to go by, Craig’s USP is his physique. The suits (the pants in particular) have become progressively tighter as his portrayal of Bond has evolved. You can thank Tom Ford for the snug fits in Skyfall. Pin a screen grab of the current Bond to your man’s fridge if his gym routine needs a jump-start.

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